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Pianist Dominic: *I just caught the flower shop lady as she was closing up, and bought a beautiful yellow rose, half-skipping to your home from the excitement of seeing you again. I clear my throat when I get to your home and knock softly twice, as its late and I don't want to wake you if you've turned in early*

Wood Lij: *Hearing the knocking at the door, I place the kitten in the middle of the room, informing it to stay. It looks at me for a moment, then decides it's going to follow me to the door. I open the door slightly, making sure the cat can't get out. When I see it's you, I grin* Dominic! *I bend down to scoop up the kitten, opening the door up so you can come in*

Pianist Dominic: *I match your grin and take a few steps so I'm inside, placing my free hand over yours on the door to lead it closed and locked, then moving that hand out to ruffle the kitten's fur while holding the rose in my other hand out to you, smiling almost shyly at you for the nevousness that I can't seem to get rid of* Sorry to stop in so late, I hope you don't mind?

Wood Lij: *The kitten mews rather loudly at you and bats at your hand, and I blush lightly at the rose, reaching out to take it.* If I had minded, I would have told you to come back tomorrow. *I smile at you, and kiss your cheek.* And thank you, Dominic.

Pianist Dominic: *I laugh softly at the kitten and lightly hold the paw it just used to swat at me, fake-bowing 'politely' a few inches to the kitten and kissing its paw* Well hello again, you. *I smile up at you when you kiss my cheek, and nervously stick my hands in my pockets* Then thanks for not kicking me out.'re welcome.

Wood Lij: Maybe I was wrong about it not liking you ever again, Dominic. *I set down the kitten, who has it's mind set that it's going to follow me, before it gets distracted by an invisible moth. I smile at the cat for a moment, before looking back up at you* I'm surprised you apologized for coming over, the only time I fell asleep at this time was when I got sick.

Pianist Dominic: *I watch the kitten, though I can feel your eyes on me, and laugh softly when it does a front-flip while playing with whatever invisible thing it thinks it has* I hope it likes me, he'll be seeing a lot of me if I had any say in it. *I look up at you and smile slightly, nodding a little at your words* I know, its not Lighe's bed time yet, I was know, worried, about coming over. *my cheeks pinken a little and I look back over at the cat* Have you named him yet?

Wood Lij: I don't think he's too picky about who he sees, as long as they pay attention to him. I mean, he liked Hannah of all the people. *I nod, and I grin.* And I don't mind if you come over, I didn't before. I'd rather you be here at times... *I look over at the cat, and I smile slightly* I'm not the most creative person in the world, and when I was trying to think of a name for the cat, the one male name that kept popping up in my head was yours. So I went with Sam.*

Pianist Dominic: *I laugh softly at you and squat down, patting my leg so the kitten will come over. When he finally figures out where the noise is coming from and comes over, I scoop him up into my arms and hold him to me like a baby* Oh I don't know *lightly touching his little wet nose* Hannah isn't so bad. I've gained a rather distinct like-ness for her lately. *I look up and wink at you* And I love how you got Sam from my name. *soft laugh, I lean down a little to kiss the kitten's head as it swats at me again, chewing on the collar of my shirt* I doubt he's even two months old...*I look at you and wrinkle my forehead a little* I know if he's even old enough to be away from his mother yet...but the little girl I adopted him from said she couldn't keep him...better here too young than on the streets, you know?

Wood Lij: Oh, I have! *I blink for a moment* I'm still figuring it out, but Sam came from your name, I swear. *I walk over to you, and pet the kitten, nodding at what you say* He'll run around and play some, but most of the time he'll be curled up and asleep. You were just lucky enough to get here when he's wound himself up. *I sigh softly and look up at you* I'm not being a bad kitty keeper!

Pianist Dominic: *I laugh softly and look up at you when you walk closer, keeping my eyes on yours* I know you're not a bad kitty keeper, you're the best thing for this kitten. *being so small, I can hold the kitten securely in one arm, and I bring the other to your face, cupping my hand around your cheek* You're the best thing for the both of us, me -and- the kitty. *Sam has decided he's done being held, and is clawing at the black band I've got around my wrist as a bracelet, so I kneel down again and let the kitten go on his way, standing back up and looking almost shyly at you again* You like him, then?

Wood Lij: *I lean in towards your touch, unconciously. When you kneel down, I straighten back up, and smile at you, nodding* I do, he's absolutely adorable. Kind of like you, although I think he's more adorable sometimes. *I grin, and bite my lip, nervously.* I'm glad you decided to come over tonight, Dom. *I lean in and give you a quick kiss on the cheek, and I smile sweetly at you. I step somewhat closer to you, and I run one of my hands down your arm, to your hand, taking it within mine.*

Pianist Dominic: *I roll my eyes playfully at you when you call the kitten more adorable than I am* Mmmhm, I'm sure. *I keep my eyes on your face when you step closer to me, and let my eyelids fall shut as you lean in to kiss my cheek. I wrap my fingers around yours and raise my other hand to your cheek, brushing my fingers over it and trying not to look at your lips* I--I'm glad you didn't mind, I was worried, about it being too soon. But I guess you could have always told me to go away. *I smile slightly at you, and move my fingers over your cheek to run through your hair*

Wood Lij: *I smile at you* I don't think it was too soon, Dominic. Unless, of course, you do. Which would be odd, seeing as you're here. *I shut up, afraid that I'm talking too much, and just look at you. I flick my tongue over my lips, nervously, and smile slightly. As nervous as I am, I can't seem to keep my eyes off of you. I can't seem to bring myself to bring my eyes up to yours, though, knowing you're able to read pretty much any emotion I have, and not wanting to know exactly how nervous having you here makes me feel.*

Pianist Dominic: *I can't help a soft snicker at your rambling, and I give your hand a light squeeze, biting my bottom lip to keep from making any sort of noises when you lick your lips. My stomach does a weird flip-thing just from being this close to you, and I look over your shoulder at the kitten, hoping to use it as a distraction from just looking at you. Sam sees me looking at him, and apparently takes this as an invitation to...not really run, more like bounce-hop, over to us and starts playing with the hem of your pants. Laughing at the kitten, I let the hand that just ran through your hair run down your shoulder and the back of your other arm, and I take that hand within mine as well, smiling alternately at you and the kitten* I think he likes you too, Lighe.

Wood Lij: Of course he likes me, Dominic! What's there not to like? *I smile at you, and I run my eyes over you once more. I lean in and kiss you softly, not a particularly long kiss, but a kiss. I smile slightly at you, before setting myself on the floor, allowing the cat to pounce onto my lap. He settles himself down slightly, and just sits, sort of peering around, before laying down*

Pianist Dominic: *I snort at you, even though its obvious I'm just kidding* Oh no, nothing to not like at all. *I can feel my cheeks go bright red when you kiss me, even though you've kissed me a million times before, and I just stand there watching you for a moment, practically stunned. Smiling brightly at both you and the kitten, I settle down in front of you, both my legs folded in front of me, and reach out to lightly rub behind the kitten's ears* So, um...*I bite my bottom lip nervously, and glance up at you quickly, more than a little lost for words* How have you been, Lighe?

Wood Lij: *I look back up at you, and smile when you settle yourself down on the floor as well.* All right, I suppose. *I scoot closer to you, and the cat looks at me and meows rather loudly. I pet the kitten, and it resumes it's attempts to fall asleep on my leg* I've missed you, Dominic...

Pianist Dominic: *I laugh when the cat meows at you, and look up from him to meet your eyes briefly* I don't think you had his permission to move 'Lij. *I reach back over, leaning toward you a little, and pet his tired head, talking to you but keeping my eyes on Sam* I've missed you too. You're...a-all I think about, *and then, softer* I hate being away from you.

Wood Lij: I know, I forgot I needed to ask its permission. It's fussy about that. *I lean closer to you, and brush my lips over your cheek softly once more.* Dominic.... I never stop thinking about you, either. When I first told you I wanted to work things out with you, I wasn't exactly sure if it was the right thing for me to do. But whenever you're around, I know it was, because of how I feel whenever you're anywhere near me.

Pianist Dominic: *For some reason, the only part of what you've just said that seems to have sank in was the part where you said you weren't exactly sure. I pull my hand away from the kitten and sit up again, folding my hands in my lap and keeping my eyes down. I nod slowly, the rest of what you said finally registering, but I keep my words soft* I really am sorry, Elijah.

Wood Lij: No, Dominic.... *I scoot towards you, and with an exasperated meow, the kitten jumps off my lap and onto a nearby chair, falling asleep there. I wrap an arm around you, looking at you.* It's all right, now. I promise. We're going to be all right.

Pianist Dominic: *I lean against you and watch the kitten jump into his chair. I look up at you and smile slightly, nodding and reaching for one of your hands again* Its not all right, not really...*I hesitate, but lean in and kiss your cheek, resting my head on your shoulder* But we'll be okay, and it'll be all right eventually. *I nod against your shoulder, wondering if that made any sense at all. Glancing back over at the kitten, I lift my head off you and smile slightly* Is it past your bedtime, you and the kitten?

Wood Lij: Yes, we're going to be okay, Dom. I'm not going to let us not be okay. *I laugh slightly at your question.* No, but I've told you, the kitten sleeps quite a bit. He'll get wound up, but then he'll fall right back asleep. He's a kitten, he needs his sleep. *I peer at you for a moment* Why are you asking, Dommie, is it past your bedtime?

Pianist Dominic: Dommie...*I repeat softly, rather liking your little name for me, and I hold both your hands in both of mine, looking down at them for a moment before meeting your eyes again* No, not my bedtime, I just thought perhaps you two had worn each other out. He seemed pretty mad at you for your moving when he was trying to sleep.

Wood Lij: You'd be mad at me if I moved around when you were trying to sleep on me as well, now wouldn't you? *I smile, and squeeze your hands gently, resting my head on your shoulder* I like how you smell, did you know that...? *I close my eyes* And yes, I'm going to start calling you Dommie now, k?

Pianist Dominic: *I shift closer to you, trying to do so without making it obvious that I want to be as close to you as you'll let me, and softly kiss your forehead when you rest your head on my shoulder* Yeah, probably, but only if you kept waking me up, if I was still asleep through the whole thing I don't think I'd mind, because you know, I wouldn't know...*soft laughter* Or something. *i tilt my head slightly and breathe in deeply with my nose against your hair* I know, you've told me before...but you smill good too, better, even. And I like you calling me Dommie, no one has ever called me that before.

Wood Lij: *I almost giggle, and snuggle up to you.* Dommie just sort of came out, it wasn't a planned thing. *I smile softly, and continue to lean against you* You don't find it the slightest bit odd that of all the places of the house, we've found ourselves sitting in the middle of the floor, do you, Dom?

Pianist Dominic: *I return the snuggling, and shift slightly when you mention we're on the floor -- a fact that I hadn't really paid any to until you pointed it out* Er, yeah, well we were playing with the kitten, so...*I tilt my head slightly, and smile almost evilly* We could go wake it up again, steal its chair? *laughing* Or we could just move somewhere more comfortable, if the floor doesn't suit you?

Wood Lij: You could wake it up, I want it to be grumpy with you now. It's already grumpy with me. And the floor suits me just fine, unless you can come up with something else. *I raise an eyebrow at you, and kiss your cheek softly.*

Pianist Dominic: *snorts* Oh right, like I really want it mad at me again, he's already...yelled, I guess, at me before for locking him back up in that box. *I smile at you and kiss your cheek too, shifting away from you a little and standing up, reaching down for you to take my hands and get up yourself* Something not...hard and floor-like, would be great.

Wood Lij: *I take your hand, and get up off the floor.* You were warm... now I'm cold. *I pout slightly at you* And what sort of unhard and non-floor like material item were you thinking of, Dommie? You've stayed in my house long enough to know what kind of furniture I have.

Pianist Dominic: *I smile at you and pull you close to me, hugging you for a moment before letting go and pulling you over to the couch -- not exactly what I'd prefer, even if though I had no intentions of making my visit anything but innocent, but I don't want you to think I'm pushing -- and sit down on one end, waiting for you to join me* This is good?

Wood Lij: *I settle down on the couch beside you, and wrap my arms around you, snuggling up to you once again. I look at you, and lean in once more, pressing my lips against yours, letting the kiss last slightly longer than the last kiss* As long as it's with you, and it's not a floor, of course.

Pianist Dominic: *I wrap my arms around you, holding you close, and whimper softly when your lips are on mine again, and this time I've got time to get over the second of shock that you're kissing me, and I kiss you back, smiling almost shyly when you move back* Yes, you and no floor are my requirements too. *I wink at you and lean in to press my lips against yours again, kissing you softly for a moment and mentally cursing the butterflies in my stomach*

Wood Lij: *I return your kiss, holding it longer than the previous ones, not particularly wanting to pull away. After a bit, I do, and I smile at you. I bite my llp, not exactly sure of what to say, so I lean in slightly, and I kiss you softly once more, brushing my fingers along your cheek*

Pianist Dominic: *I return your smile and let my eyes fall closed when you kiss me again, and I have to stop myself from deepening it too much. After a much longer moment I pull back just enough to look at you and I run one of my hands up and down over your back* Is this okay, Elijah? I didn't...I want to make sure you're comfortable with this.

Wood Lij: *I look at you, and sigh softly* I'm fine with it. I'm fine with the kissing, I'm not sure I want to take it past kissing, not yet. I know we have before... but, I don't know. *I sigh softly, and rest my head on your shoulder. I kiss your neck softly, closing my eyes*

Pianist Dominic: No, I know, I *I whimper softly when you kiss my neck, and my eyes fall closed* I only meant the kissing, I wasn't...I didn't mean beyond that. *i tilt my head to the side a little, to give you easier access to where you're kissing*

Wood Lij: *I continue to kiss your neck, before pulling away, and looking up at you* I know. I was just making sure you knew. *I try to hide a yawn, and I kiss you softly, running my fingers through your hair*

Pianist Dominic: *I kiss you back, leaning in to your touch, and don't pull away for a long moment. I tilt my head at you and arch an eyebrow* Not past your bedtime though, right?

Wood Lij: It's not! I'm allowed to yawn, I've seen you yawn before. *I pout cutely at you, giving you a pitiful look* But I love you...

Pianist Dominic: *I snort-laugh at you, and nod* Yes, yes you're allowed to yawn. Even if it has nothing to do with you loving me, or me loving you back. *still smiling, I lean in and kiss you softlyonce more*

Wood Lij: It could have something to do with loving you, I don't know. *I smile at you, and I return your kiss* I miss you, and I can't be tired, because if I'm tired, then I'll fall asleep, and then I'll miss you.

Pianist Dominic: *I move a hand off your back and run my fingers through your hair* But if you're tired you should sleep...I shouldn't have come over so late anyway...and you'll see me tomorrow afternoon? At work, right?

Wood Lij: No, you should have come over. And I don't want to go to sleep, I want Dommie... *I whine slightly at you, pouting up at you.* Don't leave me, not yet? Please?

Pianist Dominic: Aw! Don't pout at me like that...*I smile at you and lean in to quickly kiss your cheek* I won't leave you, not yet, okay? *I wrap my arms tighter around you and hold you close to me*

Wood Lij: *I rest my head on your shoulder, and still pout slightly.* You want to leave your Lijah... *I bury my face into your neck, and press my lips against the skin there, flicking my tongue out for a moment*

Pianist Dominic: *I hold you against my chest, drawing small circles on your back with my fingers* I don't want to leave you, I never want to leave you, but I don't want you to be tired and it to be my f--*my breath catches when your lips, then your tongue, touch my neck, and its all I can do to not squirm*--fault.

Wood Lij: *I continue to pout slightly.* It won't be your fault. I want you here. As long as you're willing to stay here. *I nod, and nip at your neck lightly*

Pianist Dominic: *I whimper at you again, though this time it sounds a little closer to a growl* Good, I want to be here. Love you so much, want to be here always. *I nod slightly, and shift a little closer to you*

Wood Lij: *I nip at your neck lightly once more, rather liking the noises that came from you, and I shift my body so I'm laying on the couch, with my head on your lap, still determined that you're not going anywhere*

Pianist Dominic: *I bite my bottom lip to keep from making too much noise -- don't want to wake the kitten after all -- and pout slightly at you when you shift away. I move a hand to your hair, and lightly twist it through my fingers, sighing softly, happily, and trying to stifle a yawn before you hear*

Wood Lij: *I glance up at you, and giggle slightly at your yawn* Once again, I believe it is past your bedtime instead of my own, Dommie. *I poke your stomach, and giggle softly.*
[22:18] Pianist Dominic: *I make a soft squeaking noise when you poke me, and lean over you to poke your stomach back* No no no, if you don't have to go to bed, then neither do I.

Wood Lij: *Giggling softly at the poke, I cover my mouth, trying not to giggle too much, and trying not to make it too extremely obvious where exactly will make me giggle.* Mmhm. Whatever you say, Dommie.

Pianist Dominic: *you didn't cover your giggling quick enough, and I look down at you, both eyebrows raised* You giggle, Elijah? You're not...*evil smirk* ticklish, are you? *I reach down quickly and poke you there again*

Wood Lij: *I squeak at your poke, and I shake my head at your question* I am most definitely NOT ticklish, Dominic! *I narrow my eyes at you*

Pianist Dominic: *I widen my eyes at you in mock-shock, and immediately begin randomly poking your stomach with both hands* Oh ho ho! I believe you most definitely ARE ticklish, my squeaky Elijah.

Wood Lij: *I squirm slightly, attempting to hold in any giggling. I grab your hands, and hold them away from my stomach* No poking!

Pianist Dominic: *I shift back from you and try to pry my hands out of your grip, nearly lifting you off the couch before I get my arms back* Ha! *I hold my arms to my chest for a moment and look down at you* No poking? Then what? Just tickling then? *I ask 'innocently', and reach out to attack your stomach with my fingers*

Wood Lij: *Squirming, trying to keep my giggling to a minimum, I fail miserably. I giggle almost uncontrollably, while I attempt to get out of the reach of your fingers.* Dommie!

Pianist Dominic: *I'm practically giggling with you, but I keep moving my fingers on your stomach, just managing to keep you from getting away* Yes, Lighe, is there something you wanted to saaaaaay?

Wood Lij: So unfair! *I can't seem to stop giggling, yet I manage to get your hands within mine, stopping them from tickling me. I sit up quickly, and narrow my eyes at you* You are so mean.

Pianist Dominic: *I let you keep my hands this time, not bothering to try and get my arms free* Not unfair! You could have toooold me you were ticklish, and then I wouldn't have tried to prove you wrong. *I laugh softly and lean in to give you a quick kiss on the lips* I'm not mean to you, you know I love you. *fake innocent smile*

Wood Lij: IfI had told you I was ticklish, you would have tried to tickle me anyway! I know how that mind of yours works, Mister Monaghan! *I scoot closer to you, and return your kiss* I know you love me, and I love you too.

Pianist Dominic: *I wait until after you've kissed me, and pull back with a soft gasp, looking at you like I took offense to your comment* I can't believe you'd think I would do that! Of course I -- er -- wouldn't have tickled you anyway! You have no idea how my mind works. *I stick my tongue out at you*

Wood Lij: Of course I don't, Dommie. I'm completely wrong, I'm ever so sorry. *I grin at you, and wink. I stifle a yawn, though this one seems to want to come out, and I cover my mouth* You're odd, Dom.

Pianist Dominic: *I roll my eyes playfull and kiss your cheek while you yawn, poking you in the stomach quickly once more* I saw that! I saw that! You're tired, I should go. *I lean in again and kiss your cheek*

Wood Lij: I'm not going to admit being tired, because I don't want you to leave me. *I lean towards you, and rest my head on your shoulder*

Pianist Dominic: *I wrinkle my nose at you, even though you can't see it because you're laying on my shoulder* I know you're not, you never make the decisions, right? *I tilt my head and kiss your forehead* So I should just go, um, because I know you're tired, and I don't want to deprive you of sleep. *I nod, but my tone is probably unconvincing, because I really don't want to leave you*

Wood Lij: I don't want you to leave me, I want my room to smell like Dommie again. *I whine almost pitifully at you, and wrap my arms around you.* It's hard to sleep without it smelling like Dommie.

Pianist Dominic: You're going to wear out that nickname real fast, you know that Lighe? *I smile hopefully at you and lean in to kiss your cheek again* Would...would you like me to stay the night?

Wood Lij: *I giggle softly* Sorry. *I nod in response to your question.* I do. I want you to stay here tonight, with me, and my kitty. *I smile slightly up at you, shyly.* Please?

Wood Lij: You have to sleep on the couch, Dom. The kitten sleeps in the bed with me. *I smile at you, teasingly.* Of course you don't have to sleep on the couch. *I stand up, and reach for your hand to help you up*

Pianist Dominic: *I take your hand and stand up, intentionally standing too close to you, with my chest against yours, and I look down and kiss the tip of your nose* I should have known. I've been replaced by a little furball.

Wood Lij: *I laugh softly, and wrinkle my nose at you* You'd be surprised at how much space a little furball can take up. *I eye the kitten on the couch, who isn't taking up too much space at all* Well, on beds he takes up more room... *I lean up and kiss you, and take your hand. I go to the kitten, scooping him up. He gives a small meow, and falls back asleep in my arms. I head upstairs.*

Pianist Dominic: Right, I'm so sure he's just a bed hog. *I kiss you back and watch you pick up the kitten, smiling at its little meow, and I follow you upstairs, not letting your hand go until we're in your bedroom. I reach for the hem of my shirt, wanting to strip down to my underthings, but I pause, nervously, and look over at you, waiting to see what you do*

Wood Lij: *I set the kitten on my pillow, where he sits, looking at us both curiously* I'm not sure I should have woken him up... *I pull off my shirt, tossing it onto the chair, and I begin to undo my pants, and I become aware that you had been watching me. I blush lightly, yet continue with unbuttoning and unzipping my pants, never really been one to like sleeping in pants.*

Pianist Dominic: *I glance at the kitten, who is now watching you with interest* he's going to run around your bedroom trying to get us to play with him. *I smile at you and your blushing, and move to take off my shirt, then my pants, leaving on only my underthings as I walk to the other side of the bed and sit down, facing you, smirking slightly* He does take up a lot of room, doesn't he? Looks like you're without a pillow now.

Wood Lij: *I pull off my pants, and crawl into bed. I wrinkle my nose at the cat, who pounces on my lap* Now I have a pillow. He'll settle down in a minute, he usually does whenever I get into bed. Now, with you here, I'm not too sure. You were the one who kept him in the box... *I grin, and crawl under the covers. The kitten crawls around for a moment, and plops himself above my head on the pillow.*

Pianist Dominic: *I crawl under the covers too, and shift a little closer to you, hesitating but then wrapping an arm around your chest. I watch the kitten, then turn my eyes back to you* Aw how cute, he sleeps in your hair. *I smile at you and lean in to kiss your cheek softly*

Wood Lij: He does not sleep in my hair! He sleeps above my head, there's a difference. *I smile at you, and kiss you softly* I love you, Dom. Even though you're making fun of my hair now.

Pianist Dominic: *I return your kiss and hold you close to me, laying my head beside yours on your pillow* I love you too, even though you won't admit the kitten is sleeping in your hair.

Wood Lij: Wood Lij: You're just jealous because it won't sleep in your hair, Dom. *I stick my tongue out at you, and pull the covers over the both of us. After a moment, I close my eyes, and I smile slightly* I love you, Mister Jealous person.

Pianist Dominic: *snorts* You're so right, I'm just jealous because I don't have kitten in my hair. *I cuddle up to you under the covers, and close my eyes too* I love you too, Mister Kitten Hair.

Wood Lij: *I pout at you* You are mean to me, my Dominic. *I cuddle up to you, and close my eyes* But I love you anyway. *I smile to myself, and nod* Yes, I do.

Pianist Dominic: I am not mean to you! *I open one eye at you and raise an eyebrow, though you can't see it through your closed eyes* Yes you do? You sound like you're trying to convince yourself.

Wood Lij: I am not trying to convince myself! I'm just telling you I love you! *I open my eyes and pout at you.* You don't believe me? *I whine slightly at you* I want you to believe I love you, Dommie!

Pianist Dominic: *I giggle at your pout and lean over to kiss you on the lips, pulling away too quickly* I believe you! I was just making fun of your need to say it again.

Wood Lij: *I whimper as you pull away too quickly for me to return your kiss, and I run my fingers over your cheek. I look at you, and smile brightly* As long as you believe me, Dominic.

Pianist Dominic: *I smile to myself for your whimper, and tilt my head just a little so I can kiss the wrist of the hand that you're using to touch my cheek* I do. Promise. And I love you too. Always, k?

Wood Lij: *I nod, and kiss you softly. I pull away, and close my eyes. I drape an arm around you, and smile slightly at you* I love you too Dominic. Always...

Pianist Dominic: Mmm, always. *I lean in against you and rest my forehead against yours on the pillow, reaching a hand up to quickly ruffle the kitten's fur -- then making a soft squeaking noise as it swats at me. I wrap my arm around you again and turn my head to yawn into the pillow*

Wood Lij: *I laugh at the squeak* Dom squeaks! *I snicker softly, and kiss you.* Is it past Dommie's bedtime?

Pianist Dominic: *I groan softly at your comment and open an eye at you, trying to pout* I don't squeak! That little thing swatted at me, look! *I hold my finger out to you, though it hadn't had its claws out and just tapped me*No, not past my bedtime...not yet.

Wood Lij: *I kiss the finger you've shown me, and peer up at you* There, it's all better. And does Dominic have a bedtime?

Pianist Dominic: *I smile at you and put my arm back around you* Yes, all better. *I lean in and kiss the tip of your nose* Nope, Dominic goes to bed when he feels like it. *pause, smile* Or when his boyfriend tells him to.

Wood Lij: *smiling slightly, I yawn slightly, and nod* All right, dear. *I close my eyes, and snuggle up to you, draping an arm around you, breathing in slightly.*

Pianist Dominic: *I snicker softly and hold you closer* Was that your way of telling me to go to bed?

Wood Lij: Mmhmm. Tired. *I kiss you softly* Good night, Dominic. *I snuggle close to you, drifting off to sleep.*

Pianist Dominic: *I smile and kiss you back, resting my head next to yours* Mmmkay. Night. *falls asleep too*
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