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Craig Parker

CraigofLorien: *Today was a typical day, my article was published yesterday as scheduled, and yet, I received another one. Deciding that I needed a break, I head to the Gypsy, sitting at the seat that has become 'mine' and ordering a drink*

Bloomicious: *Long hours of looking in the Want Ads of the paper have worn me out and am ready for a change of scenery. I decided to go to the Gypsy Tea Room which I saw earlier. Walking into the Gypsy Tea Room, I scan the room taking in the atmosphere and people in it.*

CraigofLorien: *I take out a newspaper, the one with my article, and look over it, just to see what else they put in. I hear someone come in, and I look up, thinking maybe that it was Hannah, but I see a dark-haired fellow step through the door and look around. I smile and watch him as my drink arrives*

Bloomicious: *Liking the place, I take a seat at the bar and order a drink. Glancing down at the table, I notice a paper, picking it up I scan the various articles*

CraigofLorien: *I continue to smile as he walks over to the bar, taking a sip of my drink. I wonder why I'm not getting up and walking over to him, kicking myself inside for being too shy to even introduce myself*

Bloomicious: *casually I look around the room and notice a young man smiling in the corner and wonder what about. Not sure of what to do next, I absentmindedly finger a napkin. A thought of introducing myself to one of the people in the room comes to mind, but I quickly dismiss it in fear of making myself look like a fool*

CraigofLorien: *I nod as he looks at me, motioning to the empty seat across from me...hoping I'm not looking like a desperate idiot*

Bloomicious: *I raise my eyebrows as the man gestures, I nod, smiling a little and walk over to where he is sitting*

CraigofLorien: *I feel somewhat relieved when the man answers to my invitation and nod again as he comes over to the table. I extend a hand as he sits down and introduce myself* G'evening to you. My name is Craig Parker.

Bloomicious: *Glad that I'm finally meeting somebody I shake it* How do you do. Orlando Bloom. Lovely night isn't?

CraigofLorien: *I nod, smiling again* Indeed, it is. *I pause for a moment, setting my paper to the side and leaning back* I don't believe I've seen you before...are you new?

Bloomicious: *I nod slowly and settle into my seat* Yes, though I've been living in New Orleans for about a month.

CraigofLorien: Ah, I see. *I nod and take a sip of my drink* What brings to you New Orleans? I definitely know you're not from around myself.

Bloomicious: * I smile and accept my drink that was brought to me, taking a quick sip I shrug* I suppose for the adventure. New York life was getting a little to boring for me I suppose. *I laugh lightly* You are from England, no?

CraigofLorien: *I scoff, but then smile* New York, boring? *I shake my head* I was there for a couple of days before I came down to New Orleans, and I couldn't stand it. *I shiver at the thought, but then nod* Yes, I'm from England. I came about six months ago, if I remember correctly. *I blink, but then take another sip of my drink*

Bloomicious: *I smile and wonder what might have happen during his stay there.* Ah, New York is a very nice town. I came there from England and lived there for about two months. I prefer the style of New Orleans better though. What part of England are you from?

CraigofLorien: *I smile and raise my eyebrows* I guess we are entitled to our opinions. *I finish off my drink and signal for another one, being careful not to have too many* I'm from London. My father is a lawyer there.

Bloomicious: *I nod* I suppose… Ah London…* I trail off wondering what to talk about next. A slight worry of my stupidity crosses my mind* My father was a banker.

CraigofLorien: Yes...*I nod at the waiter as my second drink is brought* Indeed? A banker...not necessarily such a bad job. Well-paying, I suppose. My father wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but I'm so damn shy...I could never get in front of people like that. And if I didn't become a lawyer, I was supposed to be an actor. *I grimace, then realize I'm rambling and I blush as I stare into my drink*

Bloomicious: * I smile and take another sip of my drink* Yes I know what you mean, I was suppose to become a banker as well. I couldn't stand it, being cooped up in a little office talking to hoards of stuffy people. I've never had a taste for it. I suppose it's a well enough job. I'm not sure what I'm looking for along the lines of a permanent job. You never took up acting?

CraigofLorien: *I nod, taking a sip of my drink and glancing at my newspaper.* I could never act. Like I said...I'm shy...I have a terrible time of getting up in front of people. *I smile faintly* I want to be an author... *I speak softly*

Bloomicious: * I notice him glance at the newspaper and wonder and laugh* Yes I guess you have a point there. An author… *I think about the occupation and nod* it sounds like an interesting job. Have you had any luck in getting anything published?

CraigofLorien: *I nod, grinning* Well, I applied for a job at the newspaper here and got it. *I pick up the newspaper* I have articles published weekly now, it's amazing. It's not what I want to do with my life, but it's awfully close. *I hand you the newspaper and point to the article that I wrote* They really enjoy my work, it seems.

Bloomicious: *looking at the paper, I read it quickly and smile in amazement* I can tell why! This is great. *I set the paper down and finish my drink* You do an excellent job.

CraigofLorien: *I blush, nodding as I take a sip of my drink* Thank you. And what about yourself...what do you want to do?

Bloomicious: *I sigh but still smile* For now I'm looking for a job as a waiter. Something to pass the time, I guess. Though it seems I should look for another occupation; no one is hiring.

CraigofLorien: *I raise an eyebrow* Just a waiter? Hmm... *I think to myself, taking a sip of my drink* I wish I could help...*I nod at my newspaper* Take it if you wish, if it'll be of any help. *I sigh softly, setting down my drink as a moment of silence passes* So...tell me a bit about yourself, Mr. Bloom? How old are you, perhaps...or something along that line?

Bloomicious: *I accept the news paper graciously* Thank you and please call me Orlando, everyone else does, *I think what I should tell him about myself* Well, I'm 26 and there's not much to tell. I'm fond of the arts writing, poetry, theater, paintings things like that.....*I stop not wanting to ramble and not sure of what else to talk about*

CraigofLorien: *I nod as you accept the newspaper* You're welcome, it's not like I can't go off and get another copy. *I laugh* 26, eh? Well, I'm 33 *I shrug* We seem to have many of the same interests. Considering how I would like to get involved with writing... *I nod as you go on* There are a few art museums around here that you might enjoy.

Bloomicious: *I signal the waiter for another drink* So I've heard, I haven't been able to visit them yet. I haven't ventured out into the city much I'm sad to say. I've spent most of my time unpacking and looking for a job as sad as that sounds.

CraigofLorien: *I nod as I sip my drink* Yes, the same for me. I didn't look for a job for a while, because I had so many other things to do, and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. The journalist spot was a gift from Heaven, I swear. Thankfully, I have a nice landlady, who gave me time to find a job.

Bloomicious: *I laugh* Yes I bet! *I nod* They are hard to find, good thing though. I haven't had trouble with mine yet, knock on wood. * I laugh again* What kind of style of writing do you prefer to write in? Fictional, non fictional… that sort of stuff….

CraigofLorien: *I smile and nod* Well, good luck on finding a job, I hope you find one soon. *I finish off my drink and contemplate getting another, not entirely sure that I should since it's a bit strong tonight* Ah...I write fiction. I'm currently writing a book about the Gypsy. *I blink* Good Lord, I've forgotten all about it! *I then laugh* I guess I know what I'm doing when I get home.

Bloomicious: *I thank the waiter who's finally come with my drink, and laugh* So it seems, that's very interesting. Are there folks here that peculiar?

CraigofLorien: *I shrug, staring at my empty glass, before looking back up at you* Not peculiar, interesting, but not peculiar. And friendly, yes, friendly. I've met a few of them.

Bloomicious: *I glance up at the clock and note the time* It doesn't seem very busy here, *I nod* It seems nice; I haven't met anyone here yet. *I smile slightly not sure what to talk of next, I shift my weight in the chair uneasily*

CraigofLorien: *I nod* Well, it's summer and there's rain, which would slow a lot of people down and keep them away, but honestly, they're missing a lot. *I raise an eyebrow* Well, now you can say you've met someone.

Bloomicious: *I smile* Yes, now I can, *I pause hoping what I say doesn't come out too corny* I must admit I'm very happy that I finally have met someone. You don't know how lonely it can get just living from letter to letter from your family. Yes it has, I've heard that the flooding is bad here; I hope it doesn't rain too much.

CraigofLorien: *I snort and almost move to drink from my empty glass* Oh trust me, I know the feeling of loneliness. I just met a lovely young woman named Hannah. Her brother owns the Gypsy. *I sigh, smiling.* She and I...we seem to fill that loneliness that both of us felt. *I blush and shut up, realizing I'm probably talking about something you don't even want to hear about. I succumb to the temptation and order another drink* The rain hasn't been too bad either...but when those...hurricanes come...

Bloomicious: * I smile slightly knowing what he's talking about* That's great, * I trail off my eyes getting a far off look in them. A silent moment passes; I blink and blush slightly embarrassed from wandering off in my thoughts. Returning to the conversation my eyes widen and look at him with a tinge of fear in my eyes* Hurricanes? * I say slowly*

CraigofLorien: *I blush, feeling uncomfortable for rambling on, but then nod* Storms that develop over the hot seas...bring wind and rain...lots of it. And being the summer, I believe they're frequent. *I shrug as my drink is brought* I haven't been through one...yet. I think the worst part is the wind...seeing as how it rains all the time...

Bloomicious: *I nod taking a sip of my own drink* How long have you and Hannah been together? If you don't mind me asking.

CraigofLorien: *I smile as I take a sip of my drink* No, I don't mind. Almost a month now, I believe.

Bloomicious: *Grinning I nod* Wonderful, *I absentmindedly pop my neck, an old habit I'd started when I was a boy* What part of the town do you live in?

CraigofLorien: *I smile and nod, raising an eyebrow at your neck-popping, but finding it somewhat amusing* I live just around the block from the Gypsy, actually.

Bloomicious: *I smile though not terribly sure of the apartment building he's talking about.* I live about a block or two away from here.* I motion in the direction not sure of the correct direction. I take a sip of my drink leveling it to half way and mentally kick myself for letting the conversation fall flat*

CraigofLorien: *I finish off my drink and pull out the money to pay for my drink, paying for yours as well* Well, Orlando, it was nice to meet you. Unless your up for a walk along the Boardwalk to talk some more, I believe I'll head out.

Bloomicious: *Smiling I get up* Thank you Craig; if your up to standing my company, I'd be glad to. *leaving some money as a tip I walk out of the Gypsy with you. Not knowing really what way to go I let you lead*

CraigofLorien: *I stick my hands in my pockets, the air surprisingly cool since it had rained that day as I walk next to you* It's not far. *I look up and notice a full moon and nod towards it.* It's probably going to look nice tonight. *I look over at you* This is probably the cheesiest thing you've ever done, huh.

Bloomicious: *Laughing I shake my head* It is a little odd, but I'm glad to have finally get out of my house and to be talking to someone other than the pictures of my loved ones. * I laugh allowing myself to relax a little,* Other than writing and visiting the Gypsy; what do you do here?*

CraigofLorien: *I grin* As long as you think I'm not some crazed psycho, that's good. *I turn down another street, the boardwalk visible at the other end* Hmm...not much, I suppose. Well, I work, obviously...every other day. Pretty convenient. I spend time with Hannah...*I think* That seems pretty much it...

Bloomicious: *following him I laugh* Well I haven't decided that yet, *I smile* Wow, sounds better than what I do. Eating, sleeping, and looking for a job mostly takes up my day. Oh and I just love it when the mail comes, letters from a nagging mother brightens every son's day wouldn't you agree?

CraigofLorien: *I laugh at the description of how your day goes as we reach the Boardwalk* What a day. *My expression fades slightly as you make that statement* mother died when I was little... *I laugh softly, leaning against wooden railing, hanging my head for a moment, before looking back at you with a smile* Oddly enough, I got a letter from my father a couple of weeks ago...he and I never got along, one of the reasons why I came here... *I look away, my gaze becoming somewhat distant*

Bloomicious: *I bite my lip as I lean up agent the rail my back to the river, I look down at my feet* Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you. *I smile wirily* Odd, it's completely different for me…* I trail off thinking* My father died when I was four….ironically it's my mother who I don't get along with…*I laugh and rub my eye* This is odd, she's one of the reasons why I left England. *A slight thought of nervousness crosses my mind that he may think I'm making it up*

CraigofLorien: *I smile up at you, shorter now that I'm leaning on my forearms on top of the railing. I clasp my hands and shrug* It's alright, you didn't upset me. It's not like you knew. *I pause* You know, that's mother died when I was four. *I laugh softly to myself and reach up to clap a hand on your shoulder, hoping I don't scare the hell out of you by doing so* It seems as if we have a lot in common. I'm sure we'll become good friends. *I smile before removing my hand*

Bloomicious: *I breathe a small sigh of relief that I hadn't creeped him out. I'm surprised more by the age of when our mothers died than his hand on my shoulder. I smile* It seems like it. I wonder what other secrets we hold that are common. Do you have any siblings?

CraigofLorien: *I laugh as I clasp my hands together again and look out at the river* Nah, I'm an only child. As much as I liked it, it was lonely. I had plenty of cousins though. *I snort softly, then look back up at you*

Bloomicious: *I nod* I have a sister, 28. She lives in Dover with her fiancé. They're going to get married next spring.

CraigofLorien: *I smile* That's nice. I hope that all goes well for her.

Bloomicious: *Nodding thoughtfully I watch different people pass by us* Yes, if my mother doesn't stick her claws into it, the wedding should go well.

CraigofLorien: *I laugh at your comment* Indeed, I see that's how your mother is then? *I shrug* My father and I...I don't know...things just changed after my mother died. I mean, I was only four...but still, I know things changed. He never remarried, for which I am very glad.

Bloomicious: *I nod thoughtfully* I know what you mean; I suppose my mother became a little more clingy and controlling when my father died. Perhaps she wanted me to become just like him and to follow in his footsteps......How did she die? *hesitates after asking, I squeeze my eyes shut tightly furious at myself for not thinking before I spoke. After battling in my mind on how to take it back I settle on letting the question stand in fear of sounding even more of a dolt and look down at the ground expecting Craig to leave right then in rage of his lack of caring or privacy*

CraigofLorien: *I sigh* My father just became more bitter...less understanding...hard. *I let out a short, ragged, odd sort of laugh in pure surprise, not really offended, just...really suprised* Uh... *I let out that short odd laugh again...realizing it sounds almost nervous. I let my head hang, my eyes fixed on the wooden railing* Tuberculosis...she had been helping at the hospital when a case broke out, ending up catching it herself...she died about two weeks later.

Bloomicious: *I sigh still getting mad at myself for being so blunt* That's terrible….. I'm sorry that I asked….. it wasn't my place to…..* I glance away still not happy with my apology and what good it could do*

CraigofLorien: *I keep my head hanging a moment longer, feeling tears, but keeping them from spilling. I know I won't cry, but I hate letting people see me cry.* No, it's fine. *I say honestly* It's one's asked before. *I look up and then over at you, half-smiling*

Bloomicious: *still looking at my feet I swallow nervously. I glance up at him and say dryly* Leave it up to me to be the first one…..

CraigofLorien: *I smile, blinking to make the tears leave* Honestly, it's alright. Don't choke over's not like I'm going to beat the hell out of you for it.

Bloomicious: * I laugh lightly, trying to make my voice sound a little less mad at myself though I still can't believe at what I did. I shake my head and take a deep breath trying to change the subject* So do you work tomorrow?

CraigofLorien: *I nod, stretching before leaning on my side* Yes, I do. I work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with the weekends off. *I laugh* Perfect schedule.

Bloomicious: Yes it seams that you've found the perfect job. *I smile and try to pop my neck the other way. I notice what I'm doing then stop.* You wouldn't happen to know what time it is?

CraigofLorien: *I snort softly, looking around* Actually, no, I don't. Erm...*I look around again* Sorry...

Bloomicious: *I nod and laugh* It's ok, *Turning around I fully see the river at night against the moon light. I take a deep breath filling my lungs with the clean air, taking evrything in I smile slightly, somewhat at peace*

CraigofLorien: *I smile as you turn around to look at the river, noting the way you take it all in* It is nice...isn't it? New Orleans sure has its own sense of beauty.

Bloomicious: *I nod slowly still transfixed by the beauty of everything* Just the river alone could make me stay here longer…..

CraigofLorien: *I nod, moving back to where I'm leaning on my arms, before I bend down and rest my head on my arms* I love the water.

Bloomicious: *I smile and lean backwards, my hands holding onto the railing, and not caring how childish it may look* Yes, it makes me long for the sea's back home….Do you swim?

CraigofLorien: *I smile and look over at you* Indeed. *I laugh at the question* I haven't swam in forever, actually.

Bloomicious: *I laugh, feeling a little more at ease* I hope you haven't forgotten how!

CraigofLorien: *I laugh too* I probably have...*I blink, but then laugh again*

Bloomicious: *I laugh harder* That's too bad. *I lean up against the rail on an elbow* This is very random, but since you mentioned some of the art museums I was wondering if you happen to know any artists?

CraigofLorien: *I shrug at the comment* Sometimes the water's better to look at. *I raise an eyebrow at your question* Well, not any big famous artists, but Hannah is an artist, and a very good one at that.

Bloomicious: *I nod thoughtfully then realize he might want an explanation of why I asked* The reason I ask is that I was wanting a wall in my apartment painted in some mural type fashion. Do you think she would be interested in such a job? I would try to do it myself but I can't paint worth a damn.

CraigofLorien: *I blink in surprise* Honestly, I wouldn't know. You'd have to ask her yourself. *I grin* You'd probably could meet her if you keep coming to the Gypsy.

Bloomicious: *I nod* Yeah, does she come in a lot?

CraigofLorien: Well, I don't know how often she goes when I'm not there... You might have a chance catching her on Thursday.

Bloomicious: *I smile* Ok….Perhaps you could introduce her to me, then it would be easier to ask her?

CraigofLorien: *I laugh* I suppose so. *I smile and nod* You'll like the Gypsy...the people there, really nice. *I nod*

Bloomicious: *I laugh standing back up and run my hand along the wooden rail. A small splinter cut though my skin, cursing quietly I quickly shove my hands into my pockets* I've been keeping you here talking about nothing for to long. I'm sorry to have kept you from your book your working on, * I pause realizing that I might sound to persistent and instead of being polite I may sound rude and trying to push him away* I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is getting late and I should be going. Tomorrow I have an interview to go to and dark circles around my eyes wont make a very good impression.

CraigofLorien: *I laugh* You aren't keeping me from my book. *I sigh* Sorry about that. I guess until our next meeting then? *I stand up and smile, extending my hand* Good luck on your interview.

Bloomicious: *I smile, somewhat disappointed in my braking the conversation and shake his hand.* No its not your fault. Thank you and good luck on your book. I would love if we could get together to talk sometime again…

CraigofLorien: *I grasp your hand firmly, then release it, smiling* Well then, you're welcome. Indeed, I would like to talk again sometime as well. I suppose I'll just meet you at the Gypsy again, sometime?

Bloomicious: *smiling wider I nod* Yes, will you be there tomorrow? Or will your work stand in the way?

CraigofLorien: Hm, I will probably be there on Thursday, because, yes, I work tomorrow.

Bloomicious: Fair enough, it was a pleasure meeting you Craig. I'm glad we got to talk. I'll see you Thursday then, good night. *I smile before turning*

CraigofLorien: *I nod* Indeed, Orlando, I'll see you then.
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