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Elijah Wood

Wood Lij: *I sigh softly, becoming frustrated with the amount of paperwork on my desk. No matter how much I seem to get done, it never really makes a dent in how much I still need to get finished before the day is over. I chew idly on a fingernail, looking over a certain page. I run my hand through my hair, closing my eyes.*

Pianist Dominic: *twirling the stem of the white rose I just bought in my fingers, I pull open the doors to the Gypsy and glance around for Elijah -- who won't be expecting me in for a few more hours at least -- and frown slightly when I don't see him. Knowing he's here, he's got to be here if the doors were open, I head to the back where his office is, and my smile returns when I see my 'Lij, sitting there with all his papers. Without even bothering to knock I push the half-open door open enough for me to enter, and close it quietly behind me, almost skipping over to 'Lij's desk from the happiness of seeing him again after those hours between waking up and getting here, and I plant my arse on the end of Elijah's desk, right on top of a semi-smaller pile of papers, though not the ones he's reading, and hold the rose out to him, smiling stupidly* For you, my love. Missed you.

Wood Lij: *I glance up when I see my Dominic sitting on the edge of my desk, holding a beautiful white flower. I grin, and lean up to kiss you softly.* Hello, Dominic! And if you're going to continue to bring me flowers, Dominic, love, you're going to spoil me! *I grin, and take the flower from you, sniffing it.* I've missed you too, my love. How have you been? It's been what... a few hours? *I grin up at you, and wink* Though I'm glad you came, my brain was about to feel like it was about to die. And I don't think I would have been too exciting for my baby.

Pianist Dominic: *I return your kiss, and my smile widens (if that's possible) when I see your smile. I reach out a hand and run it through your hair, scooting a little closer to the middle of your desk* No, no, a spoiled Elijah is the best kind there is. And even if I brought you a flower every time I see you -- which IS the plan, you know -- it still wouldn't be enough to properly spoil you. *I nod, and lean down to kiss your forehead, pretending to groan and look miserable when I pull back* A few MINUTES would have been too much, my Brain Dead Elijah!

Wood Lij: I'm not brain dead yet, Dominic. *I stick my tongue out at you* You know what, Dominic? I love you. *I lean up and kiss you once more* And I know that just a few minutes away from you is too long. But if I had not been away from you for a couple of hours, I would have been more behind on my paperwork than I am now. Not that I'm saying it's you're fault, it's mine, but I had to come here for a bit.

Pianist Dominic: *I scoot closer still to the middle of the desk, pretty much as close as I can get without my legs straddling you, and I run my fingers through your hair again* Aww, my poor 'Lijah has work. You could hire someone to do that for you, then I can just play with you all day, because you're my favorite toy, my 'Lijah toy. *nods* And I love you too. I love you so much my 'Lighe. *I put both my hands on your cheeks, cupping your face and practically forcing you to look at me* You know what? I love you. *I grin a little stupidly again and lean in to kiss your nose*

Wood Lij: *I laugh lightly, and look up at you* You love your Lijah toy, do you? *I smile at you, and lean up and kiss you softly, pressing my lips against yours. I wrap my arms around your waist, and grin at you.* I've done enough today, I can let you play with your Elijah toy for a bit, until it's time for you to go work. *I press my lips against yours, and kiss you softly.* I love you.

Pianist Dominic: Yay! *I make a soft...almost squeal of happiness when you say you've done enough work, and scoot closer, sliding a leg over yours in your chair and fold my hands at the back of your neck, playing with the little hairs there* Its not time for me to go to work, I'm extra early today, don't have to work for a couple hours. *nods* I usually go home and eat something and shower and do lots of Dominic's Home type of stuff, but this morning I just went home and showered and dressed, because I wanted to come see you. Well, I stopped at the flower shop, but the lady there knows I always come in and just get a single rose, so she's started saving the best ones she's got in a special vase just for me to come pick up. *nods again, mater-of-fact-like* Because I love my 'Lighe and...*I wrinkle my forehead* Well, I forgot what else I was saying, but I love my 'Lighe, and well...isn't that the most important part? *nods* Yes, yes Lighe it is.

Wood Lij: *I giggle at your squeal, and kiss you once more. I giggle softly at you once more* You know what? You are absolutely adorable. *I kiss you softly again, letting the kiss linger for a moment, raising a hand up to your cheek. I brush my fingers over the skin of your cheek lightly, and break away from the kiss* You're incredible, too. How do you manage to be so incredibly bouncy, love?

Pianist Dominic: *I smile at your giggling, and my cheeks redden a little from your compliments* Aww, Lighe...I'm glad you think so. *I whimper softly into your soft kisses, brushing my fingers through your hair and over your cheeks, trying to touch all of your face at once, and I lean in to kiss you again, holding it for longer but not really deepening it* You know what, its YOUR fault I'm bouncy! Coming to see you made me giddy hyper. *nods* But its okay! Because I looooove you. And you know what? You're more incredible AND amazing than I am. *nods again*

Wood Lij: *I deepen the kiss slightly, and run my hand over your cheek once more, before pulling away from the kiss* I love you still. I want to keep you with me forever. *I grin at you, and kiss you softly once more* I love you, my Dom...

Pianist Dominic: *I scoot forward on the desk a little, almost sitting in your lap now, just using the desk to support my weight, and I kiss you again, quickly swiping my tongue over your bottom lip, but pulling away before either of us can make anything of it* You know, you could keep me forever. I wouldn't have a problem with that. *I lean in and kiss your cheek softly, brushing my fingers over the spot* I love you so much, my Elijah.

Wood Lij: *I giggle softly, and lean up and kiss you softly. I run my hands down your body, down your chest and stomach.* I love you more, did you know that, Dominic? And I am planning on keeping you forever, even if that means tying you up to my bed and keeping you there.

Pianist Dominic: *My eyes widen at your last statement, but I try to pretend its just because I'm shocked you think you love me more* Nu uh! I love you MOST. *I nod a few times, too quickly, trying to hide my blush, and I look down at you again, leaning in to kiss your forehead* I already said you could keep me forever...whatever the, um, terms on that are.

Wood Lij: Does that mean I can tie you up to my bed, even if you are willing to stay with me forever? *I grin at you, and kiss you.* Perhaps I'm into that sort of thing, you'll never know. Or perhaps you'll have to tie me up, to make me stay at home... *I grin at you, wanting a reaction from you, and judging from your reaction from my last reference to tying you up, I do hope that this would get another reaction.*

Pianist Dominic: *I shift a little on my spot, and bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning at the thought* Um...well...Yes. Yes, you could do anything of that nature...especially if it turns you on. *My hands, that were rested on your shoulders, just sort of freeze, as I'm afraid if I move them they'll do...other things, of their own violation, and I smirk just slightly at you* Or I could tie you down...it wouldn't be the first time the thought has crossed my mind.

Wood Lij: If you wanted, I would allow you to tie me down, and do whatever you wanted to me... Especially if it's something you've been thinking about for a while. *I kiss you once more, and smirk slightly at you.* Though I may have a few things to do to you after a bit.

Pianist Dominic: *I shiver slightly and scoot back further onto the desk, so its not...quite so obvious exactly how long I've been thinking about it, and I nod slowly, my voice a little breathless* I...I think that could prove to be...fun. *I lick my lips slowly and lean in to kiss you* And I'm sure anything you decided you wanted to do to me would only be fair.

Wood Lij: *I lean back into my chair, and look at you for a moment* Yes, I do believe it would be fair. Anything I decide to do would be fair, no? *I grin at you, and beckon for you to come closer, grinning almost teasingly.* Come here, Dominic.

Pianist Dominic: *I arch an eyebrow at you, wondering what I've gotten myself into* I did say anything, didn't I...*I smile though, until you sit back, and this time I'm not quite so able to hide my whimper when you call me close. I pause for a moment, hesitating, but lean forward instead, planting one of my knees aside your hip -- as you're tiny and that chair could fit three people -- and then the other knee aside your other hip, straddling you, and sitting in your lap. I run my hands down your chest and lean in to kiss your neck, breathing against your ear* I'm here. You wanted something, Lighe?

Wood Lij: *I wrap my arms around you, pulling you as close to me as I can, and I kiss you softly. I run my hands over your sides, up to over your chest, and I continue to kiss you softly, deepening the kiss slightly. I rest one of my hands on your neck, as I slip my tongue into your mouth, taking in your taste.*

Pianist Dominic: *I press my chest against yours, also trying to get close, and I let my eyelids flutter closed when you kiss me, moaning very softly into it and massaging your tongue with mine lightly, lovingly, savoring your taste after so long apart. I slide my hands up your chest, over your shoulders, and down over your back, holding you to me and teasing your tongue with mine*

Wood Lij: *I close my eyes, running one of my hands through your hair. I continue to kiss you, deepening the kiss, massaging your tongue with my own. Though I'm afraid I'm going to lose any willpower for anything with you if I continue this, I figure I don't care anymore. I nip at your lip lightly, and pull you close to me, holding you me.*

Pianist Dominic: *I shift closer to you, making a small sound in the back of my throat when your teeth brush my lip, and I continue the kiss until I'm entirely breathless, pulling back and resting my forehead against yours. After a few deep breaths I open my eyes to look at you, hoping the lust there isn't overpowering* 'Lijah...ar-are you okay with this? The kissing? With...me being in your lap? *mentally cursing myself for having stopped kissing you to ask if you'd like to stop, I close my eyes again*

Wood Lij: Dominic.. I would have had you stay on the desk, if I didn't want you over here. I would have told you to go away, if I didn't want you here. So yes, I am okay with this. I'm still nervous around you, though... I think I've always been somewhat nervous around you, you know? *I lean in and kiss you softly once more, before pulling away and looking at you.* I love you so much, my Dominic.

Pianist Dominic: *I bite harder on my bottom lip when you tell me you're still nervous, though I'm a little reassured when you say you've always been like that, and I return your kiss, then lean in to rest my head against your shoulder, lightly kissing your neck between words* I know, I...I understand. *kiss* I love *kiss* you more, my *kiss* 'Lighe.

Wood Lij: *I return your kisses, and giggle softly at you* I love you the most, and you better not argue with me. Because, you know, I won't give up until I win. *I run my hands over your sides, and kiss you softly once more.*

Pianist Dominic: *I kiss your lips again and arch an eyebrow at you* Well, then you're arguing with the wrong person, Mister Wood, because -I- ALWAYS win. *I nod and run my hands down your chest*

Wood Lij: But I wanted to win! That's not fair! *I pout cutely at you, looking up into your eyes, wondering how much of an effect it may have on you, before kissing you again. I grin at you, and flick my tongue out along your lip* I love you.

Pianist Dominic: *I smile at the look you're giving me, and I can't help but wonder if everyone melts under that look the way I am right now. I wrinkle my nose at you, and groan playfully* Okay, okay, fine. You win. You always win. *I smile at you and lean in to your kiss, whimpering at your tongue over my lips, and I shift a little closer to you, flicking my tongue out to meet yours* I love you too. So much my ickle Elwood.

Wood Lij: *I giggle* I love you more... *I kiss you, slipping my tongue into your mouth, massaging your tongue with mine. I rest one of my hands on the small of your back, just above the waistline of your trousers.*

Pianist Dominic: *I groan a little louder this time, and roll my eyes at you before closing them completely and kissing you again. I slowly run my hands back up your chest and up around to the back of your neck, running my fingers through your hair and moaning very soft into your mouth, massaging your tongue with mine, taking in your taste again*

Wood Lij: *My eyes slowly shut, and I deepen the kiss slightly. I move my hand from the small of your back, over one of your thighs, and I begin to lightly trail my fingers along the fabric of your trousers. With my other hand, I pull you as close to me as I can properly get you, without actually allowing any of your body parts to brush up against a part of my trousers.*

Pianist Dominic: *I break our kisses only to take in quick breaths of air, replacing my lips on yours almost too soon, my head swimming from the passion of our kisses and the lack of oxygen actually making it to my brain. I run my hands back down your chest again, snaking them around your waist and finding the hem of your shirt. I brush the fingers of one hand up to the small of your back under your shirt, lightly stroking the bare flesh there while kissing you harder*

Wood Lij: *I slip my tongue into your mouth, and I begin to lightly massage your tongue with my own. I continue to kiss you, as I slip my hands into your shirt, pressing my hands against the soft skin of your stomach. I run the fingers of one of my hands through the soft curls just below your belly button, above your waistline.*

Pianist Dominic: *I whimper at the feel of your hands on me and lightly stroke your tongue with mine, taking in your taste and trying to keep the motions more loving than hungry. I slide my hands up your back, and lean closer to you, breaking away from the kiss for air and moving soft pecks across your cheek and over to your ear. Nipping lightly at your skin every once and a while, I flick my tongue over the spots and kiss further toward your ear, then trail my tongue over the shell of it while I drag my nails down your back hard enough to make you aware they're there -- but not hard enough to hurt*

Wood Lij: *I whimper softly as you break away from the kiss, though I'm in desperate need of some oxygen. I close my eyes momentarily at the feeling of your lips on my neck, and raise one of my hands to your cheek, brushing my fingers lightly over your skin. I move my head slightly, and nip lightly at your earlobe, then press my lips against it, kissing the ear softly.*

Pianist Dominic: *I lift my head from your neck when your tongue touches my ear, and whimper softly at you for your soft bites. Shifting my hips a little closer to you -- without letting it become sexual, just wanting to be as physically close to you as possible -- I take the hem of your shirt in my hands and pull up on it slightly, just enough for me to be able to move my hands from your back to your sides, to your stomach, without having to move your shirt to touch bare skin. When you stop playing with my ear I turn my head and open my eyes as much as I can lift the heavy lids , and smile faintly at you, whispering against your lips* I love you, 'Lighe. *Running my hands very slowly up your stomach, I lean in and kiss you softly*

Wood Lij: *I whimper as you pull away, and tug lightly at your shirt. Though I'm completely out of breath, I don't particularly want the feeling of your lips on mine gone. I return your kiss, and grin at your words.* I love you too, my Dominic. *I run my fingers along your stomach, lightly, and lean in to kiss you softly once more, nipping lightly at your bottom lip*

Pianist Dominic: *I shiver slightly at your whimper, the sounds you're making driving me insane, and I trace a line straight up your stomach with one finger, leaving my other hand on your waist to run my fingers through the thin soft trail of hair below your belly button. With a soft growl at your teeth on my lip, I press further into the kiss and deepen it. Half forgetting about being gentle and loving, I push my tongue past your lips and claim your mouth with possessive strokes and soft moans*

Wood Lij: *I brush my tongue along yours, matching your tongue's possessive strokes with my tongue's loving ones, a combination that seemed to have worked well before... though the combination always ended up with both of us stopping the attempts to only be loving and gentle, which would probably be the way tonight. My hands snake up your shirt, and I find your nipples with my fingers, pinching lightly at them.*

Pianist Dominic: *I moan your name softly when your fingers get to my nipples, though the sound comes off muffled by your lips on mine, and I try to slow my kisses when you don't automatically respond to my harder kissing, but my hunger for you after spending so many days with just light pecks and soft kisses makes it hard for me to show any restraint at all when it comes to you. I arch forward into your touches and leave one hand just below your belly button while brushing the other over your chest, my fingertips hitting both of your nipples lightly*

Wood Lij: *I press my lips against yours, not really wanting you to slow down, and not wanting to think that my kisses were any indication of that. I run my fingertips over your nipples, feeling the nipples ball up. I kiss you, just as hungrily as the kisses I have received from you, hoping that you won't stop, not wanting you to.*

Pianist Dominic: *I pull back completely from you lips to take in a few panting breaths of air, and I smile wickedly at you before returning your passionate kisses, almost surprised -- though happily -- that you're deepening them. With the hands that's already on your chest, I find one of your nipples and twist it lightly between my thumb and index finger, and I brush the fingers of my other hand quickly through the soft trail of hair below your belly button, letting the tips of my fingers slide under the waistband of your trousers before I move that hand up to your chest as well, giving the other nipple the same treatment with those fingers*

Wood Lij: *I narrow my eyes slightly as you pull away, at the look you give me, taking in as much air as I can before you kiss me again. I whimper softly at the feeling of your fingers along my nipples, though the sound seems to have been lost within the kisses, within your mouth. I deepen the kisses slightly, and brush my fingertips along your nipples lightly, pinching the nipples between the fingertips occasionally.*

Pianist Dominic: *I'm practically melting just from the muffled sounds you're making, and I shift a little closer to you to get comfortable while following your lead with our kisses, and my tongue against yours. I hook a finger of the hand that was below your belly button into your trousers and just leave it there, brushing my other hand across your chest to play with the other nipple as I moan softly against your lips*

Wood Lij: *I run my hands along your nipples once more, then I run them down your sides, resting them just above your hips. I deepen the kiss slightly, kissing you passionately. My tongue explores your mouth, taking in the taste that I had missed ever since that one night... massaging your tongue with my own. I whimper softly at the moan that comes from you.*

Pianist Dominic: *I growl at the sounds you're making and shift again so I'm sitting up straight for your hands to move down my sides. Using all the will-power I've seem to got left, I keep the finger that's hooked in your trousers still and very, very slowly move the other down your chest and over your stomach, tracing the lines in your muscles as I kiss you even more passionately*

Wood Lij: *I smile softly to myself, before kissing you once more. I whimper softly at the feeling of your finger moving slowly down my stomach. One of my hands moves up to run through the softness of your hair, as I continue to kiss you passionately.*

Pianist Dominic: *I whine softly to myself when I realize I'm playing with the button on your trousers, and gradually end our kiss, pulling back from you and bringing both my hands to rest over your chest. I just look at you for a moment, biting my bottom lip, already cursing myself for ending our kisses - but also knowing that if I hadn't ended it here, I would have taken it too far - and with a slight pout I move to sit back on the desk, my eyes lowered to your chest*

Wood Lij: *I glance up at you as you pull away from the kiss, and I whine slightly. I lean in to kiss you softly one last time, and shift slightly as to allow you to move back up to the desk. I look up at you for a moment, allowing my eyes to wander over you for a moment. I smile up at you, and I reach a hand towards you, taking one of your hands within mine, wanting the slightest bit of contact with you.* I love you, Dommie.

Pianist Dominic: *I wrap my fingers around yours and give your hand a slight squeeze, still not meeting your eyes yet* I love you too, Elijah. *I finally look up at you, and smile softly* I should go warm up. *I lean in toward you and kiss your lips softly, still holding your hand, I stand up to move around behind you, wrapping my arms around your shoulders and crossing them over your chest, my back bent at a funny angle so I can kiss your cheek* I got you something. *I whisper softly against your ear, and use my free hand to pull a vial of coconut-scented oil from my jacket pocket and put it in your free hand* For when you, we, for when we are ready again. *I tilt my head to kiss your cheek, thankful that in this position you can't see the pink color I can feel in my cheeks*

Wood Lij: All right, I'll be out there in a bit. *My eyes follow you as you move around to behind my chair, and I tilt my head slightly as you kiss my cheek. When I feel you putting something into my hand, I glance down, and grin.* Dominic... *I blush lightly, and turn my head slightly to kiss you softly. I whisper, nearly as softly as you.* Perhaps if you allow me to take you to dinner tomorrow...

Pianist Dominic: *I return your kiss and give you another to hide the flush in my cheeks. When I pull back its with a slight smirk on my face, and I move a hand up to run my fingers through your hair* You don't have to buy me dinner to get me to sleep with you, you know. *I laugh softly, and I can only hope it doesn't sound as nervous as I feel* But dinner would be lovely, we haven't had a chance to have a proper date, have we? *I nuzzle your cheek and say even softer against it* But I didn't get you that to suggest we...well, anything that happens after dinner tomorrow will only happen if you are sure you're ready. Okay? *I kiss your neck softly and tilt my head to look at you*

Wood Lij: I know I don't have to buy you dinner to get you to sleep with me. But I wanted to buy you dinner anyways, and you're right. We've never really had a proper date, it's really just been us, here or at my home. *I smile at your words, and brush my hand along your cheek* Baby... if I weren't ready, I'd hide this from you until I were, you know that. *I grin at you, and lean in to kiss you once more.*

Pianist Dominic: *my smile widens and I repeat that word softly* Baby...*just liking the way it sounds, and that you've used it for me. I nod at you and kiss your cheek again* Yes, I know, I just wanted to reassure myself. *I stand up and walk so I'm almost in front of you again -- but not in touching range this time* So where 're you taking me? Any idea yet? And how proper a date will this be? Must I dress nicely, nicer than I would to come to work? You know I don't like seafood, right? And should I have a taxi come get us? It could be fun. *I say all a little too quickly, trying - but failing - to hide my excitement about our date*

Wood Lij: *I almost giggle at your questions* You're full of questions, you know that, Dom? And no, I have no idea where I'm taking you yet, but I will decide before you leave my house tomorrow morning. That is, if you're wanting to stay at my house tonight. If you're not, then I'll let you know tonight. Yes, I know you don't like seafood. You could have a taxi come get us if you want, though I do have a car that I do know how to drive. It belonged to my father. We could use that if you really wanted to. Did I miss anything?

Pianist Dominic: *I'm almost bouncing at your replies, but I manage to keep myself at least mostly composed.* Okay. No, I think you got everything. I didn't know you have a car, we could take that if you want or we can just walk, whichever is easiest. *smiling almost stupidly* And of course I want to stay with you tonight, I love sleeping next to you. *I take a step forward and lean down to kiss you quickly on the lips, placing my hands over your wrists on the arm rest of the chair* I love you, you know?

Wood Lij: No one knows I have a car, except for myself. I don't use it often, except when I need to. Whichever you prefer, my dear Dominic. *I kiss you softly, and grin at you* And yes, I know. I love you too, I will always love you. *I smile at you, and lean up to kiss you* I'm glad we're actually going on a date.

Pianist Dominic: *I plant soft kisses all over your cheeks, the tip of your nose, your chin, as much of your face as I can get to between giggles and speaking* I don't care, as long as its with you we can take your car or we can walk. *I close my hands lightly around your wrists and smile almost evilly to myself, letting my mind wander* I'm glad too, I've never been on a proper date before.

Wood Lij: I've never been on a proper date before either. I haven't been on anything near a date, besides going out to dinner with you once, when we ran into each other accidentally. That could have been an accidental date, I suppose.

Pianist Dominic: *I giggle at you and let go of your wrists, noting that you didn't flinch or say anything about it, and trying not to look like I'm smiling for no reason, I stand back up and cross my arms over my chest* An accidental date...okay, sure. *I smile at you and glance out your office door, chewing on my bottom lip for a moment* I should go warm up. I've said this before, but I really should go this time. Coming? *I hold out a hand for you, and tilt my head toward the door*

Wood Lij: It could have been.*I giggle, and I grab your hand, and stand up, figuring I can finish the rest of the paperwork later* Yes. I'm coming, I wish to be around when my Dominic is playing, when no one else gets to hear him play.

Pianist Dominic: *I wrap my fingers in yours and lead us toward the door, walking close to you and leaning in to kiss your cheek* Right, because you haven't heard me playing my scales millions of times before, and everyone else is just missing out.

Wood Lij: *I laugh lightly* Yes. That's it. *I lean in towards you and kiss you softly* I love you, and no one else gets to love you like I love you. So ha. *I giggle, and head out of my office, towards the main part of the Gypsy.*

Pianist Dominic: *When we get to the main room, I stand in front of you and take both your hands in mine, pressing my chest against yours as I lean in toward you, stopping with my lips almost against yours, and whispering against them* I don't -want- anyone to love me like I want you to. *I smile slightly and close the rest of the distance between us, kissing you quickly before pulling away completely and turning to walk to the piano with a smirk on my face*
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