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Sister of Elijah: *Once I'm finally at Elijah's door, I knock softly. Though I know I have the key to his house, and it feels rather odd knocking on the door I grew up in all my life... I don't live there anymore, and I wouldn't want to barge in on anything, especially unannounced. I wait patiently, and giggle softly at myself at the arrival of a very cute kitten at the front window, amusing myself with watching it, as I wait for someone to answer the door.*

Pianist Dominic: *Sam seems to know there's someone at the door a few moments before I hear any sort of knock, because he's decided that he doesn't want to lay in bed chewing on my fingers anymore. I watch him run out of the room, and pad along after him once I've heard the knock, throwing a t-shirt on so I'm not just wearing the sweatpants I've had on since my shower this morning. Stopping to pick Sam up so he doesn't run outside when I open the door, I unlock and open it, smiling warmly when I see who it is* Hannah! Come in!

Sister of Elijah: *I grin when I see you've answered the door* Hello, Dominic! I see you've got yourself a very vicious guard-kitten. *Giving you a teasing smile, I step into the house, glancing around for a moment.* How are you? *I reach over towards you, petting the cat's head, stepping away as it tries to bat at me* I don't think it liked my vicious guard-kitten comment much.

Pianist Dominic: *I close the door behind you and reach my free arm out to wrap around your waist in a half-hug, trying not to squish the kitten too much. Laughing a little at your comment, I kiss Sam's kitten cheek and set him down, watching as he tries to bite your ankle* Nah, he's just in a playful mood. He bites at everyone, really.

Sister of Elijah: *I hug you, avoiding the evil kitten, kissing your cheek* He's an evil cat, I think, Dominic. I think maybe he learned from you? *I grin at you, and wrinkle my nose at the cat for a moment as it tries to bite my ankle* Though... you've never attempted to bite me, and I hope you never try. Or else you may find it's your last day here.

Pianist Dominic: *trying my hardest to keep a straight face, I lean in and lightly bite your neck, pulling back far enough to not be within hitting-range, and I wink at you* Oh, I think you'd have to fight with Elijah before you could tell me it was my last day here. He's trying to get me here MORE, not get rid of me.

Sister of Elijah: *I narrow my eyes at the bite* Oh, I don't mean in this house! I meant living. I don't live here anymore, I can't tell you to leave HERE... *I move towards you, narrowing my eyes* I can't believe you just bit me Dominic Monaghan! *I state this as though I just realize the fact, pouting slightly* The CAT never actually BIT ME!

Pianist Dominic: *I can't help laughing out loud at you, and I'm careful to take a step back for every one you take closer to me* Alive! But you, sweet innocent Hannah, wouldn't hurt me! *laughing still* He'd have bit you if you gave him the chance, I'm just smarter than the evil kitten!

Sister of Elijah: The kitten's smarter than you give him credit for, Dominic! I mean, he got YOU to pick him out, didn't he? *I wiggle my eyebrows at you, before pouncing you, and hitting at you lightly* Do not bite me you evil, evil man.

Pianist Dominic: *still laughing at you, I'm taken off-guard by the pouncing, and I reach around to try to hold your wrists, keeping you from hitting me any more* I picked him out because he was the only one left. And he's adorable, just like me! *Grinning cheekily, I lean toward you and snap my teeth just next to your chin* No one ever said I don't bite!

Sister of Elijah: You are so mean, I don't see what my brother sees in you. *I pout, before standing up correctly once more.* And I wouldn't call you adorable, Dominic. Speaking of my brother, where is he, anyway? *I look at you, expectantly, as though Elijah is going to appear right beside you.*

Pianist Dominic: *grins* Oh, I'm sure he sees plenty in me. *I stick my tongue out rather immaturely at you, and stand back up as well, smirking slightly* If your new friend Karl has been giving you tips on your, I'm sure I could SHOW you some of the things Elijah sees in me. *I wink at you and head back to the kitchen, talking at you over my shoulder* He's doing paperwork or something at the Gypsy, I was only half-awake when he left this morning, so I'm not positive, but it'd probably be best to not disturb him there while he's working.

Sister of Elijah: *I gasp, and follow you* Karl is NOT giving me tips! I'm not starting my own business! Even if I were, what on earth would make you think I would need TIPS?! *I stop in the kitchen, narrowing my eyes* And what would make you think that I would want someone like YOU as a customer, anyway, Dominic? *I settle myself in a chair, still halfway glaring at you*

Pianist Dominic: *laughing again, I fill my glass with water, but I have to stop myself from reaching for another glass for you -- although it'd be the polite thing to do, I don't really want to be wearing it in a couple minutes -- so I just take my glass and sit on the kitchen table next to the place you're sitting* Oh, I'm sure you know plenty about Karl's trade. *snorts* And who WOULDN'T want me? I mean, come on, we have our fun, but I know you find me attractive, deep down inside. *I hide my grin behind my glass, taking a sip from it*

Sister of Elijah: I know nothing of his trade, other than what he told me about it, from his perspective. And I'm not even sure how much of it he told me. *I shift slightly* Even if I did find you attractive, deep down inside.... which I don't, I have a boyfriend! I wouldn't sleep with you, no matter how much you offered. *I stick my tongue out at you, as immaturely as you had.*

Pianist Dominic: *my grin only widens, and I set down my glass so I can properly point and laugh at you* You do! You think I'm attractive! *I stick my tongue out again, as that appears to be the gesture of the evening, and try to form words through my laughing* I have a boyfriend too, you know! And you'd so me without having to be paid, everyone would. *I nod matter-of-facy-ly, like that's the most obvious thing in the world*

Sister of Elijah: I would not do you without getting paid! You'd have to pay me. A large sum of money. How much would you pay, for someone like me, anyway? *I raise my eyebrow at you, studying you* And I do not find you attractive, you're a goofball.

Pianist Dominic: *I arch an eyebrow back, and ogod I'm actually thinking about how much I'd pay to nail my boyfriend's sister. Though she is nice looking...and its not like I haven't done HER boyfriend all ready...shaking my head to clear THOSE thoughts away, I wrinkle my forehead together thinking* I've got a couple dollars upstairs -- where we'd need to be to properly have sex anywah -- and its not like you're doing anything now anyway. *trying very hard to keep my straight face so you won't know if I'm serious or not, wanting to see your reaction*

Sister of Elijah: *I shrug slightly* That's not a definite amount, there Dominic. *I smirk slightly over to you* And I can't now anyway. *I shake my head slightly* I have my reasons, that I can't go telling everyone about! *I look at you, seriously* Besides, it would be weird, sleeping with my brother's boyfriend, for my first time, wouldn't it, Dominic? *I keep a straight face.*

Pianist Dominic: *matching your smirk* Well we could head upstairs and I'll make it a definite ammount for you. *I arch an eyebrow when you say you can't, but I don't press that issue* And I may be your brother's boyfriend, but at least your first time wouldn't be with a complete stranger?

Sister of Elijah: *I narrow my eyes at your look for a moment, before shaking my head slightly, grinning slightly* What would Elijah say if he found out, Dominic? You making his sister not so innocent? He has become quite protective of me, he wouldn't even like the idea of someone who isn't his boyfriend doing that sort of thing... even if I had been married to them for thirty years.

Pianist Dominic: *snickers* Oh, I'm quite sure neither of you is nearly as innocent as the other would like to think. And I know he's protective of you, like I know you are of him, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. *I wink at you and laugh again, so you know I'm still kidding*

Sister of Elijah: *I gasp slightly* I am very innocent! You have nothing to prove otherwise! *I stick my tongue out at you for a moment, before shrugging* And he's been like that since I was little, so I've gotten used to him, I suppose.

Pianist Dominic: *pulling a leg up under me on the table, I shrug a shoulder* Its good you've got each other though, at least you've got someone to fall back on if everything else manages to blow up at you. *grinning, I reach out and pinch one of your cheeks* And you've even been good to me, so I love you too Hannahkins.

Sister of Elijah: *I hit at your hand* Stop it! Or else I'll have to send my evil wicked boyfriend after you, since my evil wicked brother seems to have taken a liking to you. *I wrinkle my nose at you, before hitting at your head lightly*

Pianist Dominic: *snorts* I don't think your *mocking your voice* evil wicked boyfriend *back to my voice* scares me, love, sorry. *arching an eyebrow at you as innocently as I can* Though if you're getting him into your business, I could take you both at once. It'd be fun?

Sister of Elijah: Okay, not funny! He's scary, really! And I'm sorry.... but I won't share. At least not to my knowledge, I won't. And besides, he's not the one starting his own business here, remember?

Pianist Dominic: *grins* Well he could be convinced, I'm sure you can be very convincing. *laughing* I'll pretend Craig scares me, if you'd like? Not that I'm sure people are any more frightened by MY boyfriend. *winks*

Sister of Elijah: I'm scared by Elijah! If he found out about some things... I think I'd have to hide. For a long time! But, as long as he doesn't, then I think I'm safe. *I nod, before leaning against the back of the chair* And you're just not scared by Craig because you're some sort of man who isn't scared by other men, or something. *I nod at you.*

Pianist Dominic: *snorts* No, I'm just not scared by men that I...*whoa, don't go there* that I consider friends! *nice save, I grin to myself* Just like I'm sure there's things about Elijah he wouldn't want you to know. 's the nature of having a sibling. *I stick my tongue out again*

Sister of Elijah: *I close my eyes for a moment* You know... I'm just going to pretend he tells me everything, and that he's still perfectly innocent. *I nod* Even though he is my older brother... *I shake that out of my head* Dominic! I don't think I needed to hear that statement coming from you!

Pianist Dominic: *I grin at your reaction, and I can't help pushing that one a bit* Oh come on, why do you think he wants me here all the time? So we can talk about work? *snorts dramatically* And its no better than him watching you get tips from the whore at the Gypsy!

Sister of Elijah: You're his boyfriend! You can live together and not.... do that! I can't even word it properly, with him as the subject! Oh, Dominic, why did you bring it up? My mind... my virginal mind... it was corrupted the other night with Karl, and now with you! *I look up at you for a moment* And I was just TALKING to Karl. I wasn't getting tips on anything!

Pianist Dominic: *I arch an eyebrow at you when you call your mind 'virginal', and for a moment I wonder if maybe you ARE innocent. But its only a moment, as I remember who your brother is, and who it is you're dating. I shrug slightly at your comment about Karl* Well even if you were only talking, I'm sure it'll be only a matter of time until you're taking up his posts. *I grin at you and scoot away a little so I'm out of hitting range again*

Sister of Elijah: I am not going to become a whore! I don't want to do that... *I bite my lip, and glance away, just for a moment* Besides, the people who seem to go to Karl seem to only like other men anyway. *I attempt to act completely serious*

Pianist Dominic: *I smile at you and tilt my head a little* Well maybe, but you're not exactly hard on the eyes, I'm sure you'd have plenty of luck. *blinking* Not that I'm trying to enoucrage you to sleep with other men...I mean, unless they're me, but still.

Sister of Elijah: *I snicker* So you're saying, you're only encouraging me to sleep with you? I wouldn't sleep with you, Dominic. Well, maybe I would, if you weren't my brother's boyfriend. If I did become a whore, I'm sorry, I'd have to draw a line with you. And I couldn't be a whore at the Gypsy, Craig may find out.

Pianist Dominic: *grinning* I encourage every pretty face I meet to sleep with me. *I wink at you* Not only Craig, but Elijah too, and I think he'd have your arse if you ever sold yourself like that.

Sister of Elijah: And THAT'S why I can't tell him everything about me! *I nod seriously* You seem fine with it, but Elijah and Craig would kill me, I think. I'd be dead on the street, possibly! That wouldn't be good, not good at all.

Pianist Dominic: *I lightly fwap your arm and try to look offended* I would not be okay with it! With me, yes, but not with ANYONE else. If your finances ever get THAT bad you know you can move here with Elijah and I. *smirking* I promise we'd try our best to keep the noise down.

Sister of Elijah: Of course you would. I'd bring Craig over though, try and disturb Elijah, if you two ever get loud enough for me to hear you. And yes, I would! So ha. *I stick my tongue out at you*

Pianist Dominic: *I wrinkle my nose at you and roll my eyes dramatically* Lovely, just what I want, to hear my boyfriend's sister and her boyfriend shagging down the hall. Though you might be surprised how loud little Lighe can get...*I grin at you, and decide to give it a rest, turning my head to glance down the hall at Sam, who keeps running around in circles* He should be home soon, hopefully.

Sister of Elijah: *I snicker* You didn't seem to mind hearing me shagging YOU, Dominic! Oh... but that's because it would be you involved, isn't it? How silly of me... you just better be glad that I think you're absolutely adorable, or else I would have hurt you by now, Mr. Monaghan.

Pianist Dominic: ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! *I practically bounce on my spot on the table, and I lean over quickly to kiss you on the cheek* You think I'm adorable! See, I TOLD you you like me. *grinnisn almost stupidly, I reach up and run a hand through my bed-hair* Its always different when I'M involved. And everyone wants a good Dominic shag.

Sister of Elijah: And the only reason I think you're absolutely adorable is because you happen to have managed to get my brother to fall in love with you, and if he loves you, then I can claim you're absolutely adorable. And not everyone wants a good Dominic shag, thank you. I didn't come here for practice, I have a boyfriend who would have gladly helped me there. Of course, I wouldn't have told him why...

Pianist Dominic: *still laughing, and beaming at you for calling me adorable, I hop off the table and into the chair next to you, turning it so I can stradle the back of it and look eye-to-eye with you* Elijah loves you too, though differently..I'd hope *cheeky grin*, so does that mean I can call you adorable too? *I reach out again and pinch your cheek, because you seem to love it oh-so-much when I do that* I'm sure Craaa-aaaig *singing his name* would enjoy the practice, though. *grins*

Sister of Elijah: *I wrinkle my nose at you for a moment, moving away from your hand, resisting the temptation to act the cat, and batting at it.* You're... *I shake my head* How on earth does Elijah put up with you? Are you like this around him? Or is this because he's been gone all day? And you cannot call me adorable, because I am not adorable. And YOU cannot tell me what Craig would or would not like, in regards to me! *I stick my tongue out at you, immaturely*

Pianist Dominic: *moving quickly so you don't have time to pull any further away, I shift up a little and lean in to kiss the tip of your nose, grinning still when I sit down* Elijah loves me! There's no *mocking you* Putting up with me! *back to my normal voice* And I'm like this around everyone, you're not special because you're his sister, you're just an easier target. *chewing on my pinky nail* Though sometimes people tell me I get too bouncy if I don't get out enough...and I HAVE been home alone all day, unless you count the kitten...*laughing at my own rambling, my eyes light up and I bounce in my chair* Elijah probably won't be home for a while, you should take me out! *grins*

Sister of Elijah: Elijah may love you, but I'm not quite sure why, Mister Monaghan! You're overly obnoxious, especially when locked up in the house all day. You really should make an effort to get out more often, you know that? *I wrinkle my nose at you* Does this mean that if I leave the house, you're coming with me, Dominic? Because I'm not sure I could deal with an overly bouncy man... *I shake my head for a moment, before smirking* I would take you out, if you wanted me to. I'd take you to the Gypsy, and give you to my brother to deal with.

Pianist Dominic: *I narrow my eyes playfully at you, not really trying to look threatening* I can't believe you just called me obnoxious! You just wait until I tell Elijah on you...*huffs* And I'm not following you to the Gypsy, if you're going to go disturb Elijah's paperwork then I'll let you go get killed on your own. *grinning, I rub the back of my neck with a hand* Actually, I'm hungry, let me take the lady to dinner? *I ask, tilting my head to the side a bit*

Sister of Elijah: You're obnoxious, Dominic! You cannot deny it! *I stick my tongue out at you, before meeting your glare* And all right, I'll allow you to take me to dinner, only because I'm hungry as well. And I don't particularly want to get hurt by Elijah, so I'll allow him to finish his paperwork before speaking to him, it's not all that important what I wanted to talk to him about anyway.

Pianist Dominic: *I bounce a little on my spot, happy to have someone to go out with, and I reach out to grab your hand, leading you to the living room and pointing to the sofa* You, then, sit. I'm going to go change and I'll be right back! *I head up the stairs, yelling back over my shoulder* And I'm still telling Elijah you said I was obnoxious! *moving over to Elijah's closer, I have to smile as most of my stuff is all ready here, even though I'm still packing up my apartment for the 'official' move, and grin almost evilly as I spot one of my most favorite suits, that shiney teal thing Elijah hates. I throw it on and add a completely mis-matched tie, looping it around my neck without bothering to really tie it, and I stop to admire the tackyness that is me in the mirror before heading back down stairs and trying to look innocently at you* All set, then?

Sister of Elijah: *My eyes get big for a moment at your ensemble, and I remain silent, just running my eyes over your suit. I open my mouth for a moment, then I shut it quickly, as though I'm not sure of what to say. I finally just shake my head.* I always knew you were a little off, but if that's what you feel like wearing... then I'm going to be sitting at a different table, pretending I don't know you, okay? *I grin teasingly at you, and stand up.*

Pianist Dominic: *I run my fingers under the collar of the jacket, trying hard to not smirk at you* Well I could change if you'd prefer...I've got this wonderful gold and black pinstripe number I'm sure you'd love. *I wink at you and stick out my tongue, reaching for your hand again as I half drag you out the front door*
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