Harry Sinclair (sepiasinclair) wrote in lotr_1920,
Harry Sinclair

The answer to an advert.

Karl:*checks the piece of paper in my hand as walking down the street, checking for the right number, wondering if I should even bother or just go back to the French Quarter and find someone with a pocket of money and who's horny*

Harry:*wanders idly round the small room I call a studio, nothing but a sofa and a few props, I havent dared spend that much on his venture yet. Doubting anyone will bother to answer the advert I put up in the gypsy*

Karl: *runs up the flight of stairs rather quickly, eager to do this before my courage runs out - and my time - and knocks lightly on the door*

Harry:*answers it, not recognising the handsome man on the other side, almost subconsciously admiring the way the planes of his face would look in a picure if correctly framed and shadowed* Can I help?

Karl: Uhm, yea... *holds up a scrap of paper with your address and name on it* You put an ad up in the Gypsy?

Harry:*smiles widely* The models needed? Yes I did *steps back, inviting you in* Come in

Karl:*nods and steps in, shoving the scrap of paper into my pocket* It didn't really say what kind of models you need. *shrugs* But I'm up for everything, and anything. *grins*

Harry:*grins* Well, seeing as it's your first time here I don't think I'll make you do anything -to- scandalous. I don't believe you told me your name

Karl:*laughs softly* It would all depend upon your defination of scandalous. I've done some pretty sketchy stuff before, so it all doesn't really matter. *sticks out my hand* Karl Urban.

Harry:*takes it smiling, the name is familiar from many a whispered conversation in so called polite society, though I have to admit that their shy descriptions barely did you justice* Nice to meet you Karl, please, have a seat. *gestures towards the sofa*

Karl:*grins, sitting on the sofa, movements lithe, easy* Nice to meet you too, Harry. So, what exactly are ya looking for?

Harry:*smiles slightly, starting to arrange the camera* I never seem to know until i've started. *carefully lines up a shot of your face in semi profile, hair just brushing your cheekbone, shadow exentuating them beautifully*

Karl:*smiles wryly, waiting, not moving* Let me guess, stay perfectly still?

Harry:*laughs* That's right

Karl:*grins, brushing a piece of hair behind my ear only to have it fall right back where it was*

Harry:*holds my hand up* No, don't you dare try and change a thing, you're perfect as you are.

Karl: *raises an eyebrow, grinning, but relaxes against the couch for you to set up the camera and stuff*

Harry:*Finally getting the shot I wanted, changes the plate, glances up at you briefly, contemplating the next pose, before going back to handling the precious plates* Lie down please.

Karl:*grins and does so, wondering exactly how tame your work is*

Harry: Perfect *smiles faintly, ignoring the effect just your expression is having on me. It's no wonder you have such a reputation, your face and body alone tell of a nature that delights in pleasure*

Karl: So, how long have you been doing this? *waits for you to take the picture, figuring some conversation would be better than silence*

Harry: Hmm? Oh, I've loved photography for years *stands watching you, head cocked to one side, something is missing from your current pose. It needs something more* But this... *waves my hand vaguely indicaing the small studio* not very long.

Karl:Really? *looks around a bit* Looks cosy, settled. How long you been here? And where were you before? I haven't been outta New Orleans since I was born, so... *shrugs*

Harry:*laughs* If by cosy you mean cramped then I suppose you're right! I only bought here a month or so ago. I've always lived outside the city. My father owned a plantation, which I inheirated

Karl:Really? Hunh. What kind of plantation? Or is it that same type that's all over here? *grins*

Harry:*laughs* exactly the same. *unable to resist any longer, though fairly sure it'll seem like nothing embarrasing to you* Could you undo your shirt please

Karl:*grins, trying not to laugh* I was waiting for you say something like that. *sits up a bit and unbuttons the shirt rather quickly, fingers flying down them with practiced skill*

Harry:*smiles, slightly embarrassed* And here was I thinking my art was original. *smiles again, eyes raking over you* Perfect.

Karl:All art is original. *amused at the look in your eyes* But, well, let's say I've gotten used to the request.

Harry:*raises an eyebrow, smiling warmly* I can't say that I hadn't heard rumours.

Karl:*shrugs* Everybody talks. It's the way of the world. I'm certainly not going to complain. After all, I have enough money to suit my needs for the day to day stuff.

Harry:I know they do, no doubt there are plenty of things that are said about me. *glances at the window* Damn, oh for the power to control the weather, those clouds have ruined the light

Karl:*laughs softly* Who needs light? It's not everything, you know.

Harry:On some subjects no,*moves closer to the window, standing beside the sofa* but it did create some wonderful shadows *absently traces a hand over your cheekbone*

Karl:*leans into the touch* That's what sunsets usually are for.

Harry:*looks down at you, drawing my hand away uncomfortably* Well... *eyes widen slightly as I look at you in the changed light, realising you are right* take your shirt off, right off and.. no, don't lay down fully, stay.. *gabbling, trying to capture the moment as I move the camera closer and fumble changing the plate*

Karl:*grins, doing as you say, wondering if I should flaunt and preen or just sit still*

Harry:*laughs softly, delighted* Amazing, um, turn over *shifts the camera to a different angle, admiring the line and arch of your back as you turn to look at me*

Karl:*grins, surprised at how much I'm enjoying this, knowing that the performer in me is soaking this up happily* Anything else?

Harry:Yes. Take your pants off *my voice is steadier than expected, but it's easy enough to relax around you*

Karl:*shrugs and easily slips out of the pants, tossing them to the side of the couch, sitting back down, waiting to see what you'll do or say next*

Harry:*quietly, admiring your form* Thank you, lie back again. *laughs quietly, moving behind th camera* I've never worked with anyone as photogenic as you Karl, I don't think I'm going to be able to pay you as much as you deserve!

Karl:*keeps my mouth shut on one way you could pay me and do as you say* It's not that big a deal. Pay me what you want with what you can.

Harry:*smiles, framing another shot* I don't think even the King of England would be able to aford the value of these. *clears my throat, embarrassingly aware of the effect the sight of you naked has on me*

Karl:*laughs* No, I'm more than sure he could!

Harry:*glances up at you* You sell your beauty short Karl.

Karl:*snorts* Beauty? No, that would be sex appeal. Beauty hardly exists anymore, and I am definately not beautiful.

Harry:*raises an eyebrow* And how is sex appeal separated from beauty? Surely the two are linked?

Karl:*shakes head* Sex appeal is what makes you want to have sex with someone. Be it they have a nice ass, they know what to do in bed, or simply because of money.
Beauty is...non-existant now. *small smile* Either that or New Orleans has finally gotten to me.

Harry:Maybe you're right about sex appeal, they probably are different things. But beauty still exists to me, no matter what you might say! *smiles at you, letting you know that I'm not taking this particularly seriously, just enjoying having you here* You're probably right about that as well, city boy.

Karl:*laughs softly* Oh, I am a city boy. Spent my whole life here. Probably why I am what I am.

Harry:*sighs* as much as i love the city I must admit i like having the best of both worlds. You should try and get out of town sometime

Karl:Mm...and go where? I do have an apartment to try and save. True it's shit, but it's better than the streets.

Harry:*smiles sadly* I'd imagine so *turns back to the camera, realising with a shock that I've used up all the plates I had* That's it. *smiles* You're free to go.

Karl:*shrugs and smiles slightly* So, do you want me to come back? *grabbing pants and shirt, dressing quickly, annoyed as my hair falls into my eyes* Unless you have all
you want already

Harry:No, you can come back as often as you want *reaches into my pocket, pulling out some notes and handing you a couple* Is $25 alright?

Karl:*nods* Yeah, that's good. *looks out the window at the falling night* So, any time's good? Or do you want me to come earlier?

Harry:Yeah, anytime's fine. The sunset suits you prety damn well. *unconsciously brushing the hair out o your eyes*

Karl:*grins* Why, thank you. Probably true about a lot of people, and probably why business is always good around then!

Harry:*laughs* No doubt. Goodbye Karl.

Karl:*gives you a kiss on the cheek* You ever need any company, there's a lot of us down by the French Quarter. Many to chose from. *smiles warmly* See ya 'round then. *nods to you before vanishing out the door*

Karl:*luring an older, welathy man into an alley way, not exactly in the mood to deal with his kind, but having already being paid has no choice*

Harry:*wandering idly along the street, knowing deep down that Karl's parting comment is the only reason my evening walk brought me here. Spotting him from a distance, but realising that he is.... busy I turn back, looking for the bar I saw a few steps back*

Karl:*when the guy's gone I rolls my eyes and head down to a bar not too far away, ready to pick up the next yuppie with the right price*

Harry:*noticing Karl walk in I smile over at him slightly. He looks tired, maybe I shouldnt be here*

Karl:*stalks over to the barkeep and orders a strong drink, eyes scanning the crowd, looking for someone who would be easy to pick up, eyes falling on Harry, smiling slightly as I weave my way over to him* Hello there. Looking for something?

Harry:*smiles, taking a chair from another table* Not especially, just seeing what he night will bring.

Karl:Really? Well, the night won't be much here. Just a bunch of hookers and sluts.

Harry:*shakes head taking a sip of my drink*You have such a low opinion of everything, including yourself

Karl:*grins* So I'm cynical and bitter! I normally am. What else can I be? *gives you a charming smile*

Harry:*shrugs, fully aware of the purpose of that beguiling smile* Show a little courage, don't let your situation defeat you, be what you are not what your life makes you into.

Karl:*amused* I am who I am. I chose this life, and I'm more than happy to live it. Sure, there's some bad points of the life, but it pays fine!

Harry:*smiles* See, you're not a -complete- cynic.

Karl:Nope! *laughs* Only a complete cynic when it's a bad night!

Harry:*smiles* So it has been then? a good night I mean.

Karl: *shrugs, still in a bouncy loving mood* Too early to really know, but I'd say it'll be a lovely night. *smiles charmingly* Come to make it a better night?

Harry:*matches your smile wih one of my own* Well, the thought had crossed my mind

Karl:*moving into full flirting mode* Really? How much better would you make my night?

Harry:Hmm * trails a finger along your rather captivating cheekbone, feigning thought* That depends on how much it needs improving.

Karl:*leans into the touch, almost purring* Depends upon how much you want to improv it.

Harry:*continues tracing my finger down your cheek, along your lips, loving your obvious enjoyment of my carresses* I'd like to make it a lot better actually, I haven't stopped thinking about you all day.

Karl:*small smile, eyes closed* Really? Is that a good thing?

Harry:*smiles leaning in slightly* I'd call it frustrating actually

Karl:*pouts prettily* So I'm an unwanted distracton?

Harry:*laughs* Definitely not unwanted. *glances around quickly, fairly sure that no on here will be carrying any tales to members of "respectable" society and presseing my
lips briefly to yours* It's frustrating to have something in your mind all day and not be ble to do anything about it

Karl:*grins, licking my lips* *teasingly* So you want to do something to...-ease- your frustration with me?

Harry:*smiles wickedly* Maybe. But aren't I supposed to be improving -your- night hmm?

Karl:Oh, but you'll make it better by letting me help you! *loves this so-called game* I'm all about helping people. *grins*

Harry:And far be it from me to keep you from your philanthropic duties *smiles, gaze drifitnig over you more hungrily*

Karl:*watches you, smile bordering between hunger and amusement* What do you want me to do, Harry? *practically purrs your name, eyes dancing*

Harry:*grins* I've got too many ideas to list. But I think we'd better start with finding another venue.

Karl:Another venue? *tilts my head to the side, grinning* Where would you like to go?

Harry:I really don't mind. *stands up* Surely you know it's not the location that matters but the company

Karl:*slowly* Sometimes the location is better than the company. *flashes you a quick smile* But tonight the company is more than perfect

Harry:*smiles* Thank you. *holds out my hand, grins wickedly* Care to join me?

Karl:*takes your hand, smiling wickedly* Oh, but I'd much rather have you join -me.-

Harry:*laughs* Lead on then

Karl:Where would you care to go? *blandly, leading you outside* Your place? A cozy little hotel I know, or somewhere else?

Harry:Hmm, my studio? How comfortable is that couch? *smiles at you*

Karl:*shrugs, smiling* Does comfort really matter much?

Harry:*sighs, exasperated*Well if you'd prefer a wall......

Karl:*laughs* Do you want me up against a wall?

Harry:*groans* Do you have any opinions at all?!

Karl:*strokes your cheek* People don't pay for someone to tell them what they want.

Harry:*cups your face with one hand* I would. Tell me

Karl:*leans into the touch, eyes closed* The studio would be fine

Harry: *takes your hand, lacing your fingers with mine* Then the studio it is.

Karl: After you, love *smiles gently, rubbing my thumb over one of your fingers*

Harry: *leads the way, grateful that the streets are for once fairly quiet and that no-one in this area is really aware of who i am*

Karl: *fairly uncertain of how to act, knowing that this isn't going to be some normal fuck*

Harry: *shutting the door behind me, suddemly unsure of how to behave, not really knowing how this will play out, even though in some ways I instigated it*

Karl: *rubs my hands together, saying teasingly* So, any kinks I should know about?

Harry: *colours slightly, but doesn't avert my gaze from yours* Not that anyone's discovered so far

Karl: *slight smile* Was trying to get you to laugh. Too much tension is a bad thing, and its so thick at the moment that I could cut it was a knife.

Harry: *embarrassed smile* Really that obvious am I?

Karl: *laughs* Nah. It's always like this, usually. Ever picked someone up before?

Harry: *small smile* Once or twice, only ever women though and this well.. *steps fractionally closer to you* feels a bit different.

Karl: *softly* So I would imagine. Ever been with a man?

Harry: *simply* yes, so I suppose thats that obstacle out the way *eyes dark, watching you, unable to stop my almost staring* exactly as i was this afternoon

Karl: *playing with your fingers, smiling in amusement* So, then, master photographer, where do you want me?

Harry: *smiles, genuine and unafraid this time* *takes a deep breath, steeling myself* Right over here should be just fine. *walks forward, forcing you back towards the couch*

Karl: *lets myself be forced down onto the couch, pretending to be a limp rag doll, letting you control me*

Harry: *tries to ignore the slight twinge of guilt that goes through me at your lack of participation, doesn't feel right to be pushing you around* *leans over to kiss you deeply*

Karl: *kisses you back, enjoying the taste and feel of your mouth against mine, my hand tangling itself in your hair*

Harry: *moans faintly in pleasure, head moving faintly against your hand, surprised that you worked one of my weak spots out so quickly*

Karl: *picks up on the moan and runs my hands through your hair, opening my mouth slightly to probe at your lips*

Harry: *parting my lips eagerly, tongue sliding out to run along yours*

Karl: *moans softly, twining my tongue around yours, waiting to see what you'll do next*

Harry: *breaks off the kiss slowly, breathing more than a little unsteady. Slides a hand down your chest to slowly start undoing your shirt*

Karl: *mirrors your actions, watching your eyes every now and then, watching for the slightest hint of displeasure*

Harry: *lowers my head to kiss each patch of skin as it is revealed*

Karl: *stiffles a groan of pleasure, eyes closing, one hand going back to running hrough your hair*

Harry: *laughs softly, flicking my tongue over one of your nipples, rubbing my head against your hands* God....

Karl: *chuckles, trying to think past the pleasure of your tongue on my chest* Like that, eh?

Harry: Mmm, always amazes me how much that simple touch affects me *moves across your chest, to taste your other nipple, planting kisses as i go*

Karl: *moans sofly* You're...very good at this...

Harry: *smiles faintly, grazing my teeth against your skin* Thank you *breath catching as your hands move* not so bad yourself...

Karl: *gives a strangled laugh* Thank you, kind sir... *gives a small whimper as you pull your mouth away*

Harry: *moves back to continue sampling your skin, loving the feel of you under my tongue, hand moving down to work you lightly through your trousers*

Karl: *arches under the twin assault, moaning and gasping with pleasure* Gods...!

Harry: *shifts against you as you move, moaning faintly as I suck,kiss,bite at your chest*

Karl: *tugs at your half undone shirt, wanting clothes gone and wanting flesh*

Harry: *smiles down at you, shrugging my shirt off at your urging*

Karl: Foreplay is fun, but I can think of something that's even more fun

Harry: *starts undoing my trousers* So can I.

Karl: *licks my lips, sitting up to help* You do know how to treat a lad well, love. *grins* Shall we see what else you can do?

Harry: *finally pulls them off and drops them on the floor. Makes a start on yours* I think we'll be enjoing each others skills tonight.

Karl: Oh, I certainly hope so. *lifts my hips, helping you slip my trousers off*

Harry: *drops your trousers next to mine, eyes and hands running appreciatively down your body*

Karl: *stretches under your hands, unashamed of being naked* What now, love?

Harry: Now.... *slow smile, grinding down against you* I'm going to take you. *capturing your lips for another fierce kiss*

Karl: *moans into the kiss, hands roving over your body, pressing my hips up into yours, knowing full well what actions will and won't make a difference*

Harry: *stops kissing you long enough to slide 2 fingers into my mouth to dampen them enough before sliding them inside you*

Karl: *wiggles slightly, never having gotten over the feeling of fingers inside me, grinning and begins to kiss you again, body well relaxed to your touch*

Harry: *kisses you back, nipping lightly at your lips, stroking you deftly from the inside*

Karl: *shivers in pleasure, moaning into the kiss, licking the places where you nip*

Harry: *pulls my hand away, more than ready to feel you around me, aching with need* Ready karl?

Karl: *licks my lips, eyes hot, body aching* More than

Harry: Good... *moves forward steadily, sliding myself fully inside you. *Groans* more than good

Karl: *gives voice to a long, low moan of pleasure, eyes closed in delight, gasping* Oh gods...

Harry: *moving inside you as smoothly as i can, groaning inarticulately*

Karl: *spreads my legs wide apart, one hand on your back and the other on your hip, encouraging you to move faster, deeper, harder*

Harry: *follows your signals, moving into you harder than I ever have with anyone before, fairly sure that I won't break you*

Karl: *cries out, eyes closed tightly as I gasp in pleasure and pain, enjoying this so much* Oh gods...harder, oh, harder, please...!

Harry: *grunts faintly* As.. you.. wish.. *driving up into you, running my lips down your neck, tasting the salt of your skin*

Karl: *wraps my legs around your waist, baring my neck to you, nails digging into your back as you slam into me* More...oh -gods-!

Harry: *biting down lightly, beyond addicted to the taste of your skin, curling one hand around your erection, trying to keep moving without breaking the dizzying rythm of our movements*

Karl: *groans, veins feeling like they're filled with liquid fire, knowing that I'm almost there yet wanting to fall with you*

Harry: *angling up inside you, body warming to fever pitch, certain I won't last much longer, moans* Karl...

Karl: *cries out, muscles clenching down on you, coming harder than I have in a while* Harry!

Harry: *body flooded with pleasure as I come hard, blindly seeking your lips for a kiss*

Karl: *kisses you back with fervor, muscles milking you, enjoying the warmth of you inside me*

Harry: *breaks the kiss, breathing heavily. Brushes the hair out of your eyes, smiling own at you* Are you alright? Wasn't really thinking about not hurting you, sorry.

Karl: *small, satisfied smile* I'm fine, thank you. *looks like the cat who got the cream* I'm surprised, actually, why you don't have the men and women banging down your door if you're like this everytime.

Harry: *grins* Flattery will get you everywhere. And who says I don't? *winks*

Karl: *laughs* Then why would you be picking me up?

Harry: *feigns thought* hmm, why indeed? *smiles* Because you completely captivated me this afternoon.

Karl: Oh, really? *kisses you* I'm flattered. Who would have thought that li'l ole me would have landed me with the hottest sex I've had in a long time?

Harry: *grins* and now you flatter me. *shifts slightly, to comfortable to even be bothered moving off you*

Karl: *enjoys the feeling of you against me* I'm not giving false flattery, believe me. You wouldn't believe some of the nights I've had. *rolls eyes* Absolutely pathetic.

Harry: Well then... *kisses you gently* Thank you.

Karl: *kisses you back* Other way round, mate. I should be saying thank you. *teasing*

Harry: *laughs* I think we're probably even.

Karl: Being even is good. It's lovely, really. No displeasure or anything in that vein. *rambling for some reason*

Harry: *confused* You dont have to agree with me you, stop panicking.

Karl: *blinks* I'm not panicking

Harry: *smiles* you were rambling. *reluctantly pulling away from you* I um, suppose I'd better let you go.

Karl: *nods slowly* Yea, I guess you should. The night's still young.

Harry: *stands up, for some reason embarrassed of looking you in the eye* so.... um..

Karl: *sighs, barely smoothering the urge to roll my eyes* If you want me to come back, for sex or for pictures, whatever, really, you know where to find me. *silently adds, "typical response" and makes a grab at my trousers*

Harry: *sighs* I'm sorry Karl, I didn't mean to offend you, I just... I'm not very good at this am I? *small smile*

Karl: *blandly* Not particularly.

Harry: *runs a hand through my hair, agitated* You think I'm ashamed, don't you? well, I'm not... I... *sighs*

Karl: *restrains from rolling my eyes again* Harry, relax. I get that kind of reaction a lot. No matter how much fun it is, most people flip out about using a whore, unless they're someone who does it almost all the time. There's two reactions I get, the one you just gave, one that someone who doesn't go to whore gives. And then there's the frequent vistor, who'll give you the money and kick you out of bed.

Harry: *sighs, I can practically hear your barriers clanging back into place* Fine. *takes a deep breath* How much do I owe you then

Karl: *shakes head* 's on the house.

Harry: *frowns, confused* Why?

Karl: *grabbing my clothes and putting them back on* You already paid me once today. Consider it a thank you for actually being kind. *wry smile*

Harry: If that's what you want. Though as I've already said, I'm a little unsure who should be thanking who. *smiles at you, reaching for my shirt*

Karl: *shrugs* As you said, we're even. *pulls my shirt over my head and finishes dressing*

Harry: *frowns as iIrealise what i just agreed with* You don't have to pay me with sex as a thank you, why not just treat me like everyone else.

Karl: *cocks an eyebrow* That is how I treat everyone else because that's the way they treat me. I'm a whore, Harry. I know how the world works, same as anyone else.

Harry: *shrugs, I can't argue with that. And it makes me sadder than I really have reason to be that you think of yourself like that* I suppose I'll see you around then Karl. *pulls my trousers on*

Karl: *nods* If you want me, you know where to find me. *gives you a small, weak smile before leaving the flat*

Harry: *gets up to shut the door, before siting back down on the couch, utterly confused*

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