Craig Parker (craigoflorien) wrote in lotr_1920,
Craig Parker

CraigofLorien: *After leaving the doctor's office, I give a rather loud sigh of relief, and take off down the street at a rather fast pace to reach your apartment. Upon arrival, I run to your door, knocking on it*

Sister of Elijah: *I look over at the door, and set the paint things down, not wanting to not answer the door in case the person knocking might be someone I want to see. I open the door, and grin.* Craig! *I hug you, and lead you into the apartment*

CraigofLorien: *I smile, returning your hug and following you into your apartment* Hello, Hannah. I hope I didn't interrupt anything.

Sister of Elijah: Oh, no! I'd rather see you. Just as long as you don't mention how messy I've allowed myself to get. *I glance down at the paint on my clothes and wrinkle my nose for a moment, before looking back up at you*

CraigofLorien: *I laugh in reply, smiling* Well, I've just come back from the doctor, and like I said, you were going to be the first to know...

Sister of Elijah: Oh, that's right! Today's Friday. What did the doctor say?

CraigofLorien: *I sigh, rubbing my forehead for a second* Well, he thinks they're migraines. Since I've been getting the blurred vision too, that made him more sure of it. He gave me some stuff to help, but if they get worse, I have to go back.

Sister of Elijah: *I nod, and lean in to kiss you softly* I hope the stuff he gave you helps...

CraigofLorien: *I smile, returning your kiss* Me too. I don't know how much more of them I can take.

Sister of Elijah: *I hug you tightly* I don't want my Craig not to feel all right...

CraigofLorien: *I put my arms around you, holding you against me, smiling at your concern* Well, I feel much better knowing that what I have can be treated, and you're in my arms, so I'm much better.

Sister of Elijah: *I look up at you, kissing your neck softly* I love you. *As though suddenly remembering something, I step back, run my eyes over your clothes, nod, and wrap my arms around you again* Just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting anything on you.

CraigofLorien: *I smile softly at you, kissing you gently* I love you, too.

Sister of Elijah: *I close my eyes, resting my head on your chest* How's your head now, love?

CraigofLorien: It's fine at the moment. *I smile and nod*

Sister of Elijah: *I nod, and smile.* Just wanted to make sure, you know? Didn't want to make it any worse. *I keep my arms around you, and kiss you softly*

CraigofLorien: *I smile at you, nodding at your words as I return your kiss and speak softly* Well, I appreciate your concern, my Hannah.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile, and snuggle up to you. I look at you for a moment, and smile* I love you... and I'm sorry about last night, about my brother. He's convinced everyone's out to get me, or something.

CraigofLorien: I love you, too. *I then laugh softly* It's alright, I understand. *I kiss you* At least we've met.

Sister of Elijah: *I nod* That's true. And he'll get over it, I promise. *I return your kiss* I like how you smell, still...

CraigofLorien: *I smile* Well, that's good. *I bring my arms more around you, holding you a little closer to me as I bring my face to your neck, kissing it softly* You smell nice too...and with a touch of paint...

Sister of Elijah: *I giggle softly, tilting my head slightly to give your lips more room* You're just lucky I didn't wake up with the plan of painting, or else you wouldn't have gotten a clean-Hannah smell, with a touch of paint.

CraigofLorien: *I smile as I kiss your neck for a moment longer, before pulling away and kissing your lips* I'm lucky enough as it is.

Sister of Elijah: *I return your kiss, and smile up at you* You're so sweet, Craig. I don't know why you don't show your real self to people more often, but I'm glad I get to see it.

CraigofLorien: *I look down into your eyes, smiling as I kiss you again softly* Most people aren't willing to see it, I suppose. I'm glad you see it though.

Sister of Elijah: *I return your kiss, and I smile up at you* So am I. And I'm glad someone like you is willing to love me... * I lean up and kiss you once more*

CraigofLorien: *I kiss you back, letting in linger for a while, before pulling away* I'm glad we found each other.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile at you, and nod* So am I, Craig. I think I'd turn insane, without you, my dear. *I kiss your cheek.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile* And the loneliness would have done the same to me, without you.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile up at you* Well I'm glad we're both going to end up at least halfway sane. *I kiss you once more* Want to see what I'm working on that I think is almost done that I'm not exactly happy with?

CraigofLorien: *I laugh softly, returning your kiss* Indeed... *I nod at your question* Sure, I'd love to see it.

Sister of Elijah: *I take your hand, and lead you over to the painting I had been working on before you arrived. I've been somewhat shy about showing people things I've done, especially when I don't think they're completely done, but I had the urge to show you*

CraigofLorien: *I smile as you lead me over to your painting, eager to see what you've drawn, pleased that you're willing to show me*

Sister of Elijah: *I stop in front of the painting. It's almost completely finished, there just needs to be a few more details added* It's close to being finished, it's just not quite there...

CraigofLorien: *I smile at it, impressed at what you've completed of it. I give your hand a squeeze* That's really good.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile at you, and kiss your cheek softly* Thank you, my Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I smile and kiss you* You're very welcome, dear Hannah. You have great talent.

Sister of Elijah: *I blush lightly, and hug you.* Thank you for not telling me it was absolutely horrible and that I was wasting my time.

CraigofLorien: *I smile at your blush, returning your hug and putting my arms around you to hold you* You're welcome, my dear, very welcome.

Sister of Elijah: *I lean up and kiss you softly, and I look up at you* I love you.

CraigofLorien: *I nod, smiling as I return your kiss* I love you, too. *I close my eyes and kiss you again, letting it linger* I'll always love you.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile at you, and I rest my head on your chest, sighing softly* I'll always love you... my Craig.
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