Sean Bean (beanboromir) wrote in lotr_1920,
Sean Bean

Pianist Dominic: *Elijah had to help Hannah with some new furniture she couldn't move herself, and said to not expect him home until late, so instead of pouting alone in Elijah's bed -- I've chosen to pout alone at a local bar. I down my fourth shot of tequila and glance around the bar counter while I suck a lemon slice*

BeanBoromir: *I've just started my third beer as I look down the other stools at the bar. I catch the eyes of a handsome young man and raise a fine eyebrow at him, not looking away until he does*

Pianist Dominic: *I smile brightly at you when I notice you looking at me, and pinken slightly when I realize you're not looking away. I lower my eyes back to my empty shot glass and wave at the bartender for another*

BeanBoromir: *With a slight smirk I slide off my stool and make my way over to the young man, adjusting myself atop the stool next to him and finishing off my beer. I set the empty bottle down and when the bartender comes over again I nod at the glass he's just filled for the man next to me* I'll have one of what he's having.

Pianist Dominic: *I keep my eyes down when you sit, though I can feel you close to me, and when you order the same I'm drinking I finally raise my eyes to meet yours, smiling a little shyly from the alcohol already in my system*

BeanBoromir: *From the shy smile, I can't tell if he's a whore or just a lad who needed some alcohol; either way he seems like easy enough sport for tonight. I decide to take my chances, after all he is fairly attractive, and slide my hand down his back while holding up the shot glass the bartender has given me* So, what exactly is this?

Pianist Dominic: *I shiver when your hand travels down my back, but I keep my eyes on your face, studying the little laugh lines around your eyes and trying not to let my cheeks flush too much* Its, er, tequila. *I reach for a shaker of salt and shift to take your hand off my back, holding it and pouring some of the salt on the back of your hand* You...lick off the salt, and take the liquid, a-and there's lemons too. *I give a small nervous nod, fidgeting a little on my seat*

BeanBoromir: *His display brings a chuckle from my throat, and I take the salt, the tequila, and slide my tongue over one side of a lemon slice, smiling over at the man* Yes, I know how to take tequila, I was only uncertain that's what this is. *I give the bartender a wave, and he refills our glasses. I extend a hand to the man next to me and smile as my eyes travel down his body* Sean. Nice to meet you.

Pianist Dominic: *I shiver again under your gaze, trying not to let the alcohol already in my system affect the way I'm looking at you -- the little voice in my head saying Elijah's name over and over -- and despite my best efforts I can feel my cheeks turning red* Sorry, I didn't know if you knew what it was or how to drink it. *A slight tingle passes through me at the contact from your hand, and I can't help but lean in toward you a little* Dom, Dominic, is me.

BeanBoromir: *I reach for the salt and pour some on the back of my hand, keeping my eyes on Dominic while I lick it off, making the motion seductive. I trail my tongue over the rim of the shot glass and down the liquid, bringing a slice of lemon to my lips with my eyes locked on Dominic's* Are you from around here...Dominic? *I let Dom's name linger on my lips, saying it slowly and leaning toward him*

Pianist Dominic: *I shiver again from watching your tongue, the five or six shots I've already had in the past hour are starting to go to my head, drowning out that voice in my head reminding me that there's Elijah to go home to, and I don't even hear your question -- only my name rolling off your lips. I take another shot and run my tongue over the lemon slice I've got before sucking it between my teeth* Mmmhm.

BeanBoromir: *I grin at Dominic while reaching for the salt shaker, holding it up to him and turning to face him* I hear, one's own taste can add to the fun. *I pour some of the salt onto the back of my hand and raise it to him, holding out a refilled glass with it* You game?

Pianist Dominic: *I match your smile and take your hand in both of mine, trailing the tip of my tongue over the salt on your hand while looking up at you. I down the shot and hold out my hand for you to do the same* I'm...mmmhm, yes.

BeanBoromir: *Leaning in toward Dom, I hook a finger into his tie and loosen it, sliding the knot to his chest. I unhook the first few buttons of his shirt, keeping my eyes on his for sign of protest, and I slide his shirt off his shoulder. I take the hand he offered and lower it to my leg, reaching out for the salt and pouring some onto the curve of his neck* How's this? *Whispered against his ear as I lean in to lick the salt slowly off his skin. I move my tongue up to the shell of his ear before pulling back to down the next shot*

Pianist Dominic: *I try to hold back a whimper, but fail, and my hand slides up your leg of its own accord as your tongue moves up my neck. I try to respond to your question, but only another whimpermoan comes out in its place. To fight my nerves, I take another shot without worrying about the salt or lemon, and turn back to you again, moving my fingers in small circles against your inner thigh*

BeanBoromir: *With a slight smirk at Dominic's way of replying, I move my lips again to the shell of his ear, breathing against him while speaking* Would you like to, perhaps, take this somewhere more...comfortable? *I slide my tongue over the shell of his ear*

Pianist Dominic: *I can't help another whimper, and I try to get up, but end up sliding forward and practically fall into your lap. I brace my hands on your chest and look up at you, realizing how close my face is to yours. Without bothering to back up, I nod at you* Yeah...yeah, comfortable is, mmm, good.

BeanBoromir: *I look up at Dominic in my lap and lean against his hands on my chest. I pull some cash from my wallet and toss it lazily at the bartender, and stand up against Dominic, pressing myself against him. With a pause, I lean over the bar counter and ask the bartender for two more bottles of beer and hand one to Dominic* For the road. *I take his free hand and lead him toward the alley exit*

Pianist Dominic: *I take the beer and open it immediately, sipping from it despite the numerous shots I had just taken in the last hour or so, and despite the horrible spinning in my head* Thanks...*I run my tongue over the neck of the bottle and try not to trip when you lead me to the exit, my eyes dropping to your arse as you walk in front of me*

BeanBoromir: *I push the alley door open and glance down it, making sure there's no one around. With Dominic in the alley behind me, I shut the door and stand against him, pushing his back against the brick wall of the bar. I take a drink from my bottle and subtly press my hips against his, looking into his eyes and licking my lips*

Pianist Dominic: *I whimper again at you and arch my hips forward to meet yours, my eyes watching your tongue over your lips as I take another sip from my beer*

BeanBoromir: *I see his eyes on my lips and lean forward. I press my lips against his and roll my hips upward against his, my growing hardness pressing against Dominic’s*

Pianist Dominic: Fuck...*I breathe against your lips when you grind your hips against mine, and I shift into the contact, letting my free hand travel down your chest to rest on your stomach. Forgetting myself and ignoring the fact that I'm standing in a dark alley with someone I just met's erection pressed against my own, I lean in to the kiss and part my lips for you, sliding my tongue along yours*

BeanBoromir: *The alcohol I had already consumed mixed with the shots I took with Dominic has heightened my senses, and I know I'm not going to be able to take much from him. The fingers from my free hand find Dom's waistband and I unhook the buttons there, slipping my hand inside the material. I stroke Dom a few times with my hand while kissing him roughly*

Pianist Dominic: *moaning softly at you, I arch my back into your touches, running my own free hand down to find the buttons on your trousers. I reach into your under things and wrap my fingers around your length, stroking you fast and pulling away from our kiss only long enough to breathe and take a quick drink from the bottle I'm holding before finding your lips again with mine*

BeanBoromir: *I hand my bottle to Dominic, freeing both my hands so I may pull his pants and underwear down to his knees, hoping the alley is dark enough for him to not protest. I continue stroking his flesh with one hand while the other slides its way to his opening, and I push a finger into him suddenly*

Pianist Dominic: *Another soft whimpermoan escapes me as your finger enters me unlubricated, and I bite my bottom lip, my body relaxing around you as I shift against you, pushing myself down on your finger while trying to arch into your hand at the same time. I swirl my thumb over the head of your cock, and lead your tongue into my mouth, sucking suggestively on it*

BeanBoromir: *I groan at Dominic's movements, and reach down for one of his legs, lifting his knee. I take a half step closer to him and press my length at his opening, removing my finger from him. I stroke him quickly a few times and bend my hips forward, entering him quickly without warning*

Pianist Dominic: *I shiver noticeably when your cock hits my opening, but I don't think twice on it until you've pushed into me. I gasp loudly and buck my hips onto you, surprising myself by rather enjoying the pain from your quick entrance. I kiss you again, deeply and entirely passionately, trying to brace myself against the wall behind me and roll my hips against your cock at the same time*

BeanBoromir: *Dominic's reactions to my swift entrance and the tightness of him against my flesh make me wheeze while I slide into and out of him, taking him in deep, long, quick thrusts. I move my hand up and down on Dom's flesh, stroking him as fast as I pump against his hips*

Pianist Dominic: *I gaspwhimper against your lips between deep passionate kisses, moving my hips against you and shuddering each time your cock hits that spot inside me. I lift one of our bottles -- I'm not entirely sure if its yours or mine -- to my lips and take a long drink, then lift the bottle to your own lips while I tilt my head back against the brick wall, biting my bottom lip to keep myself from crying out as you continue to move against me*

BeanBoromir: *I keep my pace against Dominic's hips, and take a drink from the bottle offered to me. I can feel my peak nearing, and my pace little by little begins to lose its even rhythm against Dominic, but I stroke him as fast as I am able to. I want to feel his release around me*

Pianist Dominic: *In my drunken state I'm a little less able to hold off than usual, and your cock keeps hitting my prostate, bringing me closer to my release. I kiss you again, mainly to keep my mouth busy so I don't moan too loudly into the dark alleyway, and with another shudder I release against you, the sensation combined with the alcohol already making my head spin almost enough to make me pass out, and I wrap my arms around your shoulders to steady myself*

BeanBoromir: *I suck in air quickly as Dominic's muscles tighten around me, the added pressure bringing forth my own peak. I lean forward and sink my teeth into Dom's shoulder to muffle my moaning, my teeth not hard enough to pierce the flesh, but still hard enough to leave a mark. Once we've both come down enough I pull back from Dominic, reach out for one of the bottles and take a drink, and smirk at the man still against the wall*

Pianist Dominic: *I can't help but gasp when you bite me, and although something tells me having a mark is bad, I moan against the pain anyway. Its all I can do to not fall forward when you're not pinning me to the wall anymore, and I follow your actions, taking a long drink from the other bottle before reaching down to pull up my trousers and under things. I return your smile and glance down the alleyway to make sure there's no one there -- but in my muchly drunken state I can't really see more than a few feet in front of me. I clear my throat and look at you* Um, I, er, thanks. *I say a little breathlessly, taking a shaky step forward to kiss you*

BeanBoromir: *I keep my eyes on Dominic when he moves to dress then glances down the alley, and I reach for the fastenings on my pants as well. When he steps forward for me I take a step back, having had my fun I'm more than done with him. I straighten myself out and lift my bottle to him, nodding curtly; his head has obviously not cleared as much as mine has. Poor lad probably had too much to drink, not that I bother myself with caring.* Yes. And thank you as well. I trust you shall find your own way home, then. Good night, Dominic. *I smile at him and turn to walk home*

Pianist Dominic: *I blink at you when you step back, not really having expected to be rejected after we just -- but the alcohol swimming in my head doesn't let me even remember that you've stepped back for long, and I try to smile at you, matching your nod. I follow you down the alley with my eyes before realizing its dark enough to be the middle of the night and, clutching my beer, I begin the walk home -- Elijah's home*
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