Elijah Wood (elijah_baggins) wrote in lotr_1920,
Elijah Wood

Pianist Dominic: *After taking almost half an hour to find my way home, I use the spare key Elijah had left with me last week while he helped Hannah move in to let myself in. I only half-stumble up the stairs to Elijah's bedroom, fumbling with the doorknob with the hand that isn't wrapped around the neck of a half-full bottle of beer, and finally manage to get it open. You're laying in bed sleeping, and smiling stupidly to myself, I trip-walk over to the bed and crawl on top of you, hugging you to me as best I can with you laying down, forgetting the bottle I'm holding as it spills next to one of your arms*

Wood Lij: *As you crawl clumsily into bed, I slowly wake up, my mind taking a moment to focus on the fact that you're in bed with me, and taking another moment to focus on the fact that you're reeking of alcohol. And as I feel a warm liquid spilling over my arm, two things comes to mind. And my arm isn't anywhere near where THAT could be happening... oh, good, you brought some beer to bed.* Dom, baby... can I put your beer on the nightstand?

Pianist Dominic: *I whine down at you, sitting up on you and drinking the last of the beer that didn't spill* Yeah, here you go thanks. *I shift a little, trying to get comfortable, though sitting hurts* You're full of such good ideas Elijah! *I grin widely at you and lean down to kiss your forehead, the mixed smells of alcohol, a bar, sex, and probably that Sean fellow wafting off of me. I look down into your eyes and blink rapidly a few times* Wow...you have pretty eyes...

Wood Lij: *I take the bottle from you, and set it on the nightstand, before looking back over at you. I shift my eyes over you, at how you're attempting to sit. I groan softly, closing my eyes* Dominic... what did you do?

Pianist Dominic: *I wrinkle my forehead together and look at you, supporting myself on my arms on either side of you* I went to...have a drink, because yoooouuuuuuu were with Hann-Ha-Hannah! again. *I nod a little too fast, then groan as the room starts to spin* And people are so nice. Especially at bars, did you know people are nice?

Wood Lij: *I place my hands on either side of your head, to get you to stop nodding. I stand up, going into the bathroom. I find two aspirin, and a glass of water, handing it to you, deciding I better give this to you now, not sure I'll want to make you feel any better if you keep going at the rate you are.* Take these. You'll be dead in the morning if you don't. And yes, people are nice in bars. You went to a bar... and found a nice person...

Pianist Dominic: Oh thank you Elijah! *I take the pills you hand me and just look at them for a moment* Oh you're so good to me mybabyyes, so good. *I smile and take the aspirin, drinking all the water and holding the empty glass out for you -- but my hand stops and I pull the glass back, holding it against my chest and clinging to it* Oh! Oh Elijah! *my voice lowers* Oh, 'Lij...you're so good to me...*I reach out one hand, still clinging to the empty glass, and run my fingers over your face* I went to a bar. *stupid smile* And found a nice person! I don't remember his name...oh but he was nice, Elijah, you would have liked him!

Wood Lij: And... *I bite my lip for a moment, looking down at you, not able to look into your eyes right away* That person, is he the reason why you aren't able to sit properly? Oh, Dominic, you didn't... *I take a step back from you, pulling away from any contact, looking at you* Tell me?

Pianist Dominic: *I scrunch up my face when you pull away, trying to reach out for you, and just stopping myself from falling forward onto the floor* I can sit fine, 'Lighe! *I shift a little to sit, but wince as I realize that isn't really too good of an idea, and instead kneel on the bed* Okaymaybenotbut...*I pause for a second, trying not to slur my words* I didn't? What didn't I do Lighe, and why did you go away? *I try to get up, again almost falling on my face, but I manage and stand in front of you, tilting my head and looking questioningly at the expression I can't really read in your eyes* What di'nt I do 'ighe?

Wood Lij: Never mind that for a moment. Just tell me about that nice man you met, the one you don't remember his name. *I close my eyes briefly, hoping that this is all in my imagination, and I look back up at you* What was it that made you like him so much? What did the two of you do?

Pianist Dominic: *I reach our and put a hand on your chest, holding out the empty glass with my other, offering it to you.* I liked him because he was preeeeeeetty. I like pretty boys, like I like you, because you're pretty! *I giggle softly and close my eyes for a moment, my head beginning to throb* We talked, and drank, and we didn't talk a lot, but he licked my neck and asked if I wanted to leave and we left and we went to the alley and we kissed some but he didn't like kissing me after we had sex he pulled away when I tried to kiss him. *I wrinkle my forehead at you* Why do you think he pulled away? You never pull away when I try to kiss you. *I nod, and again can feel my head swimming*

Wood Lij: *I close my eyes for a moment, taking in everything you said. I open my mouth, and close it, not exactly sure what to say. I open my eyes, and look up at you. A small tear attempts to go down my cheek, and I wipe it off, hoping you don't see* You had sex with him...

Pianist Dominic: *I see you wipe your cheek but it doesn't really register that you might be crying, and I nod again too fast at your...not really a question* 'course, sex is good you know that! We have sex all the time Elijah, but you weren't around and I went out and it’s okay though.

Wood Lij: No... Dominic. It's not okay. *I shake my head, and manage to find a chair to curl up on, closing my eyes. I don't want to allow you to see me hurt, I don't want to let you know what effect of what you've done has had on me* I thought you loved me.

Pianist Dominic: *I frown at you, and walk over to the chair you're sitting in, kneeling in front of it* But I do love you Elijah. I love you more than anything, more than I've ever loved anyone! *I nod again, but something in my head finally clicks and tells me maybe something is wrong. I reach out and run my fingers through your hair* What's wrong Lighe, why isn't it okay? You know I love you...

Wood Lij: You tell me you love me, and you... you go out to a bar, get drunk, have sex with some man you don't even know, and come home and tell me it's okay! It's not okay, Dominic. It's not. *Another tear runs down my cheek, and I wipe it away, and I look at you, looking into your eyes* Please don't touch me...

Pianist Dominic: *I see the tear falling down your cheek and frown at it, getting up and walking backwards away from you until I hit the wall, my knees going weak as I slide down the wall into a ball on the floor* Elijah...*my brain is starting to work a little better, though my head is still swimming* I...I've hurt you...*my eyes sting, and I blink back tears of my own, finally realizing that you of all people would most likely NOT be okay with what I had done. I keep my eyes on your face, trying to remember to breathe while that little voice tells me I've just royally fucked everything up* Oh god Elijah...

Wood Lij: *I close my eyes, not wanting to look at you any longer, knowing that your drunken state seems to be wearing off.* Thank you, Dominic, for showing me exactly how much this can hurt. *I curl up in my chair, burying my face in my knees, knowing you're somewhat able to see almost any emotion I have through my face, knowing you've seen the handful of tears, not particularly wanting you to see much more.*

Pianist Dominic: *I try to stand up, but stumble and fall on my ass, wincing at the pain. I lean forward and get on my hands and knees, sniffling a little louder than I meant to as I finally manage to stand. I take a few steps toward you, wanting so badly to go over and wrap my arms around you and tell you how sorry I am and that everything will be okay -- but I think better of it and just stand there, in the middle of the room, staring at you* Elijah...*I rub my hands over my eyes, trying desperately to get the room to stop spinning* Elijah I didn't mean to hurt you...*the last two words sound more like a cry than actually spoken, and I wring my hands together, fighting with myself as to weather it'd be okay to go over to you. The more stupid part of my brain wins out -- as is usual for tonight -- and I close the distance between us, reaching out to touch your shoulder* Elijah...'Lighe? I'm sorry. *but my voice is weak, and I'm almost expecting you to snap at me* I'm so sorry, 'Lighe. I don't know what to say.

Wood Lij: *I sigh softly when I feel your hand on my shoulder, part of me wants to tell you to please, just leave me alone, but part of me doesn't really want to be left alone, even if it meant having you around.* Dominic... you're drunk. Perhaps not as drunk as you were when you first came in, but still drunk. I don't know how much of this you're going to remember in the morning.

Pianist Dominic: *I take a few steps back, and I don't know what would have been worse: you yelling and telling me you never want to see me again; or this, you being almost patient with me. I can feel the tears sliding down my cheeks, but I do nothing to wipe them away, and back up until I my legs hit the bed, and I sink down onto the edge of it, just looking at you. When I find my voice, its quick and strained, almost panicked* Lijah, ohmygod, I don't...I didn't, god I don't want to see you like this. *I sniffle again, and bring my hands to my face* I did this to you...you're so good to me, and I fucking did this to you...*I'm just staring blankly at you, breathing heavy*

Wood Lij: Yes, and I'm not exactly sure what to do about it, Dominic. I loved you... I still do.. but I'm so afraid of you getting drunk, you thinking this is okay again. It's not okay, Dominic You know how many times a those tear-things in my eyes have even thought about working before? Twice. I thought I could handle anything.

Pianist Dominic: *I wince at your words, staring at my hands, just taking it until you're done -- I should have known you'd be less shocked and more angry soon, and although I'm trying to brace myself for you, that one word..."loved", as in past-tense, sticks out in my head. I close my eyes for a long moment and stand up, shakily, trying hard to not let my voice sound like whimpering* Its not okay, its not okay. *I repeat, shaking my head, and I stumble slowly toward the closed door, pressing my back to it and looking at your feet -- as close to your eyes as I can bring myself* I'm...I know, you're so good to me and I hurt you...I didn't even mean to hurt you and you're...you're crying. *I suddenly feel like I'm going to be sick, but not from the alcohol, from just knowing what I've done, and my voice is really soft, I'm not sure you can even hear me* I should have never gotten involved with you Elijah, I don't know how to be good...to be right for you...I'm sorry. *I wipe a hand over my forehead, my pulse throbbing in my ears and my head pounding* I can't do this Elijah, I'm not good for you.

Wood Lij: I let myself love you, trust you... and this is how it ends up. You told me you wanted me, only me, and no one else. How can you say that, and then go out and do this? *I look up at you for a moment, as though not believing your words* I'm not sure I can do this either, Dominic. *I stand up, and look at you* Please leave, Dominic. If it's too stormy, or if you don't feel sober enough to make it home, you can stay in one of the guest rooms, and let yourself out on the morning.

Pianist Dominic: *I just look at my feet for a moment, trying not to sob until I'm at least outside your door -- you did this to yourself Dominic, take it like a fucking man. I reach into my pocket and take out the small silver key you gave me sometime last week, and set it on the table next to the door, nodding just barely at your words, my voice still soft* I'll just leave. *I look up at you hesitantly, not really sure I want to see if the anger in your voice extends to your eyes -- and oh god it does -- and I wince, turning around, a little too fast and I have to pause with my hand on the doorknob. I lean my forehead against the door, talking to really no one at this point, because I don't think my words mean anything to you anymore* I'm sorry Elijah. *I pull open the door and walk out it, and as soon as the door is closed I'm bawling. It takes me a moment to compose myself before I even attempt to take the stairs and leave*

Wood Lij: *I lock the door behind you, and collapse against it, the tears flowing freely. I curl up into a ball next to the front door, not really wanting to move, but knowing I'm going to have to make it back to bed again. There were only two times I could remember crying, and those times had to deal with my parents death. I don't want to be here alone... Dominic has been here too long, the sheets of the bed smell like him.... I go up the steps, and go into a spare bedroom, crawling into a bed, with sheets that smell of nothing, still crying lightly.*
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