Hannah Wood (sisterofelijah) wrote in lotr_1920,
Hannah Wood

Hannah: *I had decided to come by and see you, hoping that just seeing your face again would bring me back some of the sanity I had been lacking these past few days, with the whole Elijah Dominic crisis going on. I walk briskly down the hallway of your apartment building, and knock on your door, hoping you're home.*

Craig: *Inside my apartment, I sit on my couch reading, wondering briefly if I should go to bed, dismissing the idea. I hear a knock on my door, making me jump in surprise. I set down my book and go to the door, opening it. I smile when I see it's you* Hannah!

Hannah: Craig! *Oh, it doesn't appear that I've woken you or disturbed you either! I hug you tightly, and look at you* I'm sorry for coming here, I don't usually arrive at people's apartment's this late, but I wanted to see you, and I hoped you wouldn't mind...

Craig: *I smile down at you, returning your hug* Of course I don't mind! I was just reading, so you really didn't disturb me. *I bring you inside and shut the door* So, what's going on?

Hannah: Everything seems absolutely insane, really. But I managed to get some time alone, away from the insanity, and I decided it would best be spent with someone like you.

Craig: Insane? Good Lord, that doesn't sound good. *I kiss you softly* I'm glad you came here.

Hannah: *I return your kiss, and smile up at you.* I don't suppose it's as bad as it sounds. Just rather busy, hectic, any word you wish, my dear.

Craig: *I smile and nod, leading you over to the couch* Well, I hope things get better. *I sit down with you* If it helps, the migraines have stopped.

Hannah: Have they? *I smile brightly, and hug you* That's good! My Craig's feeling better. *I kiss you softly, still smiling slightly*

Craig: *I nod, returning your hug* I feel so much better, and I am so glad. *I return your kiss as well, smiling* Is there anything I can do for you?

Hannah: *I raise an eyebrow at you for a moment, and I grin slightly. I kiss you once more before answering* You mean other than allowing me in your house at strange hours? It depends on exactly how you mean that question, Craig.

Craig: *I lean in and kiss your neck softly, whispering* Oh, it could mean a lot of things. Hmm...you smell nice...without the touch of paint. *I look up at you, smiling, before kissing your neck again*

Hannah: *I whimper softly as your lips touch my skin, as the light breath from your mouth as you speak hits my neck, I close my eyes momentarily. I whisper softly, my voice not really wanting to be much louder* Thank you, my Craig... *I tilt my head slightly, wanting the feeling of your lips on my skin again*

Craig: *I glance up at your whimper, leaning on you slightly as I move from the side of your neck to the front, moving lower. I whisper your name softly, moving back up to the side of your neck again*

Hannah: *I run one of my hands over your cheeks, brushing my fingers lightly over the skin, and run those fingers through your hair. I smile to myself at the sudden focus of attention.*

Craig: *Smiling at your touch, I move up and kiss your lips softly, looking into your eyes for a moment before kissing you again*

Hannah: *I return your kisses, leaving my fingers tangled in your hair. I deepen the second kiss, my eyes fluttering closed*

Craig: *I open my mouth when I feel you deepen the kiss, my tongue moving into your mouth. I lean on you to where I'm slightly on top of you, but not enough to make you uncomfortable*

Hannah: *My tongue meets up with yours, and I massage yours lightly. I run my spare hand along your body, wherever it can find, really.*

Craig: *I kiss you for a moment longer, before I pull away and look at you, exhaling lightly as I speak softly * Would you want to stay here tonight?

Hannah: *I look at you, into your eyes, and I nod.* As long as I get to have your arms wrapped around me before I fall asleep.

Craig: *I smile, seeing the look in your eyes* Come on, then. *I get up and help you up, leading you to my bedroom. Standing beside my bed, I kiss you gently*

Hannah: *I kiss you softly, and I smile at you. I run a hand down your chest, and lean up to kiss you once more.*

Craig: *I return your kiss, moving down onto the bed as I remove your shirt and move to kiss your neck once more*

Hannah: *I stand in front of you, and allow you to remove my shirt. I run my fingers lightly through your hair once more, and tilt my head slightly.*

Craig: *I bring you gently onto the bed with me, kissing you passionately as I run my hands along your sides*

Hannah: *I allow you to bring me onto the bed, and I move my hands to the buttons of your shirt. I begin to unbutton your shirt, wanting the shirt off quickly, resisting the urge to pull it over your head once I've undone a few buttons. As much as I want to be in contact with your skin, with you, I don't particularly want to break away from the kiss just yet.*

Craig: *I let my hands drift down your sides to your skirt, undoing it and shifting my weight to push it out of the way as you take off my shirt. I kiss you softly, moving it off quickly before kissing you again, harder this time*

Hannah: *I run my fingers down your skin lightly, moving my hands to the waistline of your pants. I return your kisses, my hands working at unbuttoning and unzipping your pants.*

Craig: *I shift my body up so that you can remove my pants, pushing them out of the way as I push your undergarments off as well. I kiss you softly, letting it linger as I drift to kiss your neck, my hands sliding up your stomach*

Hannah: *I push your undergarments off, after your pants have fallen to the floor. I run my hands along the sides of your body. *

Craig: *I rest one hand on your stomach, the other lifting to your chest, drifting over one breast for a moment as I continue to kiss your neck*

Hannah: *I close my eyes once more, whimpering softly at the feeling of your hand. I move one of my hands through your hair. I run my other hand down your chest, one of my fingers flicking over your nipple for a moment, and I continue to move it down your stomach.*

Craig: *I let out a soft moan at your whimper, whispering your name softly as I kiss you again. I bring my hand upon one of your breasts, rubbing my thumb across your nipple for a moment, kissing you harder*

Hannah: *I slip my tongue into your mouth, exploring somewhat. I whimper softly into your mouth as I feel your fingers along my nipple. I continue to move my hand down your stomach, my hand pausing only when it gets to the soft, small curls just above your cock.*

Craig: *I feel your tongue and let mine massage yours lightly, my hand giving your breast a light squeeze, before drifting down to your side*

Hannah: *I whimper softly once more at the feeling of your hand on my breast, and I run a finger lightly over your cock, though barely touching the skin there.*

Craig: * I groan softly into the kiss, barely feeling your hand. I move to kiss your neck*

Hannah: *I wrap my fingers around your erection, stroking it softly and slowly a few times, moving my head so you could kiss my neck easier.*

Craig: *I let out another groan as I kiss your neck, kissing up your neck to your ear, nipping at it before moving back to kiss you*

Hannah: *I let myself fall back onto your bed, and I wrap both of my arms around you as I do so, bringing you down with me. My lips meet yours, and I kiss you passionately.*

Craig: *I return your kiss, my tongue moving to touch yours as I shift my weight, positioning myself and entering you swiftly*

Hannah: *I take in a breath as you enter into me. My tongue flicks out along yours, and I begin to massage your tongue lightly, whimpering softly into the kiss.*

Craig: *I look at you when you whimper, kissing you and closing my eyes as I move at a steady rhythm*

Hannah: *I moan softly, though the sound seems to have been almost lost in the kiss, and I deepen the kiss slightly.*

Craig: *I return your kiss, groaning softly as I quicken my pace, one hand resting on your hip, the other running up your arm*

Hannah: *I wrap my arms around you, moaning as you speed up your pace within me. I wrap one of my legs around yours, and I moan out your name softly.*

Craig: *I continue to slowly move faster, feeling myself grow closer and closer to my end. I empty myself into you, crying your name softly*

Hannah: *As my body feels you releasing inside of me, I cry out as my body decides it doesn't want to be left out and orgasms as well. I open my eyes, and look up at you, breathing heavily.*

Craig: *I kiss you softly, trying to slow my breathing. I open my eyes, meeting your gaze*

Hannah: *I whisper softly, still looking up at you* I love you, my Craig.

Craig: *I smile, moving to your side, moving my arms around you to hold you against me* And I love you, my Hannah.

Hannah: *I wrap my arms around you, and cuddle up as close to you as I can get. I sigh softly, and smile, resting my head on your chest. I kiss you softly, and smile at you*

Craig: *I return the smile, kissing your head softly* Hopefully things will become less...insane for you, my dear.

Hannah: *I smile at your words, and nod* I believe they will be. Everything seems all right now, at least. Perhaps that's because I'm with you, I'm not sure. *I shrug, and kiss your cheek*

Craig: *I smile, kissing you and whisper* I love you.

Hannah: *I return your kiss* I love you too. I doubt I'll ever stop loving you, Craig.

Craig: *I smile, your words bringing joy to me. I nod* I'll never stop loving you, Hannah. *I whisper* My Hannah...

Hannah: *I smile, and shiver slightly. I pull the covers over the two of us, and kiss you softly once more* My Craig...

Craig: *I run my hand through your hair before I close my eyes, cherishing the feeling of you against me before I fall asleep*

Hannah: *I yawn slightly, closing my eyes. I get rather close to you, and drift off to sleep, comforted by the feeling of your arms around me.*
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