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Hannah Wood

Craig: *After spending my day out and about, I decide to take a break at the Gypsy. Walking inside, I take a seat and order a drink*

Hannah: *The day seemed to have cleared out any rain, and I was glad. I had stepped into the Gypsy, my eyes running over any of the occupants. I spot Craig at a distance, and I make my way towards him, running my hand through my hair.*

Craig: *I lean back in my seat casually, glancing up and around to see if anyone I know is there, wondering why I didn't do that when I came in. I spot you coming towards me and I smile, rising to my feet*

Hannah: *I stop in front of you, and smile slightly.* Hello, Craig. *I hug you, and kiss you softly* How are you?

Craig: Hello. *I put my arms around you and smile back, return your kiss* I'm doing quite well. *I sit down* You?

Hannah: *I shrug slightly* I'm all right. *I sit down beside you, and take your hand within mine. I run my hand through my hair again, and lean in to kiss your cheek*

Craig: *I smile* That's good, and what have you been up to? Have things been quieting down?

Hannah: They have on my part, yes. Which is good, because that means I just have to deal with work. And then I get to see you more often as well!

Craig: *I smile and kiss you softly* Good. I'm glad you're happy. I love seeing my Hannah.

Hannah: *I sigh softly, and smile* Yes, I am quite happy. Especially with my Craig.

Craig: Glad to hear it. *I take a sip of my drink, smiling as I look over you* So, how goes your drawings and such?

Hannah: They're going all right. I finished that picture that I showed you the last time you were over here, and I started on something new, but it's not going as I planned. But I'm never really happy with them.

Craig: I'm sure it's wonderful. *I smile and nod* Since I'm feeling much better, and if you still want to, you can draw me. *I feel slightly odd for suggesting it, but I recalled you asking me once before*

Hannah: Thank you, Craig. *I smile brightly at you, and kiss you* You're really going to let me? *I hug you, and smile once more* Thank you, Craig. And I'm so very glad you're feeling better, I'm glad that the doctor knew what was wrong with you and that he was able to give you something to fix it.

Craig: *I smile and nod, kissing you softly* Of course I'll let you, just let me know when. I'm sure I'll have the time. *I nod again* Yes, I'm glad I found out what was wrong too.

Hannah: *I return your kiss, and nod* It'll have to be a time when we both don't have to work... because I'm not sure that will work, one of us working during it. I doubt it will take too long as well. *I smile and look at you for a second* You're incredible, did you know that?

Craig: *I nod, thinking* Well, I only work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays...so any other time in between would work fine for me. *I blush at your comment, surprised almost that I'm blushing* Well, thank you...I don't think I knew that. You're absolutely lovely. *I kiss you softly* I love you.

Hannah: Well... I don't work tonight, obviously, and I was given the weekend off since the owner had me working more than usual, because there had been a rather lot of employees ill, and he didn't want any of the food to get contaminated. *I nod, and smile up at you* Thank you, Craig.

Craig: *I take another drink as I smile and nod* Well, I'm glad you didn't get sick. That wouldn't have been good. *I kiss you softly* And you're welcome, Hannah.

Hannah: I'm glad I didn't get sick either. *I return your kiss, and smile at you. I hug you and look at you for a moment* How has work been for you, Craig?

Craig: *I put my arm around you* It's been pretty good actually. Getting to know everyone and I'm having fun there. They really like my work, so that's great.

Hannah: *I lean into you, and smile* I'm glad. It's good they like your work! *I kiss your cheek, and grin up at you* I'm glad you like it there.

Craig: *I smile and nod, kissing you softly back* Me too. I'm glad it isn't one of those jobs that I would hate.

Hannah: Oh, that would be terrible! Having to go to work everyday, and hating it. *I shiver slightly, and smile up at you.*

Craig: It would...and then it wouldn't be worth going there. *I nod, feeling you shiver and looking down into your eyes, sighing softly* You have beautiful eyes. *I smile*

Hannah: I don't think I would be able to go to work if I didn't at least half-way enjoy it.*I blush lightly* Thank you, Craig.

Craig: *I nod* I'm sure a day will come when I'll hate to get up for work, but for now... *I smile at the colour in your cheeks* You're welcome, my dear. *I whisper, kissing your cheek*

Hannah: *I lean up and place a kiss on your cheek.* I am glad I found you, my Craig. I do love you.

Craig: *I smile at your words, closing my eyes briefly as you kiss my cheek* I am very glad you found me too...that we found each other. I love you too, I love you so much.

Hannah: *I smile at you, and rest my head on your shoulder, closing my eyes momentarily* You're so good to me, Craig.

Craig: *I smile, my head resting on yours* You deserve it...there's no reason why I shouldn't be good to you...

Hannah: I love you. *I take your hand within mine, and I look up at you for a moment.* Do you miss England, Craig?

Craig: *I smile* I love you, too. *I'm almost surprised by your question, not having really thought about that question much before* In a way I do, I suppose...the land was absolutely beautiful...

Hannah: *I nod* I know that was just kind of a random question. I was just wondering, that's all.

Craig: *I smile* It's alright, I don't mind.

Hannah: You'd tell me, if I asked or said something you minded, right?

Craig: *I nod* Yes, I would. And you would do the same for me?

Hannah: Of course. Though you haven't said anything to me that I have minded, and I'm not sure you will. Unless you somehow manage to anger me.

Craig: *I frown, shivering slightly* I hope I don't. I would never want to anger you, because more than likely that would involve hurting you, and I never ever want to hurt you.

Hannah: *I look up at you, noticing your shiver. I run a hand through your hair* I doubt you will, my Craig. *I lean in and kiss you softly* I love you.

Craig: *I smile at your touch, looking down at you and returning your kiss* I love you too, my Hannah.

Hannah: *I rest my head on your shoulder once more, my eyes closing for a moment.* I like it when you refer to me as yours, Craig...

Craig: *I smile, tilting my head back slightly and closing my eyes* I'm glad...and I'm glad that you are mine and that I am yours.

Hannah: *I smile, and nod* I want to keep you as mine for as long as you'll let me, Craig.

Craig: *I open my eyes and look down at you, smiling* I want that to be as long as possible, my dear.

Hannah: *I smile, and kiss you softly* Good. *I wrap an arm around you, running my eyes over the other people at the Gypsy.*

Craig: *I hold you against me and sigh softly, running a hand through your hair* Indeed, very good...

Hannah: *I lean up and kiss your cheek softly* Craig? Can you stay with me tonight, dear? *I look at you, hopefully*

Craig: *I look down at you and nod* Yes, I can. *I kiss you softly*

Hannah: *I smile, and return your kiss* All right. You are a lot warmer than sleeping next to nothing. And I enjoy sleeping with you beside me.

Craig: *I smile at you and nod* Yes, a lot warmer...I enjoy having you beside me as well.

Hannah: *Kissing your cheek, I nod* Exactly. *I run my eyes over you for a moment, thinking to myself why no one would ever not want to get to know you* Craig... since you're staying with me tonight, would you let me draw you tomorrow?

Craig: *I nod, smiling, part of me still wanting to blush* Of course, that would be fine. *I kiss you softly* Would you like to go now?

Hannah: *I return your kiss, and smile up at you* Good! I was thinking since you were already going to be there... *I nod, and smile* That would be good.

Craig: *I smile and move to stand up, helping you up as well, walking along with you out the Gypsy*

Hannah: *I stand up, and take your hand within mine. I head towards my apartment, though I don't really need to lead the way, you know the way to my apartment yourself.*

Craig: *I walk with you to your apartment, walking to the building and up to your door, after you unlock it and let us in, I smile*

Hannah: *I shut the door behind us, locking it, and step towards you.* Thank you for coming with me tonight... I don't particularly like sleeping alone.

Craig: *I smile and approaching, putting my arms around you as I smile, not liking to be alone either* You're welcome, my dear. I don't like the feeling of being alone either

Hannah: *I wrap my arms around you, and rest my head on your chest* You could always come here. You wouldn't have to feel alone.

Craig: *I hold you against me, smiling as I close my eyes* That would be nice. I could do that.

Hannah: *I nod, and smile* You could come to my apartment whenever you started feeling alone.

Craig: *I look down at you, smiling, glad that you would offer that* Yes...I would like that. If you honestly don't mind me coming over all the time.

Hannah: I wouldn't mind at all. It would keep me from feeling alone as well. And I want to make you happy. *I look up at you, and smile*

Craig: Alright, then. *I nod then, kissing you softly*

Hannah: *I return your kiss, deepening it slightly. I hold you close to me, as though afraid you'll disappear if I don't.*

Craig: *I feel you deepen the kiss and I open my mouth. I feel your arms around me, and I smile to myself. I love the feeling of your arms around me*

Hannah: *I pull away from the kiss for a moment, and grin up at you. Whispering softly into your ear, though unsure why* I love you, my Craig....

Craig: *My eyes flutter shut when I feel your breath on my ear as you whisper those words* I love you, too, my Hannah. *I kiss your neck softly*

Hannah: *I close my eyes as I feel your lips making contact with my neck, a light whimper coming from my throat.*

Craig: *I smile at your whimper, letting go of you and pulling away for a moment, leading you back to your bedroom, before kissing your neck again*

Hannah: *I wrap my arms around you as we reach the bedroom, tilting my head slightly, giving you more room at my neck*

Craig: *I feel your arms go around me as I put mine around you. I continue to kiss your neck gently, moving up your neck and to your ear, nipping at it lightly before kissing my way to your lips*

Hannah: *I move slightly, and press my lips against yours, kissing you softly. I deepen the kiss, slipping my tongue into your mouth.*

Craig: *I return your kiss, moving my hands around you to undo your shirt*

Hannah: *As you finish undoing my shirt, I allow you to move it off of me. I begin to unbutton your shirt, and after I've unbuttoned enough, I pull the shirt up over your head.*

Craig: *I lean back so that you can remove my shirt and once it's off, I kiss you again, my hands drifting to your skirt to undo it as well*

Hannah: *I lean up towards you, and return your kisses, moving my hands to your pants, and my hands move to the button and zipper, undoing your pants slowly.*

Craig: *I smile into the kiss, shifting my weight so you can remove my pants. I push off your skirt, with your undergarments. I slowly lean back onto the bed, bringing you with me*

Hannah: *I allow you to bring me down on the bed with you, still kissing you. I run my fingers through your hair, as I shift myself slightly onto the bed. I kiss a line down your neck, nibbling lightly at the flesh, not hard, just light nips.*

Craig: *I whimper softly at your nips, trailing one hand down your side, drifting over your skin lightly*

Hannah: *I run a hand through your hair, and I kiss back up towards your lips. I press my lips against yours, kissing you passionately. I run my other hand down your side*

Craig: *I return your kiss, my hand moving to rest on your hip as I shift my weight slightly*

Hannah: *I fully lean back onto the bed, deepening the kiss slightly. My tongue explores your mouth slightly, taking in your taste*

Craig: *I lean into the kiss slightly, breaking away just briefly to whisper your name as I enter you. I then kiss you again, wanting to feel your lips against mine as I move at a steady rhythm*

Hannah: *I whimper softly as I feel you entering into me. I wrap my arms around you, and return your kiss, whimpering softly once more into the kiss.*

Craig: *I moan softly at your whimper, my eyes fluttering shut as I kiss you deeply, my pace slowly quickening*

Hannah: *I wrap my arms around you, moaning softly. I close my eyes, returning your kisses, deepening them slightly. As your pace quickens, I moan into the kisses.*

Craig: *I run my hands slowly up your sides, holding you to me as I continue to speed up, nearing my end. I break away from your kisses, whispering your name as I kiss down your neck, then back up to your lips, to kiss you passionately again*

Hannah: *I whimper-moan, my eyes opening for a moment at the sound of my name coming from you like that, whimpering softly once more. I tilt my head slightly, running one of my hands through your hair as you kiss down my neck. I moan at the sensations you're giving me, and close my eyes once more, returning your kisses.

Craig: *I groan softly, feeling your hand in my hair and enjoying it. I continue to speed up until I release into you, crying softly*

Hannah: *As you release into me, I gasp for a moment as I orgasm, and I orgasm. I run my fingers through your hair once more, and I open my eyes. I attempt to catch my breath.*

Craig: *I open my eyes as well, looking into yours as I kiss you softly. I move to your side and put my arms around you, holding you against me, kissing your head softly*

Hannah: *I wrap my arms around you, and kiss you softly* I love you, Craig. *I smile at you, and snuggle up to you, absorbing your warmth.*

Craig: *I nod and smile, feeling the warmth of your body against mine. I close my eyes at the feeling but then open them to look down at you* I love you, too, my Hannah.

Hannah: *I run a hand down your side, and look up at you. I press my lips against your neck, and smile at the words 'my Hannah'* I still adore it when you refer to me as yours. And when you tell me you love me.

Craig: *I tilt my head to the side as you kiss my neck and smile* And I adore you. *I whisper*

Hannah: *I smile, and I lean up to kiss your lips* I love you so very much. Thank you, my Craig. *I snuggle up to you, pulling the covers over us, and I drape an arm over you.*

Craig: *I kiss you softly back and put my arm around you to hold you closer to me* I'll love you always, dear Hannah, and you're very welcome.

Hannah: Always... *I smile* That's how long I was planning on loving you. It's good to know you were planning the same thing. *I kiss your cheek softly.*

Craig: **I nod* That's wonderful. *I kiss you softly* Always and forever, I will love you.

Hannah: *I smile, and rest my head on your chest.* I will always love you, Craig, nothing will ever change that. *I kiss you softly,*

Craig: *I return your kiss and shift my weight slightly* That's good, because I've never loved anyone like I love you...and I want to love you forever...and when I hear that you love me too...*I kiss you again softly*

Hannah: *I look up at you, and smile. I return your kiss, deepening it slightly. I run my hand through your hair, and rest my head on your chest once more* I want to love you forever as well... and I will let you love me forever, as long as you allow me to do the same...

Craig: *I nod, smiling* I do want to love you, and I will, and I want you to love me. *I run my hand through your hair softly and close my eyes*

Hannah: *I close my eyes, and smile slightly* Of course I love you. I will always love you, my Craig. *I cuddle up to you, under the covers.*

Craig: *I hold you against me and continue to smile* Indeed...my Hannah.

Hannah: *I look over your body for a moment, taking in your naked form, wanting to remember how you look for when you aren't around. I know you told me you would allow me to draw you tomorrow, but I had a feeling you might still be a bit too shy to allow me to draw you as I was trying to remember you at this particular moment. I smile to myself, and close my eyes again* I love you.

Craig: *I look down at you for a moment, watching you before closing my eyes once more and resting my head against yours* I love you, too, my Hannah.

Hannah: *rather liking the feeling of you beside me, I scoot as close to you as I can. I shift my body slightly, making myself more comfortable, and smile to myself.*

Craig: *I feel you get closer to me and I hold you there against me. I run my hand down your back lightly and smile* Goodnight, my Hannah...

Hannah: Good night, my Craig. I love you. *I kiss your chest, and slowly begin to drift off to sleep.*
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