Craig Parker (craigoflorien) wrote in lotr_1920,
Craig Parker

Sister of Elijah: *I move around my apartment, beginning to get things ready. As this is the first time attempting to draw you, I don't particularly feel comfortable attempting to put any painting or any other coloring in the drawing. Though I will be able to, eventually.*

CraigofLorien: *I lean against the wall as I watch you move around, smiling to myself, but feeling almost bad as you seem a little stressed out. I push off the wall and smile at you* Do you need me to help you with anything...?

Sister of Elijah: *I grin over at you, and shake my head* No, I'm almost ready, actually. Though... *I step over to you, and kiss you softly* that could help a bit. *I smile, and head back over to the area I was at.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile, returning your kiss, and moving back to rest on the wall, although I don't know why I'm leaning on the wall in the first place* Well, glad I could help in some way. *I then grin and loosely cross my arms*

Sister of Elijah: *I grin over at you* You could help all you want, if you wished to kiss me all day, Craig. Though nothing would get done. *As I finish getting things together, I head back over to you, and kiss you once more. Grinning up at you, I run my hands along your arms, to your hands. Taking your hands within mine, I lead you away from the wall.*

CraigofLorien: *I laugh in reply* Well, I would've enjoyed that... *I grin again* I suppose there's always another time, then. *I return you kiss as you take my hands and follow you as you lead me away from where I was*

Sister of Elijah: *I kiss you softly once more, and smile.* I know you would have enjoyed that. And I would have as well. It shouldn't take too terribly long for this, and then maybe we could proceed with the all day kissing. *I grin, and glance around the room for a moment, thinking of where to put you. I lead you over to the couch by the window, the light's better there.*

CraigofLorien: *I grin as you kiss me* Sounds good to me. *I follow you over to the couch and kiss you softly before sitting down on it, waiting*

Sister of Elijah: Mmm, I love you. *I return your kiss, and settle myself down on a chair. I pull the sketchbook onto my lap, pulling everything else I need closer to me on the table. I glance up at you for a moment, as though contemplating where to begin*

CraigofLorien: *I smile, kissing you once more before you go sit down* I love you, too. *I relax as you look at me, smiling*

Sister of Elijah: *I settle back into the chair for a moment, looking over at you, as though attempting to determine where to begin. I nod, and begin to draw, my eyes flicking up at you every once in a while.*

CraigofLorien: *I watch you, trying not to move too much, not quite sure of what to do seeing as how I've never done something like this before. I shift my weight slightly, now in a comfortable position and then sit still*

Sister of Elijah: *I glance up at you for a moment, then back down at the paper, running my fingers over what I've drawn so far. As I finish up drawing your face, I run my eyes over you once more, before resuming what I was doing* Thank you for letting me do this, Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I smile warmly at you for a moment, resting my eyes on your hands, before looking back up at you* You're welcome, Hannah; I'm happy to do this for you.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile over at you, and brush away a strand of hair that had fallen into my face.* I love you, Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I nod, watching you your hands draw, smiling at your comment* I love you, too, my Hannah.

Sister of Elijah: You can tell me if you start feeling uncomfortable in the position you're in, you can move if you need to. Just warn me, so I won't look up and you've suddenly changed. *I nod, and grin at you.* And it's nice having someone to love, you know?

CraigofLorien: *I nod and shift slightly, but not enough to put myself in a different position* I'm fine for now. *I return the grin, fighting the urge to lean over and kiss you* It's very nice.

Sister of Elijah: *I run my eyes over the picture, finishing up the details and such that I missed when I first started.* And though I know you love me, I love hearing it come from you. *I nod, and bite my lip lightly, looking down at the picture*

CraigofLorien: *I smile at the way you look down at the picture, becoming so interested in it* I love hearing it come from you too... *I smile at the thought of it and continue to watch you draw*

Sister of Elijah: *I smile over at you, and look back down at the picture I'm drawing, my eyes flicking back up at you occasionally. It was rather nice to have an excuse to look at you for a while.... not that I really needed an excuse, but still. After a moment, I look from the drawing, up to you, and back down to the drawing, nodding slightly. I move over by you on the couch, and offer the drawing to you*

CraigofLorien: *I smile as you come over, surprised but eager to see the drawing. I blink as you hand it to me* Wow...*I find myself at a loss for words, but I nod* Wow. That's...really good.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile, and I lean in to kiss your cheek* Thank you, Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I smile back* You are definitely welcome, dear Hannah. *I kiss you softly back*

Sister of Elijah: *I grin, and return your kiss* Now if you feel the urge to kiss me for as long as you wish, you may.

CraigofLorien: *I smirk and kiss you again, reaching up to run a hand through your hair* Mm...I love you.

Sister of Elijah: *I kiss you softly, letting the kiss linger for a moment. I smile at your words, and look at you* I love you too, Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I kiss you again, deepening it slightly, before pulling away, and then moving to kiss your neck*

Sister of Elijah: *I run my fingers through your hair, leaning in to kiss you, my eyes shutting for a moment. I look up at you as you pull away, and I smile. Tilting my head slightly, my fingers become intwined with a few strands of your hair as you move to kiss my neck.*

CraigofLorien: *I moan softly at the feeling of your hands in my hair, continuing to kiss your neck as I rest my hands on your arms. I move back up to your lips softly, closing my eyes*

Sister of Elijah: *I grin at the moan coming from you, and I return your kiss, my eyes closing. My other hand moves along the side of your body, finally stopping along your arm.*

CraigofLorien: *I reach up as I kiss you and touch your face, my fingers softly drifting down your cheek as I deepen the kiss once more, my tongue moving in to touch yours*

Sister of Elijah: *My lips part slightly as I feel you deepen the kiss, my tongue meeting yours. I massage your tongue lightly with my own, as I continue to kiss you passionately. I run my hand down your arm, while my other hand runs through the soft strands of your hair.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile into the kiss, my hands moving to your back to hold you against me. I lean slightly onto you, continue to kiss you*

Sister of Elijah: *I run my hands along your body, kissing you passionately. I lean back slightly, against the arm of the couch, with my arms around you.*

CraigofLorien: *I run my fingers through your hair before bringing them down to fiddle with the bottom of your shirt, slowly moving to undo some of the buttons as I continue to kiss you*

Sister of Elijah: *I move my hands from your hair to your shirt, tugging it lightly out from your trousers. I run my hands up underneath your shirt, running them along your warm skin. I press my lips against yours, continuing to kiss you.*

CraigofLorien: *I moan softly into the kiss at the feeling of your hands touching my skin. I break the kiss to remove your shirt, then mine as I run my hands down your arms and kiss you again*

Sister of Elijah: *I smile as you remove your shirt, and I lean up to kiss you softly, my hands resuming their wander over your body. My hands seem to find their way down to your trousers, where my fingers dip in between the waistband and your skin for a moment.*

CraigofLorien: *I return your kiss, shifting my weight as I move my hands down to your skirt to remove it with your undergarments. My hands move up your body, sliding up your arms lightly*

Sister of Elijah: *I remove your trousers, and your undergarments, and my hands move along your body lightly. I run my hands up to your arms, moving one of my hands up to your cheek, running my fingers over the skin of your cheek softly.*

CraigofLorien: *I look at you as you touch my cheek, smiling down at you as I run a hand through your hair and kiss you again, my hand moving to cup your face gently*

Sister of Elijah: *I lean up slightly, my hand running through you hair, as I whisper softly into your ear* I love you, my Craig... *I press my lips against yours, kissing you.*

CraigofLorien: *I close my eyes at your words, smiling as I return your kiss* I love you, too, my Hannah... *I then kiss you again, passionately. I shift my weight, slowly entering you*

Sister of Elijah: *I whimper softly as you enter into me, my eyes closing for a moment, and I return your kiss, equally as passionate. I run my fingers through your hair as I deepen the kiss slightly, whimpering softly into the kiss.*

CraigofLorien: *I open my eyes at your whimper, my hand reaching up to run itself through your hair once more as I close my eyes and speed up slightly. I moan softly and return your kiss*

Sister of Elijah: *I moan into the kiss, though the kiss seems to have muffled the sound of the moan slightly. I deepen the kiss, my tongue slipping into your mouth, and meeting your tongue. I massage your tongue lightly with my own tongue, moaning softly once more.

CraigofLorien: *I return the kiss, feeling your tongue touch mine. One hand drifts down and lightly touches your side as I speed up slowly*

Sister of Elijah: *I moan softly, closing my eyes momentarily. After a second, I pull away from the kiss, the lack of oxygen causing a dizzying affect. I look up at you, and brush the hair away from your face, before another soft moan escapes past my lips.*

CraigofLorien: *I open my eyes, looking down at you and exhaling slowly onto your lips. I give you a moment to breathe, smiling as you move my hair away from my face and I kiss you again, continue to move faster*

Sister of Elijah: *Pressing my lips against yours, I bring my hands to behind your head, resting them there, my fingers going through your hair. Small whimpermoans go past my lips, almost getting lost in the kiss.*

CraigofLorien: *I kiss you passionately once more as I reach my end, emptying myself into you as I break the kiss to speak your name. I fall onto you, but shift my weight as to not put too much weight on you as I kiss you softly and then whisper your name*

Sister of Elijah: *I moan out your name as I feel you emptying into me, closing my eyes for a second. After a moment, I open my eyes again, and I look at you as I attempt to catch my breath. I return your kiss, and I smile up at you* I love you.

CraigofLorien: *I look down into your eyes, scooting over to beside you, kissing you again* I love you, too, my Hannah. *I hold you against me, liking the contact and the warmth of your body against mine*

Sister of Elijah: *I smile, and return your kiss. I snuggle up to you, up to the warmth coming from your body.* If this is your definition of helping me, then I believe you can help me all you want, my love.

CraigofLorien: *I grin in reply, looking down at you* Indeed, well, it seems as if I'm very helpful then. I like helping. *I laugh softly, kissing you*

Sister of Elijah: I like having you help, too. *I laugh, and grin up at you, leaning in to kiss you. I nuzzle up to you, resting my head on your chest, and close my eyes for a moment.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile and nod, closing my eyes as I rest my head on top of yours* So does this mean I'm your official helper now? *I grin cheesily, kissing your head softly* I love you *I whisper*

Sister of Elijah: *I laugh, and nod* Yes. You're my official helper, I'll come to you for anything I need. And I love you too, my Craig... *I glare at the sunlight still coming from the window for a moment, and snuggle up to you* Do you have anything to do today, Craig?

CraigofLorien: *I glance at the window and shake my head, continuing to hold you against me* No, nothing that requires immediate attention.

Sister of Elijah: Will you stay with me until you need to go, then? *I wrap my arms around you, and snuggle up to you* I don't have to go to work today. I don't have to do anything today.

CraigofLorien: *I nod, smiling down at you, kissing you softly* Of course I'll stay with you, my dear.

Sister of Elijah: *I return your kiss, and grin* Good. I love you, Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I grin back, resting my head against yours* And I love you, too, Hannah.
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