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Craig Parker

CraigofLorien: *Today had been a good day, seeing as how I had it off. After shopping for a new lamp for my apartment, I head to another store to look into getting a gift for Hannah. I walk into an art store, seeing a lot of fancy things, but I've got enough money to afford most of the stuff in this store*

Bloomicious: *Tried of trying to decide what paint colours would look best in my flat, I figure that I should pick up a few things. After picking my post at the post office and looking though a multitude of shops I come across an art shop. Some what distracted by a letter in my hand I enter the shop. Scanning the letter my face pales a little, looking back up from the letter I walk over to a small display of prints. I don't notice the people in the shop because my mind is lost in a whirl of thoughts and worries. I don't even realize that I'm muttering under my breath "why?"*

CraigofLorien: *I hear someone enter the shop and turn to see who it is, seeing a familiar face coming in. I narrow my eyes and realize who you are. I smile and turn towards you, seeing as how you haven't even noticed I'm here.* Well, hello again.

Bloomicious: *Somewhat startled I jerk my head up and look. My expression of surprise lessens and I smile once realizing who's talking to me. Quickly stuffing the letter into my pocket I reach out to shake your hand* Craig! Hello. How have you been?

CraigofLorien: *I grin as you shake my hand and nod* Good to see you, Orlando. I've been doing great! Yourself?

Bloomicious: *I continue to smile* Fine, thank you. What are you doing here?

CraigofLorien: *I smile as I release your hand and put both in my pockets, turning to look at the things I'm standing in front of* I'm looking for a gift for Hannah. *I nod and then remember that yesterday was Thursday* Oh! I'm so sorry that I forgot to meet up with you yesterday. Things came up...

Bloomicious: *I nod* Oh don't worry about it, I have to admit that I was busy as well. I'm just glad that I just didn't keep you waiting. * I slip the envelope into my front inside pocket of my black jacket* Have you found anything yet?

CraigofLorien: *I look at you and raise an eyebrow as you tuck the envelope you were holding inside your pocket, but figure it's not my business to know what it was anyway. I then nod* I hoped the same. I would've felt terrible if you had been there waiting. *I nod and turn to look back at the art supplies before me* Well, they have some pretty nice art sets here.

Bloomicious: Yes they do….good prices as well. I was hopping they would have some nice prints for sale. I'm eager to find some for my flat. *I pick up a tube of paint and look and it before setting it down*

CraigofLorien: *I nod as I pick up one of the little art sets, admiring the polished wood case. I open it and look at the contents.* I think I just might get one of these. *I nod in satisfaction and look over at you* I think I saw what you're looking for over in the back. *I turn and nod in the direction I'm heading*

Bloomicious: Ah, * I start to walk over with you and start to look at the prints* They have a nice selection…..

CraigofLorien: *I nod as we look over them, pointing out a few that I like, hoping I don't look like an idiot since I've never seen what your place looks like.* They do...

Bloomicious: * I smile, taking note of the pictures he points out finally deciding on a print by Antoine Pevsner "Gray Scale". I'm satisfied and walk up to the counter to purchase it. Gesturing for you to buy the art set first I smile* I think that will look nice in the front hall…. Where are you headed to next?

CraigofLorien: *I smile as you pick out something you like and walking with you up to the front to buy the art set.* Well, I guess I'll drop by my place to drop off the art set. If you want, you can stay there for tea, or we could go somewhere to have it. *I nod as the clerk gives me the price, and I pull out my wallet to pay*

Bloomicious: *Smiling I nod* Tea sounds great right about now, that would be great. Is your place far from here?

CraigofLorien: *I shake my head as the clerk hands me my change and the art set which is now in a bag* No, it's just around the corner.

Bloomicious: *I pull out my wallet and money as the clerk tells me the price. After it has been bagged I nod.* Good deal. *I smile and start to walk out the door. Letting you exit before me I shut the shop door. Pausing I button the inside button of my suit. The silver butt of my gun nestled in my shoulder holster reflects off the sun. I notice it but act natural not wanting to draw attention to it and hoping you didn't see it*

CraigofLorien: Thank you. *I say as you let me exit first, waiting for you to join me at my side to make the short walk down to my apartment. I smile as you appear beside me and nod, beginning to walk down the sidewalk, the bag swinging lightly in my hand.* Yes, that's how I found the apartment was close by. *I take you down the sidewalk, pausing at the corner before crossing to the other side. I lead you down all the way down that street before turning on that corner and heading into a building. I lead you up a flight of stairs, pulling a key from my pocket with my free hand to unlock the door that we approach. I then lead you inside, shutting the door behind us*

Bloomicious: *I smile and nod following you down the street. As we walk into your apartment I look around and smile.* You have a very nice place….You'll have to come to my place next time. * I smile as I continue to look around the room*

CraigofLorien: *I smile and laugh* Sure. *I walk over further into the "living room" and set the art set, still in the bag, in the corner, picking up my violin and putting it in front of it, I then turn to look over at you* Just in case she comes over. I want to wrap it so that it's a surprise, so she can't see it. *I then shrug and gesture towards the couch* Go ahead and take a seat. I'll make the tea. *I walk around the low table to turn on the lamp and then walk over to the kitchen*

Bloomicious: *I laugh and then nod taking a set on the couch I take off my hat and set it down on the coffee table. Setting my bag down by my feet I sat back into the couch* You play the violin? *I say hearing you "clinking" around*

CraigofLorien: *I hear your question and nod as I light the stove, filling a teapot with water and setting it down on the stove* Yes, I've played since I was little. *I smile to myself as I move to a cabinet to take out the tea* My mother got me started in recitals before she died, and I continued till I was about twelve, before my father got tired of them and took my violin away. He actually just sent it to me a few weeks ago...surprised the hell out of me...but I still took lessons without him knowing...until I came here... *I realize I'm going on and trail off, walking over to another cabinet to take out two cups*

Bloomicious: *I smile as I pick up and leaf thorough a Life magazine that was lying on the table. Setting it back down I get up and walk to the door of the kitchen* Is there anything I can help you with?

CraigofLorien: *I look up at you and smile* Oh no, I'm fine. *I set the cups on two small saucers as the teapot whistles*

Bloomicious: *I stay watching you poor the water into the cups* Do you still play it? The violin I mean.

CraigofLorien: *I smile at your question, finishing up the tea and setting the teapot back down, turning off the stove* Yes, I do. I love its sound, its beauty. Its always been my favourite instrument, one of the reasons my mother got me to start playing.

Bloomicious: *I nod and take the tea cup from you. Walking back into the "living room" I sit down again at the couch*. Yes it is very beautiful. I'd never tried to play it, though for a time my mother begged me to play. "Because all well-distinguished boys your age are learning how to play." *I say in a high snooty voice mimicking my mother. I shake my head* As much as I love the sound I only had the heart to learn the piano. And even then I didn't follow though on my lesions.

CraigofLorien: *I follow you back into the living room, sitting down next to you on the couch as I take a sip from my tea, laughing afterwards from the way you imitated your mother* I see. Well, I love the sound of the piano, but I was caught up with my violin and all... *I look at you* Would you like to see it?

Bloomicious: Of course! I would love to. *I bite my lip still smiling* You must excuse my rambling on about my mother. I don't have many people to….. *I wave my hand trying to think of the right word* vent.

CraigofLorien: *I grin at you, setting down my cup of tea and standing up* Don't worry about it, I understand. I was the same way for a while. *I walk over to the corner and pick up my violin case, setting it next to you on the couch as I flip it open to show you. I run my hand over the wood softly before taking it out* It was made from a rare wood which is why it was so special to me, other than the fact that it was a gift from my mother. *I smile*

Bloomicious: *I look at it eyes wide, marveling at its beauty.* Wow…. *is all I'm able to say* Does it play as beautifully as it looks? * I take a sip of tea*

CraigofLorien: *I grin and nod* I would say so. *I smile and pick up the bow* Would you like to hear something?

Bloomicious: *I smile wider,* I would love to. *I set my tea down and lean back into the couch* Do can you play "Yes sir! That's my baby." *I laugh at my lack of knowledge of violin playable songs* Or can a violin even play that?

CraigofLorien: *I laugh* I can try. I've never played that song, but I'm sure it could be played... I'm mainly accustomed to the old classical stuff.

Bloomicious: Oh, *I roll my eyes* well excuse my stupidity, I don't know any of the song titles though…..* I think for a minute* Do you know Beethoven's Fifth??

CraigofLorien: *I smile and nod* Yes, I believe we played that in one of my last recitals. *I pick up the violin stretching my neck before placing it under my chin and holding it there. I bring up my bow, flexing my wrist quickly as I set it down and play a quick excerpt from the song, smiling as I close my eyes for a moment. I grin triumphantly as I finish playing and look down at you*

Bloomicious: *amazed, I clap* That was wonderful! You pay it so well; you make it look like anyone could do it. Wow……..*I take a sip of my tea* You should perform you know; people would come from miles to hear you. Marvelous!

CraigofLorien: *I smile, bowing slightly as I set down my violin back in its case and take out my handkerchief to wipe my forehead. I tuck it back in my pocket as I put my bow away and then shut the case* Thank you. *I sigh as I stare at the closed case a moment longer, then return it to its place in front of the art set* I should perform...I know...but I'd have to find a place to do so...and I'd have to find the courage to do it. I told you, I believe, that I'm really bad with getting in front of people... *I shake my head as I return to the couch next to you to drink my tea before it becomes cold*

Bloomicious: *I finish my tea* Perhaps you'll find it before long. You really shouldn't waste your talent by not performing. * I smile*

CraigofLorien: *I smile softly, blushing for no reason as I take another drink of my tea* I suppose I might one day, but I don't know how easy that will be for me...*I sigh*

Bloomicious: *I set the cup down on the table* No worries mate. *I nodd desiding to change the subject* Excuse me for the quick change of subject but I've been thinking about purchasing an automobile. I was wondering what was your take on them?

CraigofLorien: *I laugh and think to myself* My take on them? *I lean back on the couch, my cup still in my hand* They're really nice, that's for sure. I've only seen a few around here...

Bloomicious: *I nod eagerly* Yeah, that's why it would be almost perfect for me to purchase one now…Not to many of them crowding the streets. They were everywhere in New York! You couldn't even cross the street with out having you live endangered. * I laugh and shake my head* Not as bad as Chicago though *I stop quickly realizing that I let the city name slip*

CraigofLorien: *I laugh and nod* I remember seeing that before I left. *I raise an eyebrow* Chicago, eh? *I shrug, not sure if I should press the matter futher or not*

Bloomicious: *I nod and say quietly* Yeah, I uh….had some business there before coming to New Orleans, * I cough nervously then reach into my back pocket and unfold a colored piece of paper and hand it to you* That's the car I was thinking about buying,

CraigofLorien: *I take the paper as you hand it to me and look at it, my eyebrows raising* Wow...that's...that's a nice car.

Bloomicious: *I smile happy that you approve* It's a Sunbeam 16h.p 4/5 seat tourer. It's a really nice car, though it would have to be shipped over here form England, though I think it would be worth it.

CraigofLorien: *I raise an eyebrow* Damn...*I whisper* You can afford all that? *I shake my head in disbelief*

Bloomicious: * I glace away embarrassed* Yeah…… *For the first time I realize how much that could be for other people and what a fool I've made myself look like talking about it as if it was picking up a stick of gum at the market*

CraigofLorien: *I shrug* Well, I suppose that's your business, sorry. *I glance down at my empty cup which I hadn't even realized was empty* Would you like more tea?

Bloomicious: * I nod* please, * I then shrug* Most of it came from my father's death, he left it to me in his will, and don't worry about it. * I smile*

CraigofLorien: *I get up and motion for you to hand me your cup* I'm sure when my father dies, if all is forgiven like he said, that I'll be getting a lot as well. I mean, well, not that I want my father to die... *I shake my head as I turn to go back to the kitchen realizing how wrong that all sounded*

Bloomicious: *I smile* I know what you mean, God bless them * I laugh dryly*

CraigofLorien: *I laugh as I fill both our cups with tea and then realize I forgot the sugar* Damn *I whisper, bringing our tea back out into the living room.* I feel like an idiot, would you have wanted sugar or...?

Bloomicious: * I laugh* oh thank you *I take two cubes and put them in my cup.* I normally don't care how I have my tea, just as long as its hot and strong. * I smile* So what have you been doing to fill the time?

CraigofLorien: *I laugh, feeling less like an idiot as I sit back down* I don't know...different things. I mainly write nowadays, in that book and all.

Bloomicious: *I nod* Yes. How far are you into writing it?

CraigofLorien: *I think* Well, maybe amidst halfway. In a way, I'm basing the whole thing about my experience here, most of it being at the Gypsy. *I get up and head over to my desk in the corner, rummaging through papers before picking up a pad and bringing it over to you* Those are notes, the actual book is back over there. *I sit back down*

Bloomicious: * I nod looking over the notes* Very interesting. It looks good. * I smile*

CraigofLorien: *I smile and nod* Thank you. I used to go in and watch people, but now I'm too busy talking. *I blink in surprise and try to explain myself* I tend to be shy...

Bloomicious: *I nod* Well, I would believe it. I mean after all you made the first move in meeting me and all. *I laugh*

CraigofLorien: *I laugh* First move... *I snort and take the pad from you, getting up and walking back over to the desk* Indeed... so what about you? Besides looking for jobs?

Bloomicious: *I shrug* Nothing, planning the paint colours and look for my flat. I've been trying to redecorate. * I pop my neck absentmindedly* That and reading/replying to letters. * I look down at my pocket where I shoved the letter then look up*

CraigofLorien: *I nod and sit back down next to you as I finish my tea again* Well, if you even need any help painting, I'm sure I could help on my free time. *I shrug, not knowing if the offer is worth anything or not*

Bloomicious: *I smile* Thank you I might take you up on that offer some time.

CraigofLorien: *I laugh and nod* Well, let me know then.

Bloomicious: I will, *I smile and take another sip of my tea. I look down at my watch* Oh my gosh! * I start to stand up* I'm so sorry; I had no idea what time it was. It's nearly dinner. I'm sorry for talking this long……

CraigofLorien: *I frown* No worries, I'm sorry for keeping you. *I say as I stand and walk over to the door.* I hope to see you again soon, Orlando. *I open the door and extend my hand*

Bloomicious: * With my packages in my hand I nod as I exit* As do I. Thank you so much for the tea. * I smile* You'll have to come to my place next so I can show you some of my hospitality. * I reach into my pocket and pull out a card with my address and phone number* If you ever need to reach me…

CraigofLorien: *I smile and accept the card.* Indeed. Until then, my friend.

Bloomicious: *I smile* Good bye. * I turn and leave*
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