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Dominic Monaghan

Pianist Dominic: *After having left the Gypsy early to take a shower and get ready for our date, I stop at the mirror next to my front door and ruffle my fingers through my hair, wrinkling my nose at it and trying to remember to breathe even though I'm nervous as hell. I finally decide that if my messed up hair hasn't gotten on your nerves at all the past four years -- that it shouldn't matter tonight, and I lock up everything and head out toward your home, being sure to stop at the florist's for a dozen roses. Malkin gives me yellow ones this time ("Don't give red roses on a first date"), the tickets for tonight, and I try to ignore it when she wishes my "new girlfriend" and myself a good evening. I walk slowly to your home, playing with the tissue paper from the flowers, and knock twice on your door, giggling softly at Sam -- whose decided to come sit in the window next to the front door*

Wood Lij: *When I hear the knocking on the door, and a rather persistant meowing sound coming from Sam who seems to want to pounce on the person at the door, I sigh softly, noting it must be you. This is one of the few times I'm actually truly nervous to see you, and I take a deep breath as I head down the stairs towards the door. I had gone through my closet today when you had left, attempting to find something to wear, feeling almost girly. I had to get Hannah to come over here, to tell me what to wear. Or at least to suggest somethings to wear. She's supposed to be the artist, or something. I glance down at the cat when I get to the door, who seemed to have gotten louder the longer Dominic stood outside.* Shh, you. *I open the door, and smile at you, halfway shyly.* Hi.

Pianist Dominic: *I sort of freeze when I hear you unlock the door, and its all I can do to look you in the eyes when you open it. I match your smile with a nervous one of my own, and hold out the flowers to you* For you, of course. *i glance down at Sam, who has decided he wants to come outside, and I kneel down to scoop him up into my arms, ruffling his fur* No, you weren't invited. *I hold him out to you as well, and tilt my head at you* You ready, Lighe?

Wood Lij: *I take the flowers you offered to me, and grin at you.* Thank you, Dom, they're beautiful. *I take Sam from you as well, before nodding.* I am. I need to put these in the house, but then I'll be completely ready. *I step back into the house for a moment, putting the cat down on the floor, and setting the roses out of the cat's way, before stepping outside with you, shutting and locking my door.*

Pianist Dominic: *I glance down at your arse when you turn to the house--more out of habit than anything--and I hope the smile on my face when you turn back around isn't -too- obvious. I pause to wait for you to lock the door, and sort of just watch your movements before trying to speak again* So, um, dinner, right? I've sort something in mind for after dinner, if you hadn't already had plans? *It doesn't occur to me that you could take that the wrong way -- after all, you don't know about the tickets I've got -- and I just smile at you and wait for you to decide what direction we should be walking in*

Wood Lij: *I raise my eyebrow at you for a moment, then I smile* What sort of plans do you have after dinner, Dom, or am I not allowed to know? *I glance at you, before walking in the direction of the restaurant I had decided to take you. The words 'I've got something in mind for after dinner' sounded sort of questionable, sort of... suggestive, when I had suggested we go on the dated, I had suggested we do something sexual too, so it may not be that. I ook up at you.*

Pianist Dominic: *I bite my bottom lip and look at you, resisting the urge to just snog you here in the middle of the road, and I shove my hands into my back pockets to keep them from wandering to you. I try to keep my tone neutral, and not make it sound like my thoughts have just become less than innocent* Um. Just plans. I mean...more than...*I clear my throat, and push THAT thought from my mind* I'm taking you somewhere. *I look sideways at you and smirk* If you get to take me to dinner, then I get to take you out somewhere too. But you have to wait to see.

Wood Lij: *I grin, and nod.* All right, Dominic. If you're going to be so secretive about it. *I glance down at the road for a moment, biting my lip. I really shouldn't be this nervous around you, I wasn't this nervous asking you if you wanted to go on this date with me. I step slightly closer to you, almost close enough for me to brush against you. I look over to you, and smile* I love you, Dommie.

Pianist Dominic: *On my next step, I bump my shoulder lightly against yours -- not enough to look like anything more than just an accidental slip to anyone looking, and I wink over at you before walking straight again* I'm going to be secretive about it, because I know it'll drive you crazy. *I turn my head and quickly stick my tongue out at you, turning back to the road with a smile on my face, my words softer than before* Besides, you're adorable when you can't have your way. Or, you know...more adorable than usual. *I chew idly on my bottom lip, keeping my head down to hide the pink colour rising in my cheeks*

Wood Lij: *I grin as you bump into me, and I nod at your wink, sticking my tongue out at you as well.* Of course I'm adorable. But I'm going to allow you to be as secretive as you want, because that's how you seem to want to be. *I accidentally on purpose brush my hand along yours, softly, before stopping in front of the restaurant I had decided upon taking you.* All right, I do believe we're here, Mister Monaghan.

Pianist Dominic: *I lick my lips at you, and try to make it look like I'm just wetting my dry lips as we step up to the hostess stand. I wait for you to tell her your name, and I smile too sweetly at her when I catch her eyes running down your body. I just ignore it, though, and take my seat across from you, scanning around the restaurant* This is nice, 'Lijah. I don't think I've ever been here before.

Wood Lij: *I glance at the hostess for a second, and I thank her for the table, before sitting down, ignoring the look she gave me. I glance around the restaurant for a moment, and look back at you.* I haven't been here but once or twice, but what I remembered it was good, so I do hope that they won't decide to be anything different tonight. *I smile at you, and nod*

Pianist Dominic: *As I'm looking around I notice all the other tables have floor-length coverings on them, so assuming ours does too, I stretch my legs under the table and wrap my ankles around one of yours, happy to have some contact* I'm sure they'll be good, just for you, my kitten. *I nod and run my fingers over the name of the reasturant etched in the front of the menu, and open it to glance over the wine list and the specials, taking a deep breath. The words on the paper don't seem to register though, and I glance back up at you -- finding myself unable to keep my eyes off you -- smiling softly to myself*

Wood Lij: *Opening the menu, I smile slightly as I'm distracted by the contact. I look up at you, and I smile sweetly. I wink at you, and glance back down at the menu, glancing over the wine list, the food they have.* You've never called me kitten before, is that going to be a new thing, or are you just trying out names to see which one you like best, my Dominic?

Pianist Dominic: *i catch your eyes for just a moment and smile at you, finally able to actually read the menu now* Oh, I liked 'Lighe too...but um. Everyone should have a kitten. You have Sam, and I have you. *i giggle softly and look back up at you* Besides, the name fits you. *I nod matter-of-fact-ly and smile winningly at the waitress, who (oh how cute) happens to be the same girl who was giving you looks earlier. Naturally, she turns to you first, and I wait for you to order before I do, trying to hide any dislike for the girl when she smirks at me*

Wood Lij: Oh, I get to be your kitten, do I? I see how it is. *When the waitress comes, I order my food, and wait patiently for you to order what you want. When the waitress leaves, I look back over to you, and I nod* So I'm going to be both Lighe and kitten? *I take a sip of the water that had been poured into a glass at the table, and glance over at you.* Because I may have to have to do some catching up in the cute nickname department,

Pianist Dominic: *I smirk at you and run my eyes over your face* Yes, you are my kitten. You have kitten hair, and you're adorable, and you sleep all curled up like one...*I bite my bottom lip, but I can't resist adding this last part, though my eyes are lowered to my water glass and my voice is softer* And when you're...rubbed in the right places, you purr. *I smile at you and take a sip of my water, giving your ankle a slight squeeze under the table*

Pianist Dominic: *I smirk at you and run my eyes over your face* Yes, you are my kitten. You have kitten hair, and you're adorable, and you sleep all curled up like one...*I bite my bottom lip, but I can't resist adding this last part, though my eyes are lowered to my water glass and my voice is softer* And when you're...rubbed in the right places, you purr. *I smile at you and take a sip of my water, giving your ankle a slight squeeze under the table* And I think "Dommie" works for now. *I nod* Besides, I don't think its possible to catch up to my cuteness, not even when its you.

Wood Lij: Of course I'm adorable, were you expecting otherwise, Dominic? *At the last part of your statement, I glance down at my waterglass, my cheeks turning a pink color. After a moment, when I believe the pinkness to be going away, I glance up at you, and narrow my eyes* Are you saying that you're cuter than I am, Dominic? Because I don't think that's possible. No matter how cute you believe you are. *I poke my tongue out at you, and take another sip of my water, grinning slightly.*

Pianist Dominic: *I laugh softly at you and shake my head* You only wish, love. I don't care how cute you think you are, I am the cutest. *I nod, even though I don't quite believe that I'm cuter than you are, and sit back when the waitress brings us our food. I glare slightly at her when she oh-so-'innocently' places your napkin in your lap for you, and I roll my eyes and take a sip of my water to distract myself from watching her flirt with you. When she's gone I glance over what you ordered and look down at my own plate, the combined smells of the food are amazing* This -does- look good, Lighe.

Wood Lij: *I sigh, and narrow my eyes at you* Fine, love. You can be cuter than me if you wish. Though you'll have to make it up to me. Both my not knowing where you're taking me tonight and my admitting you're cuter than I am. *As the waitress brings us our food, I raise an eyebrow as she decides she's going to place my napkin on my lap for me. I clear my throat slightly as her hand lingers slightly longer than it normally would have. I smile at your comment once she's gone, and I nod* The food here is usually quite good. At least the few times I've been here it has been.

Pianist Dominic: *I smile back at you, and speak without really thinking, my words almost too soft to hear* You really are the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on...*it doesn't really register that I've said that aloud, and I poke a piece of chicken idly for a moment, pushing it around in the sauce and pasta it was in*

Wood Lij: *I glance up from my plate when I hear your words, before glancing back down, my cheeks turning almost bright red.* Thank you, Dominic... *I glance up at you for a moment, a slight smile on my face* You're incredibly gorgeous, did you know that, Dom?

Pianist Dominic: *I lift my water glass to my lips, hoping to hide the pink colour deepening in my cheeks from showing too terribly, and I suddenly with I would have ordered a glass of wine so I could blame it on that. I shake my head slightly at you and smile*, I wasn't aware of that. *I wink at you and twirl a bit of pasta on my fork before lifting it to my mouth, just watching you while I chew* Thank you, 'Lighe.

Wood Lij: *I glance up at you, and grin* Of course, my Dommie. *I smile at you, and take a bite of my food, glancing down at my plate. After a moment, I look back up at you.* Where sort of plans did you have for the two of us tonight, Dominic? I haven't asked you since you brought it up, I've been good, and I want to know. Please? *I pout slightly at you, before taking another bite of the food I had ordered.*

Pianist Dominic: *I narrow my eyes slightly at you, even though I'm stilll smiling, and lean forward just a little, keeping my voice low enough for only you to hear* You know, its not going to take long for me to become immune to that pout of yours...and then you're going to have to find some other way to get things out of me. *I sit back up and try very hard to not meet your eyes again, knowing that if I do I won't be able to not tell you. I twirl another piece of pasta around my fork, and add a small piece of chicken to the end of the fork, then I lift it across the table to you* Here, kitten, try this, its excellent.

Wood Lij: Mmm, I'm going to get Lijah germs on your fork, baby... *Though I can get my mouth to the fork quite well from the position I'm sitting in, I reach a hand over to the fork, brushing my fingers over your own softly. I lean forward slightly, taking the bite of the food offered to me, before locking my eyes onto yours for a moment, moving away. My tongue flicks over my lips for a moment, and I grin at you slightly after I swallow.* That is good.

Pianist Dominic: *I can't help a soft giggle at your comment, but I'm a little surprised when your fingers close over mine, and my lips part slightly to take in a quick, softly hissing breath of air. Breathing at all doesn't become an issue when I see your tongue move over your lips, and I slowly pull my hand back, my eyes closing on their own from the tone of your voice when you speak again, and I just leave them closed for a moment* Mm. Y-yeah. *I nod slightly, and force my eyes open again, meeting yours* I'm taking you to the Orpheum. T-the theater on University Place...unless when we're done here you'd rather go home straight away. *I tilt my head slightly at you*

Wood Lij: *When you tell me where you're planning on taking me, I look up at you and grin.* Dommie, why would I tell you I would rather go home? That sounds wonderful, love. *I grin at you, and become almost bouncy again, now that I know where it is you're taking me. I tub my foot along yours underneath the table, before looking up at you again.* I love you, lots. *I say this softly, not sure if you can hear me.*

Pianist Dominic: *I can't help but smile warmly at you, its really rather endearing that you in your complete innocence didn't catch what I meant by asking if you'd rather just go home. And then your bouncy-ness makes me giggle, and I move my leg slightly against yours, loving the contact* I love you much...*I almost whisper, and play idly with the stem of goblet-thing my water is in* I've never actually been to the Orpheum, I think it just opened not too long ago...and its insanely difficult to get tickets there, but I'm looking forward to it. *I nod and smile at you, feeling proud of myself for going the extra step -- even if Madame Malkin -did- get the sold out tickets for me at a discount because her daughter works at the theater*

Wood Lij: *When the waitress comes to collect the plates and such that we had finished off, I glance up at her for a moment. She still seemed convinced that she would get my attention or something, but I just shrugged it off. When she seemed slightly confused of to whom the bill went to, obviously not used to serving only two men, I glanced up at her, and nodded slightly, and she set the bill in front of me, walking away. When she was out of earshot, I look up at you for a moment* I think she likes you Dom. *I grin teasingly at you.*

Pianist Dominic: *I roll my eyes at the waitress for practically staring at you, and just smile at her when she shoots me odd looks. I cling to my water glass until she's gone, and its all I can do to not scoff loud enough for the tables next to us to hear, my voice dripping with sarcasm* Oh right. I know. I'm so sorry she can't seem to keep her eyes off me. I know it much be hard for you to have to take a backseat to my good looks. *I shake my head slightly at you and give your ankle a slight squeeze between both of mine*

Wood Lij: *I glance up at you, pulling some bills out of my wallet, enough to cover the bill, and a tip. Though she did seem to make you slightly moody and myself slightly uncomfortable, she did provide good service. Placing the money in the little thing she provide the bill in, I look up at you again.* Perhaps we should go, love? *I nod for a moment, my eyes still resting on you.*

Pianist Dominic: *I take a last sip of my water and move to stand up, setting my napkin on the table where my plate was. I yawn against the back of my hand, and, catching that waitress watching you again, I move around to the back of your chair to pull it out for you, and when you stand I move a little too close to you and smile sweetly -- a gesture that shouldn't be too obvious to anyone else looking, but one I'm sure will send the right message to that stupid girl -- and I tilt my head toward the door* After you, 'Lighe.

Wood Lij: *I glance back at the waitress and smile at her, and allow my hand to brush against yours for a moment. I step out of the restaurant with you, and look over at you.* Lead the way, my dear. *Still standing slightly close to you, I don't really want to be any further away from you than I have to be. Or at least... any further away from you than I have to be that would draw people's attention towards the pair of us. As much as I love you, I still get quite shy at the prospect at people looking at me, and I have the feeling that the two of us acting as if we're more than just friend may bring us a little more attention than I want.*

Pianist Dominic: *My heart jumps when your fingers brush against mine, and its all I can do to not hug you, or lean in to kiss your cheek. My eyes linger on yours for a moment before I turn and walk out of the reasturant with you. I turn us down a side street, although this route will take us an extra five minutes or so, but there's less people down this road to notice how closer we're walking, or that I keep bumping my shoulder and forearm into yours. Watching you out of the corner of my eye the whole way there, I pull the tickets from the pocket of my jacket when we finally get within a couple feet of the theater, and scan over them. The ushers glance at the backs of the tickets and lead us up a flight of stairs toward our seats. To say I'm a little surprised when we're lead to a balcony toward the middle of the theater would be an understatement -- I knew Madame Malkin's daughter works here, but I hardly expected to get seats that aren't terribly far from the best in the house. Its just us and a handfull of other people, with just one row of seats along the floor, and the prospect of being able to hold your hand once the lights dim is enough to make me turn to you and bounce slightly on my spot* Well, 'Lijah, will this do?

Wood Lij: *I allow you to lead me towards the theater, wanting desperately to take your hand within mine, just wanting to touch your skin. When we arrive at the theater, I allow my eyes to wander around momentarily, still making sure I follow you closely. I don't particularly want to lose my Dommie. When I hear you speak, I look over to you and smile.* Yes, my Dommie. *I find it almost impossible to lean in and kiss a part of you softly, and it takes a rather large amount of convincing to get me to not do so. I just step slightly close to you, brushing my arm against yours. I hate not being able to be affectionate with you, though I had a feeling if I attempted to try, you may attempt to push it away. My eyes look around the theater, and I look back at you, grinning.*

Pianist Dominic: *I smile warmly at you brush my arm against yours, moving over to the balcony so I can lean over it and glance around the room. It doesn't really occur to me that I'm acting a little mature and like I've never been here before -- okay, I haven't been here before, but still -- and when I turn back toward you one of the older women on the blacony is giving me a disgusted look. I tilt my head at her and smile, then walk back over to stand in front of you, lifting a hand to your forearm, and I lean in toward you under the pretense of whispering something to you, but I brush my lips lightly against your cheek* Love you. *I add softly, and turn to take me seat, smirking slightly at you*

Wood Lij: *I grin as I feel your lips brushing against my skin, forcing myself not to do anything else but smile. Making it look as though you said something that amused me. I whisper softly, looking at you* I love you, my Dommie. *I sit down in the seat beside you, brushing my fingers along your hand, keeping my eyes on you.* I love you more than you know. You'll have to wait to know how much your Lighe loves you.

Pianist Dominic: *when the lights dim I reach across the arm rest and wrap my fingers over yours, brushing my thumb lightly over the back of your hand, and I lean my arm against yours. There's not anyone behind us to see, so I lean over toward you again and whisper against your ear, breathing hotly over it on purpose* Mmm, I think I have a...fairly good idea how much you love me...but it wouldn't hurt for you to, um, show me again. *I nod at you and turn my head toward the stage, where the show has already begun, but I find it difficult to keep my eyes off you*

Wood Lij: *I whimper softly, not loud enough to bother anyone, and glance over at you. I lean towards you, my lips quite near your ear, and whisper softly* I've been having to resist even holding your hand all night, and you're not making it any easier. *My eyes look around at the people near us, before flicking my tongue along the shell of your ear. I straighten up in my seat, moving my eyes towards the stage, as I squeeze your hand within my own.*

Pianist Dominic: *I smile at your whimper, but have to bite back my own when I feel your tongue on my ear. I shift a little in my chair and just watch you when you turn your attention back to the stage. With my eyes narrowed slightly, I slide my hand out of yours and move it to your leg, my fingers tracing little circles over your thigh, and I turn my attention back to the stage as well with a slight smirk on my face, speaking softly without turning back to you* Can't keep your hands off me, can you, kitten?

Wood Lij: *I manage to hold back any whimpering sound that your fingers on my leg may draw from me on any other occasion, and I rest one of my hands on your thigh, almost dangerously close to your groin area. My voice remaining at it soft whisper, and my eyes remaining on the stage,* I think I've managed to keep my hands off you quite well. Until now, but of course, it's dark. No one can see where my hands are.

Pianist Dominic: *I let my eyelids fall closed for a moment so I can focus on breathing, and it vaguely occurs to me that I'm probably not going to end up seeing much of the show -- not that I really mind. I slowly trail my fingers down to the upper part of your inner thigh, and idly trace little patters against the material of your trousers* Mmhm, that works two ways, Lighe. *I turn my head to you and wink at you*

Wood Lij: *I close my eyes for a moment as you move your hand, holding back another whimper. I move my hand nearer to your groin area, my fingers barely touching your leg. Knowing the material of your pants would make you feel my hands less, I'm pressing my fingers down a bit harder than I would originally to give you the 'barely' touching effect. I glance over at you for a moment* I never said it didn't, Dommie.

Pianist Dominic: *I bite my bottom lip a little harder than usual to distract myself from your fingers on my leg, the simple touches making my head swim, and although I'm watching the stage I couldn't tell you what is going on. I shift a little, scooting back further in my chair without really realizing I'm doing so -- but if your fingers move any further up my leg I'm not going to be able to hold back any more whimpers, and I'm not really keen on being thrown out because of...innapropriate behavior. I tilt my head slightly and act like I'm whispering something to you, but I kiss your neck softly, then flick my tongue over your neck*

Wood Lij: *I close my eyes, taking in a deep breath. I tilt my head slightly, attempting not to allow myself to make any noises from the feeling of your lips and tongue along my neck. I move my neck slightly, to an angle where your lips cannot reach anymore, and shift my eyes to the stage once more. I don't necessarily want to make any noises that would hint to anyone that we're doing anything more than just making innocent comments about the goings on on the stage.*

Pianist Dominic: *I smile slightly when you pull away, and fix my eyes on the stage. It takes all of two seconds for my mind to wander to my fingers still on your inner thigh, and I move my free hand to my jacket pocket to pull out my ticket, hoping it says how long the show is on it. It doesn't, and I wrinkle my nose at the ticket and put it back into my pocket, wondering if coming here wasn't that great of an idea anyway. I make an honest effort to watch and pay attention, but after about ten minutes I'm still only vaguely aware of what is going on, and I turn my head toward yours again* Um, ' you have any idea what's going on?

Wood Lij: *I lean my head in to you for a minute when you start speaking again, and grin. I whisper softly* I have an idea. But I could be very wrong. It's you're fault, you're extremely sexy. *I lean in and kiss your cheek softly, before looking back over towards the stage for a moment. I whisper softly into your ear.* I love you so much, my Dommie.

Pianist Dominic: *I smile at your words and lean in to brush my cheek against yours, and suddenly the theater doesn't seem like such a bad idea anymore* I know, I'm sorry you can't seem to keep your hands off me. I could try to be less sexy if you'd like...though I don't know if I'd be any good at it. *I smirk slightly and turn back to the stage when you do, my cheeks flushing at your last comment -- even though I'm not sure why, as you've told me that before* I love you too, kitten.

Wood Lij: *I laugh softly, and grin.* My darling, I doubt you will ever be anything less than sexy. if you decided you were going to not shower for a month, and run around in the mud, I'd still think you were sexy. *I run my hand over your leg, biting my lip for a moment. I giggle softly, and look at the stage* You know, you're the most distracting man I know.

Pianist Dominic: *I bite back my own giggle at your soft one, and give your thigh a soft squeeze, leaning my forearm against yours, and I turn my lips back to your ear, trying to make my words as seductive as possible* If you like it dirty, Elijah, all you have to do is say... *I smile at you and brush my fingers over your leg again* You may have a point there, but I'd be incredibly boring if I wasn't distracting.

Wood Lij: *I whisper softly over at you* Oh, Dominic, I like it >very< dirty. You just have to wait to see exactly how dirty I like it. *I grin at you* And I don't think I would like you much if you were boring, Dom. *I flick my tongue out along your ear, nipping at it lightly.* I love how distracting you can be. Sometimes, though. *I grin, and run my fingers up your thigh, resting my hand there.*

Wood Lij: I can always afford to be distracted by my Dominic. *I become silent once a woman near me decides she's had enough of the whispering and giggling and emitts a rather loud 'Shh!' I giggle softly, before silencing completely, reaching over and taking one of your hands within my own. I lean over and press my lips against your cheek, before my eyes glance back over to the stage. I wonder how long I'll be paying attention this time.*

Pianist Dominic: *I hear the woman shh us and I turn my head to send a rather nasty glare in her direction, then make a good show of yawning dramatically while still looking at her -- though not really loud enough for the people on my side to hear or be bothered. She doesn't look at me -- so typical of the little rich-types that probably have seats in the balcony for every show here -- but I can see her shift irritably in her chair, and I sort of decide that the chance I'll ever see any of these people again is pretty rare, and I lean toward you and kiss your lips softly, quickly and still descrete, but still actually kissing you this time. I wrap my fingers in yours and lightly run my thumb over the back of your hand, watching the stage and trying to figure out what's going on*

Wood Lij: *I giggle at your response to the woman. Slightly surprised at the kiss, I almost don't have enough time to respond. I take your hand within mine, and grinning, I look back at the stage. I lean slightly towards you, still facing the stage, so my arm brushes against yours. I whisper softly* You know... I love you. *I nod, and begin biting one of my nails, making it look like I'm concentrating on what's going on.*

Pianist Dominic: *I lean against you, and resist the urge to rest my head on your shoulder, trying to keep my eyes on the stage and NOT watch you biting your nails. I think I'm finally starting to figure out who is where on the stage, and I turn my lips only briefly to your cheek* I do know. And I hope you know I love you too. *I give your hand a light squeeze and smile slightly at you*

Wood Lij: Course I know that. *Finally able to get a general idea of the people on the stage, I continue to bite my nails for a moment longer to keep my mind off the fact that you're so close to me. And the fact that you smell incredible. And how gorgeous you are... I close my eyes for a moment, opening them only when I feel as though my mind wn't drift over to you again. At least not for a moment*

Pianist Dominic: *I move my other hand over yours too, holding your one between both of mine, and idly play with your fingers while watching the rest of the show. It seems like we've been here for days, so it'd probably be safe to say the show should be over soon, which is just as well, as I don't particularly think I could stand to sit here much longer and not let my hands wander*I think this is over soon...*I whisper to you, shifting all antsy-like in my seat. The music starts to get all dramatic, and the obvious last scene plays out, then the actors all come and bow as the lights gradually come back on. I get up when everyone else around us does, and hesitantly let go of your hand, shoving both of mine into my pockets and smiling sheepishly at you* Well, um...did you have anything else in mind? I, um...*I shift a little, I know you left the posibilities for tonight open, and then all the touching during the show...but I really want to be sure you're ready before anything more than light groping happens* I could walk you home, if you'd like?

Wood Lij: *As the lights turn on, I reluctantly let go of your hand. When you suggest walking me home, I nod. Your hands on me, even through my clothing, hand made me realized how much I had missed you. How much I had missed having you touching... certain parts of me. I grin slightly over at you, and I desperately hope that it comes off as an innocent grin.* I would like that, Dom. *I stand up from my seat, resisting the urge to offer you my hand. I shoot a look over to the woman who had so kindly told us to be quiet during the show, before sending her a sweet smile.*

Pianist Dominic: *I nod at you, unable to really read that glint in your eyes, but I shrug it off and snicker slightly at you when you smile at the woman who shh-ed us. I walk with you out of the theater, back down the steps to the ground level, then head in the direction of your home* So, um, did you like the show? I mean, what we saw of it? *I glance over at you, almost hopefully, wanting you to have had a good time tonight, this having been our first date and all*

Wood Lij: I liked what we saw of it. I wasn't expecting you to take me there, either, and it was fun! *I smile at you. I glance around for a moment, and almost push you into a dark alley way.* It's a short cut to my house. Either that, or it's quite dark and no one can see me if I do this. *I lean in and kiss you softly, before taking your hand.* And it leads to my house, really. No one ever goes back here.

Pianist Dominic: *I smile back at you and nod, proud of myself for surprising you. I almost fall over when you push me though, and I arch an eyebrow at your excuse* Mmhm, you just couldn't wait until we got home. *I wink at you, and lean in to kiss you again, bringing a hand up to run my fingers through your hair before pulling back* No one comes back here because dark alleys aren't exactly the safest place to be. *I take your hand in mine, and walk again toward your home*

OOC: Yeah, we kind of left this one open, but at least there's no sex-warning (I don't know if that's really a good thing though...).
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