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Elijah Wood

Elijah: *I curl myself up in a chair in one of the back tables of the Gypsy, yawning slightly to myself, with a drink in hand. I rarely drink here, but I decided tonight may be a good night to have one.*

Craig: *I walk through the door of the Gypsy, my gaze sweeping over the crowd, before I shrug and head slowly over the table I tend to sit at all the time now*

Miranda: *Up on stage yet again, you find me singing another song.*

Dominic: *I close my eyes to focus on a particularly difficult passage of the song I'm playing, half-humming it while willing my fingers to stretch and hit the second octave*

Orlando: * Tired of the paint fumes from painting my kitchen I decided that I should take a break and go down the Gypsy and hopefully meet Craig. Walking in I look around seeing if Craig had come*

Hannah: *I grin slightly to myself when I see Craig enter into the Gypsy, and step over to the table he heads over to* Hello, love.

Craig: *I turn towards you when I hear your voice, grinning as well* Hello. *I lean forward and kiss you softly, sitting down with you*

Orlando: *I see him and start to walk over when a very attractive young girl walks up to him. I hesitate and take a quickly seat and the bar*

Miranda: *still singing, I look over to see the poet and the sister speaking intimately. My voice hits a bit off the note as I feel a spark of jealously*

Hannah: *I kiss Craig softly, before settling myself down beside you at the table.*

Orlando: *looking around I take everything in and note the excellent piano playing. Turing back facing away from everyone I order my drink slightly disappointed that Craig was not alone*

Dominic: *haha! I resist the urge to cheer when I nail the passage, high octaves and all, I work on rounding the piece to a natural end, as its nearly time for the singer and I to have our breaks, and I get up at its end to let the other pianist take over. Nodding briefly to the singer, I shove my hands in my pockets and glance around, not spotting anyone familiar, and I move over to the bar, sitting down between an attractive fellow and someone who's obviously had more than his fair share of alcohol* anyone familiar, and I move over to the bar, sitting down between an attractive fellow and someone who's obviously had more than his fair share of alcohol*

Craig: *I smile at you as we sit down* How are you, my dear Hannah?

Orlando: * I look to the right of me and see that the man who had been playing the piano was now sitting next to me. I smile* You play beautifully,

Elijah: *I lean back in my seat, watching Dominic move from the piano over to the bar, yet not exactly sure if I should go over there. I shrug slightly, and take another sip of my drink*

Hannah: I'm good, how are you, love?

Dominic: *I turn to the man next to me and smile charmingly, offering him my hand* Thank you! I'm Dominic Monaghan, I don't think I've seen you here before?

Craig: *I smile at you, taking your hand and giving it a soft squeeze* I'm doing just great, my dear. *I kiss your cheek softly*

Hannah: *I run my hand through your hair for a moment, and grin* It's shorter.

Orlando: *I take his hand and shake it* Orlando Bloom. Pleasure to meet you. This is my second time coming here, * I glance over at Craig and see him kiss the girl. I wonder if she might be Hannah.*

Dominic: *Still smiling at Orlando, I follow his gaze to Hannah and Craig, then look back at him* Ah. You have friends in the area, then?

Craig: *I grin and nod, laughing softly* You noticed. *I look over and notice Dom and Orlando talking, I smile again* It's alright, isn't it?

Orlando: *I look back at him and bite my lip* Oh, I've only met Craig for a couple of weeks now. He's my only friend at the moment *I smile and then take a sip of my drink*

Elijah: *I move over to the bar, slightly bouncy. I grin at the bartender.* Hi! Another one of these? *I set my glass on the bar, taking it after it's filled*

Hannah: *I nod* Of course it is. *I lean in and kiss you softly*

Dominic: *I nod at Orlando and take a sip of the water the bartender has given me* Well, as I understand it, Craig's only been in the area a short while, unlike myself. I've lived here almost my whole life. *turns back to Orlando* Are you new here as well? I can hardly see someone as handsome as yourself with only one friend.

Orlando: *I laugh, my cheeks turning slightly pink* I've been here about a month and haven't been out very much to make any I guess. * I shrug* How long have you played?

Craig: *I smile, returning your kiss* Good, I was hoping you wouldn't mind, since you liked it how it was...

Elijah: *After finishing off that glass, I notice Dominic at the bar, staring at him for a moment, as though I just realized he were there. Dominic and a rather attractive man. Not that Dominic wasn't dead sexy...*

Dominic: *I smile at the pink colour rising in the man's cheeks, finding it rather charming on him* Well, the Gypsy is nice, you should come here more often, lots of nice people. *I take another sip of my water* I've played almost as long as I can remember, my mother got me into it. Said every boy should have a hobby. I thought it was girly, but its done me well, I've worked here almost four years, and I love it. *smiling* What line of work are you in, if you don't mind me asking?

Elijah: *Getting my glass refilled, I make my way over to the two men, keeping my eyes locked on the two of them.*

Hannah: I love how you look, no matter how you decide to wear your hair, my Craig.

Orlando: *I smile* I hope to. * I glance over a man staring at Dom and walking towards us, I wonder about it and quickly turn my attention to Dom again* My mum tried to get me to play when I was younger but I could never stick to it. * I laugh* I am jobless. Though I am looking to be a waiter of some kind but it seems that all the cafés and pubs aren't hiring, so now I'm playing decorator for my new flat

Craig: *I grin* Thank you, *I kiss you softly* my Hannah. You always look beautiful.

Hannah: *I blush slightly at your words, returning your kiss* Thank you, Craig.

Dominic: *snickering softly* Decorator can be fun though, and at least you've got yourself some time to settle in. *A thought occurs to me and I tilt my head slightly* If you're friends with Craig...his girlfriend, Hannah, works as a waitress in some cafe. You should speak with her, perhaps she can put a good word in for you, set you up with a job?

Craig: *I smile at your blush, kissing your cheek* And how is work coming along for you? Alright, I hope?

Hannah: Work is going good. It's slightly tiring, but it's good. You?

Craig: *I nod* I understand, tiring for me as well. My last assignment was my biggest...it took a lot out of me...but it paid off. *I smile and look over at Dom and Orlando*

Orlando: *I nod thoughtfully* I didn't know, yes I should. * I take another sip of my drink watching as the man as he nears us* And I don't want to intrude on them... *I catch Craig's eye and nod*

Elijah: *I step up to Dominic and his new friend.* Hi...

Orlando: * I nod to the man and smile* Hellu

Dominic: *I nod and glance over at Craig and Hannah* Yeah, but it'll give you reason to make a new friend with Hannah. *I hear Elijah's voice and turn to him, tilting my head at his posture* Hello Lighe. *I glance at Orlando* Orlando, this is Elijah, and Lighe this is Orlando.

Orlando: * I smile and extend my hand* How do you do?

Elijah: *I grasp Orlando's hand, my eyes running over him for a moment* I'm good, how are you?

Dominic: *I arch an eyebrow slightly at Elijah when he runs his eyes over Orlando, and I'm pretty sure I can smell alcohol on him. Amused, I just watch the two*

Orlando: * I continue to smile and shake you hand* Just fine thank you. * I glance over at Dom* Are you two friends?

Hannah: *My eyes follow yours for a moment, and I smirk slightly when I see Elijah approach the two.*

Dominic: Oh yes. Very close. *I smile innocently, not telling Orlando HOW close, or that Elijah is the owner of the Gypsy*

Craig: *I smile at them* Looks like they're having fun? *I laugh softly and signal for a drink*

Elijah: Friends? *I brush my fingers over Dominic's cheek, and nod slightly* Good friends.

Hannah: *I kiss Craig's cheek softly, and grin towards him.*

Orlando: * I nod politely and give a small smile. I take a small sip of my drink not sure what to say and absentmindedly pop my neck*

Dominic: *Trying very hard to not lean in toward Elijah's touch, I nod slightly and repeat his words* Yes, friends. Have you been drinking, Lighe?

Elijah: Me? I don't drink... well maybe a little.

Craig: *I look over at you and smile, returning your kiss*

Dominic: Mmhm, I'm sure you don't. In fact, I can smell how much you haven't had to drink. *I glance at Orlando* You'll have to pardon him, he's not usually so...drunk.

Orlando: * I bite my lip hiding a smile* It's alright, I understand...

Elijah: I'm not drunk! I've only had this... *I hold up my glass, which I had managed to keep... almost all of the liquid in it. I take a sip of it, before looking over at Orlando* I don't drink.

Dominic: *I smile at Elijah and turn back to the bar, taking a sip of my water and talking a little softer to Orlando* He doesn't usually drink. Usually.

Elijah: *I pout slightly at Dominic, before shifting my attention towards Orlando*

Orlando: *I nod humoring you* oh, * I look over at Dom and smile* It's quite alright

Dominic: *I shake my head from amusement, and say again softly to Orlando* If he gets too bad let me know and I'll restrain him. *snickering softly so you know I'm kidding*

Craig: *I raise my eyebrow at the way Elijah is standing and the way Dom and Orlando are looking at him, I turn to look back at Hannah* Is he alright?

Orlando: *I smile and contain my laughter I look over at Elijah* Did you want to talk to Dominic alone?

Hannah: *I nod towards the glass he has in his hand* He just doesn't drink much, that's all.

Craig: *I look back over and nod* I see...just making sure. *I smile back over at you, giving your hand a gentle squeeze*

Miranda: *I walk down the stairs and up to Orli and say, "Hello."*

Elijah: *I shake my head for a moment* No... not alone. *Runs his eyes over Dominic for a moment* That could be arranged though.

Orlando: * A bit startled by all the people coming up to me, I smile and nod* Hello,

Dominic: *I arch an eyebrow at Elijah and try to not smile* Would you like me to leave you and Orlando alone to chat?

Dominic: *I glance over at the singer, wrinkling my nose slightly at her for interrupting* Hello, Miranda.

Elijah: *I look over at the singer, and grin brightly* Hi Miranda!

Orlando: * I look back over to Elijah and take a sip of my drink. Not sure how to react to the rising trouble*

Miranda: *I state a bit too intently at Orli, "How are you?*

Hannah: *I lean in towards Craig, kissing him softly* He's fine, he's got Dominic with him.

Dominic: *I watch Elijah saying hello to Miranda a little too sweetly, and shift on my stool, just watching*

Miranda: *I also see Elijah looking at me, "Well Hello, How are you?" I take his hand.*

Orlando: * I look back at the girl everyone was calling Miranda and nod* Fine thank you and yourself? * I pause as she talks to Elijah*

Elijah: *Yawns slightly, covering his mouth, before shaking Miranda's hand* Quite good!

Orlando: * I cough nervously as I take another drink, finishing it*

Miranda: *I smile at Orli, "Quite fine but tired. Maybe you could help?"*

Craig: *I smile at you and return your kiss* Alright...*I snort at everyone crowding around Orlando* He's sure getting a lot of attention. *I shake my head and look back at you*

Hannah: *I giggle softly, and rest my head on Craig's shoulder.*

Craig: *I smile and motion for the bartender for another drink* I would be happy to....

Orlando: Get lots of sleep * I say flatly*

Miranda: *I motion for a drink, and drink it quick. I say, "Well, I know something that may help us..."*

Dominic: *Thankful Mir has moved away from Elijah, I watch her and Orlando, smiling softly when she offers and he accepts, and I reach out to quickly nudge Elijah's hand. Catching Orli's remark, I can't help snorting and I try desperately to not giggle*

Craig: *I rest my head on top of yours, smiling as my drink arrives. I inhale deeply, smiling at the way you smell* You smell nice tonight...but I do miss that touch of paint. *I grin cheesily at the comment, shaking my head as well*

Orlando: * I shake my head* No no I've been getting plenty of rest thank you, But perhaps you should go down to United Drug their sleeping pills are wonderful,

Elijah: *taking a sip of my drink, I blink slightly at Orli's remark. It takes me a moment, the alcohol fully in my system now, but I giggle slightly. If anyone didn't know how much I had to drink, they may have thought me to be slightly slow*

Hannah: If you don't watch it, Craig, every time I see you, I'll be sure to smell of paint. *I grin teasingly up at you*

Miranda: *A bit flustered, I grin at you. But not soon enough to let a tear drop down from my eye. I try to turn around as fast as I can.*

Dominic: *My giggles break through as I watch Elijah process Orli's remark, he looks absolutely lost for a moment before he laughs, and I make note to watch his alcohol intake for the rest of the night so he doesn't get ill or do something we'll both regret. I tilt my head at Miranda, wondering what's wrong with her, but not asking.*

Craig: *I laugh at your reply, reaching for my drink and taking a sip of it* I love you, my Hannah *I kiss your head softly*

Orlando: *I turn back to my drink and look at Dom wondering* Something I said?

Miranda: *I go back to singing, since I find it's the only thing I can do anymore for anyone.*

Dominic: *Still smiling, I shake my head at Orli, I can already tell I'm going to like this guy, and I speak softly so only he hears* Nah, princess is just used to getting what and...*I run my eyes down Orlando intently* ...who, she wants.

Elijah: *I gasp slightly* Sex is evil *I nod seriously* Were you talking about sex?

Dominic: *I wrinkle my forehead at Elijah* Evil? You're quite the evil one then, aren't you? *I arch an eyebrow at Lijah*

Orlando: * I look at Elijah oddly trying not to laugh then return to looking at Dom with interest*

Elijah: *My eyes get big for a moment* No! I'm sweet and innocent. *I look over at Orlando* Tell him.

Orlando: * I look over at Elijah then back at Dom* What?

Hannah: *I grin, and snuggle up to you* I love you as well, my dear.

Dominic: *Still giggling, I think >I'm< going to need a drink soon, I turn to Orlando* Elijah, the non-drunk, remember, seems to think you know if he is innocent or not, and would like you to tell me.

Miranda: *I decide to walk back up to Orli, "I'm sorry for being a whore."*

Orlando: *bewildered I nod and said slowly* sure.... *I look back at the girl called Miranda and smile sympathetically* It's alright.

Miranda: *I say, "I mean, really. I just wanted a friend really but I always have to hit on someone to get a friend...*

Craig: *I smile and entwine my fingers with yours, leaning against you as I feel you against me* I'm so glad...*I kiss you softly and hold it for a moment*

Elijah: *I drain the rest of the liquid within the glass, setting it down on the bar* I am not drunk. Orlando COULD know if I were innocent, Dominic Monaghan.

Orlando: * I nod slowly* you should learn to break that habit, it's not very becoming

Dominic: *I glance back at Elijah, now that Orlando seems to be busy with Miranda -- for the moment at lease* Well, I guess so then. I'll keep that in mind, then, no?

Miranda: *I say, "I was taught to be this way. But no matter, I want to change.*

Orlando: * I turn back to Elijah and Dom trying to make sense of what they're talking about*

Hannah: *I return your kiss, and smile slightly at Craig. I rest my head on his shoulder, snuggling up to him slightly*

Orlando: *I turn back to the girl named Miranda and smile a little* I see, * I turn back to Dom* What is he getting at?

Dominic: *I shrug slightly at Orlando* Elijah would just like us to know he's innocent, I guess.

Miranda: *I decide it's no matter talking to Orli when his brain is in his pants.*

Miranda: *I walk over to Craig and say, "Hi!"*

Hannah: *I glance up at the woman I had known to be one of the singers here at the Gypsy, and raise an eyebrow at her*

Orlando: *I nod then notice that the girl named Miranda leaves slightly happy that she had I watch her walk over to Craig and instantly feel sorry for him*

Craig: *I smile down at you, but blink in surprise when the singer comes up to our table and greets me. I look over at you, seeing you with the same expression, I look back up* ...Hello...

Miranda: *I instantly sense I am not wanted by either, "Well I guess I'll sing again for you lovebirds."*

Craig: *I blink again in surprise, looking over at Hannah again*

Miranda: *Walking to the stage I start singing.*

Hannah: *I giggle softly* Miranda's sort of the.... whore of the Gypsy.

Craig: *I nod* I've erm...met, *I nod again at the word*, yes, met her before.

Hannah: Most of the men here have. And women.

Orlando: * I glance over at Craig again then return to sipping my drink*

Elijah: *I blink slightly, and glance over at Dominic, then at Orlando, before grinning slightly*

Craig: *I raise an eyebrow* Ah...I see. *I nod as I look over and meet Orlando's gaze, nodding again as I take a sip of my drink*

Dominic: *I glance at Miranda on the stage and figure I should get back to work too. I glance at Orlando and nod* Well, I must be off, it was good to meet you! I'll see you later. *I stand right in front of Elijah and put my hands on his forearms, looking him in the eye as I speak* You, behave yourself. *I smile at him then make my way back to the piano*

Orlando: * I nod as he leaves softly saying good bye I glance over again at Craig deciding that I should go over and say hi* If you will excuse me Elijah. It was very nice meeting you, * I say holding out my hand. I smile looking over at Craig and Hannah then I turn back to Elijah* I think I'll go and say hellu

Elijah: *I nod* I think... I'm going to go away from the bar. Where I'm not tempted...

Craig: *I watch as Dom leaves Orlando, and watch as Orlando gets up, I kiss your cheek softly* Well, that was interesting.

Orlando: * I laugh* good idea, * I walk over to Craig slowly not to intrude*

Elijah: *I make my way towards my office, curling up on my couch, falling asleep, figuring Dominic would wake me up.*

Craig: *I notice someone approaching us out of the corner of my eye and turn to look and see who it is, smiling when I see Orlando*

Hannah: *I look up at Orlando, and smile.*

Orlando: * I smile as Craig looks at me and I nod* Craig hellu * I look over at Hannah and smile* Hellu,

Craig: *I smile and extend my free hand* G'evening, Orlando! *I look over at Hannah and smile* Hannah, this is a good friend of mine, Orlando Bloom.

Hannah: *I smile at Orlando for a moment* It's nice to meet you.

Orlando: *I shake his hand then extend it out to Hannah* How do you do? Craig has talked a lot about you, * I smile as my cheeks grow slightly pink*
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