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CraigofLorien: *After hanging around at my apartment, wrapping the gift I had just bought you, I leave my place to head to your apartment, hoping you're there and that I'm not coming at a bad time. I head up the steps and to your door, tucking the gift under my arm as I knock*

Sister of Elijah: *I glance towards the door when you knock, and attempt to climb off of the couch. I seem to have made a habit of falling off the couch if I've been laying on it, reading with a blanket, and I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't make any loud noises. I make my way towards the door, and open it, grinning when I see it's you* My Craig! Come in! *I move out of the way of the door.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile as you open the door, stepping in before you* Hello, my Hannah. *I lean and kiss your cheek softly* How have you been?

Sister of Elijah: *I turn my head slightly, and kiss you softly* I've been all right, how about you?

CraigofLorien: *I smile as I look at you* I've been doing pretty well. *I pause for a moment, bringing out the gift that I had under my arm.* I bought you something...which I'm hoping you'll like.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile at you, leaning up to kiss you once more* You bought me something? *I grin up at you, taking the gift you had offered me, pressing my lips against yours softly* I'm sure I'll love it, it came from my Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I nod and smile at you* Yes, I bought something for my Hannah. *I return your kiss*

Sister of Elijah: *I kiss you softly once more, before turning my attention to the gift. It was rare that anyone who wasn't related to me gave me anything. I hadn't been expecting it.* I'm allowed to open it and see what it is, right?

CraigofLorien: *I smile and nod* Yes, of course you are. *I smile and walk over to your couch to sit down with you so you can open the gift*

Sister of Elijah: All right, I just wanted to make sure you weren't giving it to me, but saying 'you have to wait.' *I allow myself to be led to the couch, settling myself beside you. I open the gift you had given me, and I smile.* Oh, Craig... *I lean over and kiss your cheek* Thank you so much, my Craig, it's wonderful.

CraigofLorien: *I smile as you open it and nod* You're welcome, Hannah. *I smile and kiss you, looking at you and tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear* My Hannah. *I kiss you softly* I'm glad you like it.

Sister of Elijah: *I smile at you, looking up at you for a moment, and I return your kisses softly. As I pull away, I smile up at you, before leaning over to you and resting my head on your shoulder* It's perfect, Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I smile down at you as I put my arm around you* Indeed...I just wanted to get you something...for you. *I kiss your head gently* Because I love you, my Hannah.

Sister of Elijah: *I nuzzle up to you, wrapping my arms around you* Thank you, my Craig. *I shift slightly, and press my lips against your cheek, kissing you softly* I love you very much, my dear. I doubt I could tell you how much I actually love you, you know? *I smile up at you, before snuggling back up to you again.*

CraigofLorien: You're welcome, my dear. *I put both arms around you as I kiss you and smile, nodding* Words cannot express my love for you *I whisper softly, kissing you again*

Sister of Elijah: *I return your kisses, letting the last one linger for a bit longer before pulling away.* I love you... *I whisper this softly into your ear, as my lips are rather close to your earlobe.*

CraigofLorien: *I close my eyes as I feel your breath on my ear, and I smile* And I love you, too...seeing you makes me so happy... *I whisper in reply as I hold you against me, opening my eyes for a moment*

Sister of Elijah: *I kiss your cheek softly, running my fingers through your hair.* Seeing you makes me happy as well, my Craig. *I rest my head on you shoulder, smiling slightly to myself.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile as you put your head on my shoulder, thinking to myself as I run my fingers through your hair as well* Indeed, my Hannah. *I reach up and tuck a strand of your hair behind one of your ears, smiling down at you still*

Sister of Elijah: *I snuggle up to you, wrapping my arms around you.* I love you so much, my darling Craig.

CraigofLorien: *My smile grows distant as I think about the fact that this is one of those moments where I would give anything to just be with you forever. I rest my head against yours, closing my eyes once more.* And I love you too, my dear Hannah.

Sister of Elijah: *I sort of curl up beside you, smiling to myself* I'm glad you came by today. I rather enjoy it when you're here, love.

CraigofLorien: *I smile and nod softly, holding you against me* I'm glad I decided to come by...I wanted to give that to you, and I wanted to see you. I just enjoy being with you...*I move to kiss you softly*

Sister of Elijah: *I nod* I truly like it, too. And thank you again, my Craig. *I return your kiss, my hand moving up to rest on your cheek. I allow the kiss to linger for a moment, before pulling away for a moment, smiling at you.*

CraigofLorien: *My smile broadens a little at your words* I'm glad you do, and you're certainly welcome, dear Hannah... *I feel your hand against my cheek, and I slowly reach up to take your hand in mine, entwining my fingers with yours as you kiss me. I return the smile you give me as I kiss you again*

Sister of Elijah: Of course I do. *I kiss you softly, lovingly. After a moment, I deepen the kiss slightly. My tongue slips into your mouth, as I begin to massage your tongue with my own, taking in the taste of your mouth.*

CraigofLorien: *I close my eyes as you kiss me, feeling your tongue against mine. I press mine against yours lightly, as my other hand reaches up to touch your face*

Sister of Elijah: *Returning your kiss, I deepen it just slightly. I close my eyes, one of my hands moving to run through your hair slightly.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile to myself, shifting my weight to lean on you slightly as I pull away for a moment then kiss you again*

Sister of Elijah: *I press my lips against you, kissing you softly, lovingly. As you pull away, I run my eyes over you for a moment, smiling slightly at you, before leaning in and returning your kisses.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile back at you, pulling away as I move the gift off your lap and onto the floor, getting up and taking you into my arms, carrying you back to your bedroom and setting you down gently, before kissing you once more as I put my arms around you*

Sister of Elijah: *I wrap my arms around you as you lift me, kissing your lips softly. When I'm set onto my bed, I crawl back slightly, leaning back against the pillows, bringing you along with me* I love you.

CraigofLorien: *I smile down at you, returning your kisses* I love you too, my Hannah. *I kiss you again, deepening the kiss as I run my hands along your arms, moving my hands under your shirt and running them over your skin, before taking my hands out and beginning to unbutton your shirt*

Sister of Elijah: *I close my eyes momentarily at the feeling of your hands on my skin, and move my hands up to the buttons of your shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. I return your kiss, parting my lips slightly as I feel it being deepened.*

CraigofLorien: *I remove your shirt as you remove mine, pulling away from the kiss for briefly, but wanting the contact of your lips against mine, and so I kiss you again*

Sister of Elijah: *I push your shirt over your shoulders, off of you, my hands drifting down to your pants. I begin to unbuckle your belt, and unbutton your pants.*

CraigofLorien: *I shift my weight slightly so that you can remove my pants and I move to take off your skirt as well, continuing to kiss you as I do so, deepening the kiss*

Sister of Elijah: *I run my fingers through your hair, continuing to deepen the kisses. I move one of my hands down over your cock, my fingers brushing over the sensitive skin there.*

CraigofLorien: *I moan softly into the kiss as I feel your hand, kissing you harder. After a moment, I break away and move to kiss your neck*

Sister of Elijah: *I run my hand down your length, just barely touching the sensitive skin. I tilt my head slightly, my eyes closing slightly at the feeling of your lips on my skin*

CraigofLorien: *I let out a ragged sigh onto your neck, kissing your neck again. I slowly kiss a trail down to one of your breasts, kissing it lightly*

Sister of Elijah: *I whimper softly at the feeling of your lips on my breast. My eyes close for a moment, and I arch up slightly towards your lips. My hand strokes your length once more*

CraigofLorien: *I kiss your breast softly a moment longer, my tongue teasing your nipple. I moan again as I feel your hand along me, and I move up to kiss you once more*

Sister of Elijah: *I kiss you softly, my hand leaving your cock, my arms wrapping around you. I slip my tongue into your mouth, my eyes fluttering closed.*

CraigofLorien: *I return your kiss, feeling your tongue against mine. I touch it gently, massaging it. When I feel you hand leave, I slowly move to enter you, closing my eyes.*

Sister of Elijah: *Returning your kisses, making them more passionate than before. As you enter into me, I moan softly.*

CraigofLorien: *I smile at your kisses, returning them just as passionately. I run a hand through your hair as I slowly speed up*

Sister of Elijah: *I moan softly into the kisses, my hands running through your hair. I massage your tongue lightly with my own, another light moan escaping from the back of my throat, though it's somewhat muffled by the kisses*

CraigofLorien: *I kiss you harder as I slowly speed up, moaning slightly in response to your moans. I bring my hands down to run up your sides, kissing you harder*

Sister of Elijah: *Returning your kisses, I moan softly into your mouth. The feeling of you moving faster within me causes another, slightly louder moan.*

CraigofLorien: *I speed up just slightly more to where I empty into you. I collapse onto you as I let out a cry into the kiss, breaking it a moment later as I open my eyes to look at you*

Sister of Elijah: *As I feel you emptying into me, I open my eyes, looking up at you. I run my fingers through your hair, smiling at you slightly.* I love you, Craig.

CraigofLorien: *I kiss you softly, holding it there for a moment before I shift my weight and move to lie beside you* I love you too, my Hannah. *I whisper softly*

Sister of Elijah: *I run my fingers through your hair once more, leaning over to kiss you as you lie beside me. Snuggling up to you for a moment, I smile, wrapping my arms around you*

CraigofLorien: *I rest my head on top of yours as I put my own arms around you, my eyes closing*
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