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Dominic Monaghan

Elijah: *I step out of my office, the amount of paperwork had been getting to me, and make my way towards the bar. Not going overboard with the amount of alcohol, I just want a drink.*

Karl: *slipping into the bar, avoiding some customer who wanted more, knowing that hiding, why not always the brave thing to do, can also be a smart thing to do as well*

Orlando: *Sitting at the bar I take another sip of my drink. Reading the paper in front of me I dont notice the people and doings around me.*

Cate: *After a long day of trying to find any type of work I stop by the Gypsy to calm down. I walk in and sit down at the bar ordering a simple drink*

Hannah: *I yawn slightly, and I settle myself down at a seat at the bar, waving away the bartender*

Orlando: *I glace up from my paper and smile slightly as I see Hannah sit at the bar and then look around the room to see what has changed*

Karl: *orders a drink, leaning against the bar, checking to see if there's anyone here I need to be wary of*

Dominic: *closing my eyes, I sigh softly and round out the coda on the piece I'm playing, a favorite of the public, if not boring to play. Yawning against my shoulder, I force my eyes open and glance out over the crowd in the main room*

Cate: *I get up from the bar, and wander off among the many people of the bar heading for no where in particular. Just hoping to bump into a familar face*

Hannah: *I spot Orlando, and nod over to him, smiling slightly at him, giving him a small wave.*

Orlando: *I smile and wave back motioning for her to sit in the empty seat next to mine*

Hannah: *I move over to Orlando, sitting beside him, grinning slightly* Hullo, Orlando. You good?

Orlando: *I smile* Hello Hannah, I'm fine. How are you tonight? *I finish off my drink and nod at the bar tender for another one*

Cate: *I stop and lean up against a wall and sip my drink while looking out over all the patrons. A small piece of hair falls over my eyes but I don't bother to move it out of the way*

Hannah: I'm good... I just got off work, so I'm slightly tired. But other than that, I'm good.

Lij: *I watch Dominic up at the piano, smiling slightly, as I finish off my drink. I shake my head slightly when I set my glass down on the bar, stating I didn't wish for another.*

Karl: *stands back up with my drink, sipping it slowly, taking out a cigarette and lighting it up, leaning back against the bar, glaring as my hair falls into my eyes, too lazy to be bothered doing anything more than blow at it*

Dominic: *trying my best to flash a convincing smile at a random lady that passes by the piano, I groan softly and wish the early night was coming to a close. I miss a couple notes in a row and turn my eyes down to glare at my hands, as though that'll do any good. Thankfully, there's a hand on my shoulder and the alternate pianist offers to take over for a while when I'm finished with the song I'm on. Wrapping up as quick as possible, I hand the keys over and nearly stumble over to the bar, folding my arms on top of the counter and laying my head down*

Orlando: *I nod* You're a waitress no? As well as a painter huh? *I pop my neck absentmindedly*

Hannah: *I nod* Yes. I'm a waitress, because... well, being an artist doesn't really allow you to live too comfortably. Of course, neither does being a waitress.

Lij: *I move over to Dominic, sitting beside him at the bar, though remaining silent.*

Orlando: *I laugh* Yes, I know what you mean. Finding a job is becommign a hard thing to do here in this town, I'm begining to loose hope in it.....

Dominic: *I hear someone sitting beside me and try not to groan again, not wanting to appear TOO unfriendly, and instead just remain quiet*

Karl: *sighs, wondering if I should just stay at the bar and be a drunk tonight, or if I should try and turn some money*

Lij: *I glance around, seeing no one paying any attention to us, and run my fingers through your hair for a moment*

Hannah: What kind of job are you looking for, if I may ask, Orlando?

Dominic: *I shiver slightly at the fingers in my hair and smile softly to myself, keeping my head down* Mm, 'ello Lighe.

Karl: *watches as a blue eyed pixie runs his hand through someone's hair, shaking my head and sipping my drink; at least they're being discrete*

Orlando: *I smile* Well, *I take a quick sip of my drink scaning the people in the room, I notice Elijah and Dom in the corner together and a man I'd never seen at the Gypsy before* I was wanting to be a waiter but no one seems to be looking for one right now.

Lij: *I pout slightly over at Dominic for a moment* Dom, you okay, love?

Hannah: Have you spoken to the owner of the Gypsy? I'm sure he'd be glad to get a waiter. *I nod* I could recommend you to the owner of the place I work too.

Dominic: *I shrug up a shoulder and turn my head to face Elijah, moving one arm to rest in my lap and leaving the other on the counter, resting my head on my arm* 'mokay. Headache. *there, short and to the point*

Orlando: *my face brightens a bit* Really? That would be very nice of you. Thank you. I havent talked to the owner here, due to the fact I dont know or have seen him. *I laugh slightly* Working here would be nice though.....

Karl: *looks up as a man comes over to me asking me what my price was but shakes my head and ignores him, taking another sip of my drink, knowing he'll give up eventually or just start a fight*

Hannah: *I smile slightly* I know the owner, slightly.... as I've grown up with him. He happens to be my brother. *I make a face for a moment*

Lij: *I nod slightly, looking at you* I may have aspirin in my office, I can check if you want, love?

Orlando: *my eyes grow wide slightly as my cheeks grow slightly pink* Oh.......I had no idea, um *I stumble not knowing what to say in return* it must be nice?? *I mentally kick myself for replying in such a stupid manner*

Dominic: *I shake my head and move my fingers to lightly brush over Elijah's stomach, just touching him for the sake of knowing he's there* Might be a good idea, I'd hate to not be able to play the rest of the night, but my head hasn't been cooperating.

Karl: *drums my fingers on the bar, doing a pretty good imitation of a beating heart, or a cantering horse, while the guy continues to hit on me, raising my temper just a bit*

Hannah: *I shrug slightly* It's the only reason I come here all the time, really. So I won't have to go home to an empty apartment, and because I know I'll know someone here.

Orlando: *I nod* Yes, I know what you mean.*I look around the room again* Tell me.......Who is your brother?

Hannah: *I glance around the room for a moment, and nod towards Dominic and Elijah* He's over there, with the darker hair.

Lij: *I nod, and stand up.* I'll get you some, Dominic. I don't want you to not be feeling well.

Orlando: *I look over and smile slightly seeing Dom. Looking to the man next to him my smile changes amused rembering when we met.* ah, yes.....Elijah's his name if I rember right...We've met before, a very nice guy,

Dominic: *I mumble a thank you towards Elijah's general direction and glare at the bartender, asking him for just a glass of water*

Hannah: *I look at Orlando for a moment, before gasping slightly* You met him the night he had to much to drink, didn't you? Oh, Orlando.... he's never like that, I promise....

Orlando: *I laugh lightly* Dont worry about it, *I shrug* it happens to us once and a while, besides he didnt do anything to offend me, *I look back at Dom and notice how "sick" he looks. I motion to the bartender to come and give him a cup of warm tea*

Lij: *I make my way towards my office, unlocking it once I got to the door. I go through the drawers in my desk, bringing out a bottle of aspirin. Taking two of the pills out, I put the bottle into the desk once more.**I head towards Dominic once more, placing a small, quick kiss on his cheek, before handing him the aspirin* Here you go, love.

Dominic: *I arch an eyebrow at the bartender for bringing me a cup of tea, but smile when he motions to Orlando. I take the cup and make my way down to their end of the bar, taking the seat next to Hannah and raising the cup slightly toward Orlando with a smile* Thanks, I wish I'd have thought of that.

Orlando: *I smile* Dont worry about it. You looked like you could use a cup. How are you feeling Dom?

Dominic: Thank you, love. *I tilt my head slightly when Elijah kisses my cheek, and take the pills offered with a sip of the tea, speaking to Orlando* My head is throbbing, so wonderful. *I grin so he knows I'm kidding* It'll pass. And how're you? Any luck with a job yet?

Orlando: *I shake my head* nope, I've almost given up on it. Though Hannah graciously offered to put in a good word for me at the place where she works. * I smile* I'm doing fine everything else considered...*I look up at Elijah and smile not wanting to be rude and excluding him I say* Hello again. How are you?

Dominic: *Smiling slightly, I lean over and kiss Hannah's cheek, just as a friendly gesture* Hannah is a doll.

Lij: *I smile slightly* Hello. I'm doing well, how are you?

Hannah: *I smile at Dom* Hello, Dominic.

Orlando: * I nod taking another sip of my drink* I'm fine thank you. Lovely night isnt? * I say to Dom and smile* That she is

Dominic: *I rest my elbow on the bar counter and lean back against Elijah slightly* 'ello Hannah. The boyfriend working late tonight? *I ask as I scan the crowd, not seeing the blond hair anywhere*

Hannah: Probably is. *I nod slightly, scanning the Gypsy, before shrugging* He probably had to finish up something.

Dominic: *I smile at Hannah and glance toward Orlando before looking back at her again* Company here is good though.

Hannah: I never said it wasn't! I can see him more often then I can see you or Orlando though. Well... I do see you quite often, Dominic.

Orlando: *I take a small sip of my drink not sure if I should comment or not*

Dominic: *grinning* I know, I was just saying. *turning slightly, I finish off my tea and set the cup on the counter*

Lij: *I raise an eyebrow for a moment, before glancing over at Hannah*

Orlando: * I set down my drink* Head feeling better Dom?

Dominic: *i shrug toward Orlando and wave the bartender over for another cup of tea* Will be once the stuff Lighe gave me kicks in. The tea is good though.

Orlando: *I smile and nod* yes.....

Lij: *I place my hand lightly on Dominic's back, rather discretely, remaining silent, and watching Orlando and Dominic speaking. I smile over at Orlando, and nod slightly, before taking the seat beside Dominic* Sorry, I tend to... forget I hadn't sat back down.

Orlando: *I laugh slightly* Thats alright, * I look around the room again, and note again a man with brown hair I look back at everyone and ask Dom quietly,* who is that man over there in the corner? I've never seen him before.....

Dominic: *I grin at Elijah and glance around the place, making sure no one is really too interested in our little corner of the place before leaning against Elijah, stealing his body heat and nuzzling up against him while talking to Orlando* I'm not sure exactly, I've seen him a couple times, but not really had the chance to speak with him. *grinning cheekily* Why, you interested?

Orlando: *I smile looking at him daringly* No, he's not really my type.....I was just wondering thats all....

Karl: *glaring into my drink, not having bother lighting up another cigarette, swishing the liquid around, nto even sure what I'm drinking, just knowing that it was somethign strong*

Dominic: *trying to not look TOO amused, I glance over at the man, who is rather attractive, and try to catch his eye* Oh, I'm sure he's a prized piece, I've seen him leaving with a couple patrons of the might be his trade, now that I think of it.

Karl: *raises an eyebrow as someone tries to catch my eye, wary that it might be another repeat of the scene that happened earlier*

Hannah: *I grin, for a moment* I want to go see... *I look up at the group* I'm going to be good.

Orlando: *I rase an eyebrow* really? Is that his style? Does he have a name? * I glance over at him. I see that he's looking our way and quickly look back*

Karl: *shakes my head and sips my drink again, leaning against the back wall, waiting to see what'll happen*

Lij: *I shake my head at Hannah for a moment, just listening to Dominic and Orlando.

Orlando: *I look over at Hannah* You're going to go talk to him?

Hannah: *I shrug slightly* No one knows who he is. He may be quite interesting, or something.

Orlando: *I nod* True......I would go over there to meet him but I dont know how he would react to it and all...... * I wonder about going over to meet him as I take a small sip of my drink*

Dominic: *I nudge Hannah a bit* Well go on then, go say hello if Orlando won't. We're watching you in case anything goes wrong.

Hannah: *I narrow my eyes at Dominic, before muttering* I don't know why YOU don't go talk to him...

Orlando: *feeling a bit childish I smile slightly at Hannah* Go for it,

Hannah: *I head over to the dark-haired man, studying him slightly, before stopping in front of him.*

Karl: *eyeing the girl in front of me, wary of what the others at her table might have put her up to, mentally shrugging and taking a sip of my drink* Hello there.

Dominic: *I turn my head to quickly kiss Elijah's cheek, then move my attentions back over to Hannah, trying to watch her and the man there without being too obvious about it*

Orlando: *I glance over at Elijah and then look back over to Hannah as she talks to the man*

Hannah: Hi. *I smile sweetly at the man, biting my lip for a moment, as though not exactly sure what to say.* Oh. My name's Hannah. *I nod. Smooth, Hannah.*

Karl: *smiles wryly* Charmed. I'm Karl.

Lij: *I watch Hannah interact with the man, and shake my head slightly. As I feel Dom's touch, I lean in slightly.*

Orlando: *Still watching Hannah and the man, I turn and ask Dom and Elijah quietly* How long have you two been together?

Hannah: *I smile slightly* It's nice to meet you, Karl. *I nod* I've seen you around here, a few times, and I thought maybe I should introduce myself.

Karl: *nods* Ah, well, that explains it. *gives a charming smiling, not even bothering to try and make it the type I use on customers*

Hannah: *I look at you for a moment, running my eyes over the man for a moment* I'm sorry if I'm imposing, I just found you quite interesting, that's all.

Karl: *eyes you* You're not imposing. I'm just not in the mood tonight for customers. *shrugs* Sorry if I come off as an ass, but I've had a rough night. Not usually this...sulky, I supposed you'd say.

Dominic: *I glance up at Orlando and try to look innocent as I nuzzle closer to Elijah* Together? What do you mean?

Hannah: *I raise my eyebrow for a moment* What sort of customers do you usually get, if you don't mind me asking, Karl?

Karl: Men, women. *shrugs* More men then women, though, for some reason.

Hannah: *I bite my lip, while nodding* I can't understand why, though.

Orlando: *I look at Dom and give him a lopsided grin* You two arent going out? * I rase an eyebrow at him and ask half teasingly* Or is the kissing and nuzzling in all in a friendly matter?

Karl: *frowns* Really? *curious* How? I don't understand it in the least, but hey, money is money, or so I figure. As long as it keeps me out of the gutters, I don't really care too much.

Hannah: *I shrug* That makes sense. I need money as well, so I make it however I can as well. Of course I don't make it in the same manner you do, but still... I do understand your need for money.

Dominic: *laughing slightly at Orlando* I think any friendship deserves kissing and nuzzling? *grins* We've not been together more than a couple months, even though we've been the best of friends since I started here some four years ago. *I glance up at Elijah before looking back to Orlando* Its kind of funny how we've been right under each other's noses for so long.

Orlando: *I smile and nod and look at Elijah* You two must be very happy then?

Karl: I had a decent job once. *takes another sip of my drink, amused* Then found this paid a hell of a lot more, and was also more plesant then working grueling hours and dealing with people with nasty attitudes. What about you, Hannah? What do you do?

Lij: *I nod slightly* Yes, or at least I am. I can't speak for him, though.

Dominic: *grinning still, I poke Elijah in the side playfully* I'm absolutely miserable, Orlando. *sighing dramatically*

Hannah: I'd like to say I'm an artist, but it doesn't pay very much, so I have to be a waitress as well. *shrugs slightly*

Lij: He's miserable...

Orlando: *I laugh* I see that! Someone will have to come and save you from Elijah's hidiousness. * I smile at Elijah*

Karl: *winces* You have my sympathy. Waitressing is one of the worst professions, in my humble opinion. What kind of art do you do?

Hannah: It may be, but they hired me, and that is what I do to pay my rent.

Orlando: *I glance over at Hannah and see that everything is going smoothly and then turn back to Elijah and Dom* It's nice to have someone to be with no?

Karl: *nods* Understandable. Any work is good work to pay the rent.

Hannah: And I just... will do anything I can, with the art. I paint, mainly. *I nod slightly* People, landscapes, anything that catches my attention.

Karl: Hm...I know a few galleries who look for new artists. I can ask aroudn if you'd like.

Dominic: *I follow Orlando's gaze, and see that Hannah has charmed the man into a conversation. Smiling, I look back to Orlando* It is nice, being able to wake up next to someone, having just their scent warm you, just knowing someone cares. *blushing a little for my sentiment* What about you, Orlando? Anyone special in your life?

Lij: I know! If only I weren't so hideous. *I make a face, before shifting my gaze over to Hannah and the man for a moment.

Orlando: *I smile a little, getting a far off look in my eyes* yes.....*I look down cheeks reddening a bit* Though we're in an argument at the moment.....

Orlando: *I laugh at Elijah's comment, comming out of my own thoughts*

Hannah: Really? *I grin* That would be wonderful, Karl!

Dominic: *I wrinkle my nose a bit in sympathy* Everything will work out, though?

Hannah: *Biting my lip out of habit, I glance up at Karl for a moment again*

Orlando: *I shrug* Hard to tell, she's upset at me for comming to the U.S. *I finish off my drink* I havent heard from her though in awhile.....

Dominic: *my eyes widening a bit* Oooh, you left her in England? I bet that'd set off any bird...*tilting my head a bit* Why didn't she come with?

Orlando: *I smile* I didnt "leave" her.....She didnt want to come. She was happy in England, * I sigh slightly* I'm talking her into comming back with me the next time I visit....... Well I hope to that is....

Dominic: *I smile slightly at Orlando* Good luck with that. I don't know what I'd do having to spend so much time away from the one I loved...seems like I go nuts after an hour on my own. *grinning* How long have you been seeing the bird in England?

Orlando: For about two years........*I laugh* Its only been atleast a month gone by we havent been gone THAT long,

Dominic: *grins* Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say.

Hannah: *I look up at Karl for a moment, and tilt my head slightly* How long have you had... this sort of job?

Orlando: *I nod* indeed. Though there doesnt seem to be many people catching my eye here, so I guess we're safe for now.......

Dominic: *i arch an eyebrow at Orlando's comment* Are you worried someone might catch her eye while you're away?

Karl: *rubs at my eyes, counting back* Two, three years? Something like that.

Orlando: *I smile* A bit. She's a true to me though, the best person I could ask for.....*I look down into my empty glass*

Hannah: *I nod slightly, just watching* I'm just curious, that's all..

Dominic: *smiling warmly at Orlando, I take another sip of my cooling tea* I'm happy for you, then, and I'm sure she knows how wonderful a catch you are and would stay true to you.

Karl: I don't mind, not really. I just lose track of time easily. There's no real reason to keep track of it anyway.

Orlando: *I smile at Dom* Yes.....though I wonder at times how well she does know.......considering that she's so unhappy with me leaving Kent and all...* I trail off hopping that I havent bored you with my worries*

Hannah: What does it take, to do what you do? I mean, how does one get started?

Dominic: Perhaps she's only unhappy to be away from you? I surely would put up a fight if Elijah decided to move across the ocean, and the pair of you have been together two whole years.

Orlando: *I nod* Yes.......but we'll be seeing eachother soon come the end of Augest.....

Lij: If I moved to England, you'd be pretty upset, Dominic? *I look over at him* All right, that plan's gone. *My attention shifts back to Orlando.*

Dominic: *I narrow my eyes and prod Elijah in the side* Only if you take me and the Gypsy with you. And you'd be hard set to find a boat big enough to carry this place. *smiling at Orlando* You should have her visit you here, so she can see where you live. Might be easier to convince her to stay.

Karl: Sometimes it's fun, other's painful.

Orlando: Yes I think I'll have to *look down at my watch* Oh shit! * I look back up and Dom and Elijah* I'm so sorry I've lost track of the time and I was suppose to go to a job interview thirty minutes ago! *I pull out some money for my drinks and Dom's tea and set them on the bar* I'm so sorry, if your excuse me. Perhaps we'll talk some other time * my cheeks start to turn a light pink*

Dominic: *my eyes widen a bit at Orlando's haste, and I wave him off with a smile* Get going, then, we'll see you here some other time. Good luck with your interview!

Orlando: *I smile* Thanks. Untill then, Good bye Dom. Elijah. * I nod at both of them. I get up and while leaving I catch Hannah's eye and nod my good bye to her*

Lij: *I smile, and nod* Goodbye, Orlando!

Hannah: *I nod slightly* Okay. *I look up at the man for a moment* You will tell me to go away if I get annoying, right? I tend to get kind of... talkative.

Lij: *I watch Hannah and the man's interactions, before glancing at Dominic* He doesn't seem like he's trying to get her... patronage?

Dominic: *laughing softly at Elijah's concern, finding it charming, trying to look innocent* Perhaps she's asking him how she can start her own business?

Lij: *I gasp softly* She doesn't need to start her own business! And I don't need to know about my sister DOING THAT SORT OF THING!

Dominic: *grinning, I lean up and lightly kiss Elijah's jaw line* You never know what her hobbies are, Lighe...

Lij: I don't want to know about that hobby!

Dominic: *arching an eyebrow* And why not, she is rather cute...*I turn my gaze to Hannah, making an obvious show of looking over her body* Perhaps I should ask her if she needs a customer...

Lij: *I reach over and attempt to lightly hit Dominic* You will NOT!

Hannah: *I glance back at Dominic and Elijah for a moment, and I raise an eyebrow at Dominic for a moment*

Dominic: *grins innocently and tries to duck away from Elijah's hand* Says who!? I'd hate to see such a pretty girl go without customers.

Hannah: *I smirk for a moment over at Dominic, before shifting my attention back to Karl* So, am I interrupting your business, Karl?

Dominic: *trying to fight off a blush as Hannah catches me checking her out, I wink at her smirk and grin at Elijah* See, she'd be interested, she's all ready making eye contact and all that.

Lij: She can go without customers for a long time. She is not ready for you, yet.

Dominic: *arching an eyebrow at Elijah* Yet? I could help her practice, though...

Lij: ....but how do you know Craig would approve? I mean, he may not even want her to start her own business.

Dominic: *grinning slyly* Well I could help keep him company while Hannah is away. He'd never know she was gone...

Lij: *I gasp slightly* Wouldn't he KNOW I am not Hannah?

Hannah: *I sigh slightly, pouting slightly at the man* I'll leave you alone if you want me too.

Dominic: *grinning* Perhaps. *trying to look innocent again and pouting* Wouldn't you miss me terribly though, too?

Lij: I would! You like my sister's boyfriend too. *I narrow my eyes*

Dominic: *grins* I like his hair. He is pretty though, you have to admit...I wonder if Hannah would offer them both up as a pair, sort of a package deal, when she starts her business...

Lij: *I hit Dominic lightly* You are not to touch my sister!

Dominic: *snickers* You never said anything about her boyfriend, though.

Lij: She will kill you. *I nod*

Dominic: *smiling innocently at Elijah* There'd be no punishment from you, love?

Hannah: *A small smile plays on my lips for a moment, and I nod* I should go back, I have people waiting. It was nice talking to you, though. You can come over to and talk, if you don't feel like having any customers, though. *I nod, and head over to Dominic and Elijah*

Dominic: *I kiss Elijah's cheek again and smile a little too sweetly at Hannah when she returns* Welcome back, beautiful.

Karl: *shrugs and follows* Sure, why not?

Hannah: *I smile as Karl follows, and nods towards Dominic* Hi, Dom. Elijah. This is Karl. *I nod*

Dominic: *I smile at Karl and sit up straight, offering him my hand* Hello Karl.

Karl: 'lo.

Lij: Hullo, Karl. *I nod slightly*

Karl: *nods back*

Dominic: *I run my eyes down over Karl, trying to not look obvious, then glance back to Hannah with a small smile*

Karl: *frowns* Not working tonight, sorry.

Dominic: *my eyes widen a bit, and I look back to Karl* I don't think anyone here is of any threat to your time off, Karl.

Lij: Don't mind him, Karl, he's a little insecure. *I nod seriously*

Hannah: *I narrow my eyes at the two for a moment*

Karl: *shrugs* Sorry, bit snappish tonight. Had to deal with things I didn't want to today.

Dominic: *I fwap Elijah playfully and take up my place leaning against him again, a little protectively, tactfully letting the new member of our little corner of the bar know Elijah is mine*

Karl: *amused at the subtle hints, not able to remember the last time I had been like that*

Hannah: *I find a place to sit, before glancing up at Karl* Would you like to sit?

Karl: I shouldn't, really. *gives a wry smile* It's getting late, and I need to get to sleep. *makes a face* But I'll go and prowl up some people I know at some galleries for you. I'm sure they'd love to get some new work from a local.

Hannah: *I smile, and nod* All right, that would be lovely, Karl. *I smile* Thank you.

Karl: Not a problem. I love art. *shrugs* Anyway, I'll catch up with you later with them.
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