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Dominic Monaghan

Elijah: *I was never really sure if you were planning on coming home to my home or to your apartment after my asking you to leave that one night, but I had made sure to ask you to come here tonight. I asked Hannah to take care of the Gypsy for me tonight, and luckily she didn't have to work. I set a vase of roses I had bought on a table in the main room, making sure it's one of the first things you'll see when you walk into the house. In front of the vase is a small, wrapped box. I had managed to find something that reminded me of you, and I couldn't resist purchasing it for you. I had only hoped you liked it.*

Dominic: *After my shift at the Gypsy ended, I don't wait around before leaving, as Hannah was running the show tonight. I asked her why you weren't here earlier in the night, and she wasn't sure why you asked her to take care of it for you, so I decide to come see you after work. Idly chewing on my thumbnail, I make my way to your home, trying to think of why you wouldn't be at work and why Hannah wouldn't know -- or wouldn't tell me she knows -- why you're gone, and I quickly knock about a dozen times on your front door with both hands, making it silly so you'll know its me*

Elijah: *When I hear the knocking on the door, and the meowing by the door, I figure it must be my dorky Dominic. I giggle softly, and head towards the door. I pick up Sam, as to make sure he won't decide to go running off, and open the door. I lean in towards you, and kiss you softly, before taking your hand and leading you into the house* Hi. *I close the door behind you, locking it, before setting the kitten down, allowing the squirming Sam to pounce on your foot*

Dominic: *I smile warmly at you when you open the door and return your soft kiss, allowing you to pull me inside* Hi. *I watch you put Sam down and squeal softly when he attacks my shoe, and I lean down to pick him up, gigglign softly at him and taking in a baby-voice* Well hello to you too! *cradling him in my arms, I ruffle his fur and lean down to kiss his head, then set him down so he can bounce around, and I turn my attention back to you, blushing slightly for talking to the kitten like that in front of you, and I take a step closer to you and wrap my arms around your waist* Sam wanted his hello kiss too. *giggling softly, I lean in and kiss you, moving one of my hands to your cheek and then through your hair as I pull back* Missed you tonight. *is all I say, leaving it up to you to decide if its any of my business to tell me where you were, as I'm content enough just knowing you don't look ill or hurt at all*

Elijah: *I giggle softly at you and the cat, and lean in to kiss you once more, wrapping my arms around you, hugging you tightly.* I missed you too, my love. *I kiss you once more, pulling away to look at you for a moment.* I bought you something. *I nod, but I still keep my arms wrapped around you.* But I'm kind of cold, and I want you to hold me for a moment.

Dominic: *I wrap my arms around you tighter, burying my nose in your hair and breathing in deeply your scent, my words mumbled against your hair* You didn't have to get me anything, Lighe. *I poke your side playfully and nuzzle against you* Mm, I would hold you all night if you wished.

Elijah: I know I didn't have to buy you anything, Dommie. But I wanted to, and you're going to get it. And I'll let you hold me as much as you want. Whatever you wanted, my love. *I lean up, and kiss you softly, lovingly, before motioning over towards the table. I kiss your cheek softly, before looking up at you, almost shyly*

Dominic: *I let my eyes close when you kiss me, and I leave them closed for a moment even when you've pulled back, slowly running my hands over your back, smirking slightly when I open my eyes.* Anything? *I arch an eyebrow at you and wink, then follow your motion toward the table and my eyes light up at the flowers and the little box in front of it -- as much as you didn't need to get me anything, knowing that you would makes me feel special, and I walk with you still in my arms over toward the table*

Elijah: Yes. Anything you want. *I run my hands down your chest, running them over your stomach. I rest them above the waistband of your trousers, pressing my lips against yours just before you lead me over to the table. I hadn't purchased anything too overly expensive, just something that had reminded me of you. I wasn't exactly sure if you had remembered if you had remembered, but a few days ago I had asked you about some of the music you had been working on, it hadn't sounded like anything you were playing at the Gypsy. You had mentioned it was your favorite piece of music, so I managed to write down one of the shorter lines of music, and take it to a jeweler, who had engraved it on a plain golden ring, and then placed that ring on a necklace. Which I then placed in a box and wrapped it up.*

Dominic: *I kiss you again when we reach the table and nipple softly on your bottom lip before pulling back, and though I'm hesitant to take my hands off you, I'm insanely curious about the present you've gotten me. I reach out for it and carefully tear off the paper, letting it fall to the floor for Sam as paws at my leg -- looks like he wants to know what it is too -- and I pull off the top of the box, tilting my head at the gold ring and its chair. At first, my heart leaps into my throat and I wonder if you're about to propose. I look back at you and lean in to kiss you softly, reaching for the ring and setting the empty box on the table. There's engravings on the cold metal I can feel, and I wrinkle my forehead as I look down at it. The notes are small, but the engraving is quality and I can see their places on the staff. I softly hum the notes in their order, as is habit with any piece of music I see, and something about them clicks. My eyes go wide and light up as I make my way around the ring to the start of the music on it, and with a soft gasp I look back up at you, holding the ring and its chain tightly in my fingers as I throw both my arms around your shoulders, hugging you tightly and bouncing in my place, squeeing soflty* Elijah! Oh, 'Lighe! Its 'Moonlight', isn't it? *I pull back and look down at the ring between my fingers, then back up to you, completely ecstatic, and I loop the chain over my head, still holding the ring and beaming at you* It is! You! The other day when you asked! Oh, I wondered why you wanted to know, but I never thought...its wonderful, Lighe, thank you.

Elijah: *I run my eyes over your face when you open the present, slightly nervous about giving you the ring, though I do know it is an innocent gift. I return your kiss, and bite one of my fingernails slightly nervously, as you go through the music on the ring, humming it softly. Slightly taken aback by you, I wrap my arms around you, hugging you tightly.* Do you really like it? And yes, it is. You were playing it one night at the Gypsy, when I had to finish closing up, and I wanted you to come home with me. *I hug you tightly to me, pressing my lips against your cheeks softly for a moment* I had hoped you would like it. *I look up at you, almost unusually shy for me. I had wanted to get this for you, but I get extraordinarily shy at giving people gifts, I'm always afraid they'll hate it.*

Dominic: *I nod at you, not taking my eyes off the ring between my fingers* Yes! The third movement, there's a couple bars I can't get, the timing, and I don't think my fingers are long enough, its an octave and a half stretch, and all the notes between, but this, this is from the second movement, my favorite, I know it all by heart, there's a part of it where there's no slur, but I swear Beethoven wrote one in, it just got lost in transcribing, its what I was playing when you asked. *I glance back up at you and my cheeks turn an even deeper shade of red as I realize I'm babbling and you probably don't know what I'm talking about. I finally let go of the ring, letting it hang on its chain around my neck, and I wrap that arm around you too, leaning in to press my lips gently against yours, kissing you softly before pulling back and looking into your eyes, all the love and happiness I feel reading like an open book in my own eyes* I love it, Lighe, thank you so much. Its wonderful, you are wonderful. *I smile again and kiss you*

Elijah: *I just watch your eyes, and your lips moving when you talk. I grin at your red coloring, and return your kiss, kissing you lovingly. As both of your arms wrap around me, I scoot slightly closer to you, taking in the usual warmth from you. I look up at you, and smile, almost melting at the look you give me.* I'm glad you like it, my love. And I'm not half as wonderful as you. *I kiss you softly, before pulling away, looking up into your eyes* I love you greatly, Dominic. *I reach my hand up slightly, and brush my fingers over your cheek lightly.* Love you so much...

Dominic: *I close my eyes and lean my head toward your hand, turning my face a bit to kiss your wrist, nipping at the spot quickly before looking back at you* Love you too, Lighe. I love you so much more than you know. *I smile at you and run my hands over your back, then down over your lower back to rest on your hips* You're too good to me, Elijah. You know I don't deserve you...

Elijah: *I close my eyes slightly at your touches. At the last statement, I open them and look up at you. I continue to brush my fingers along your cheek, softly, before shaking my head slightly* That's not true, Dominic. *I lean in and kiss you softly, pressing my lips against yours softly. I pull away after a moment, looking up at you. I wrap my arms around you, holding you close to me* I didn't like not being around you tonight, my Dominic.

Dominic: *I move both my hands off your hips and lift them to your hand on my cheek, and I pull your fingers away, holding your fingers to my lips and kissing each one, speaking between kisses* It is true, you deserve someone...beautiful, and rich and powerful, and funny, and smart, someone with ambitions, that's traveled and has a nice tan and can give you more than I can. *I let go of your hand and lower my eyes a little, speaking softer* I can't give you anything, Lighe. *I lean in and rest my forehead against yours, closing my eyes* I didn't like not being around you tonight either, I never like having to be away from you.

Elijah: *I sigh softly, and move towards you, wrapping my arms around you, resting my head on your shoulder* Dominic... I love you. And though you can try to convince me otherwise, I'm not going to stop loving you. I find you beautiful, funny, smart. You're everything I want, Dom. You may think you can't give me anything, but you already have. *I look up at you for a moment, and kiss you softly.* I love you, Dominic. So much.

Dominic: *I hug you to me and muffle a yawn against your hair, running my hands over your back again* Thank you Elijah. You don't know how much it means to you say that, my kitten. *I tilt my head and kiss your cheek, rocking you slightly and holding you close to my chest* I love you too, Lighe. I missed you tonight. *smiling slightly* Hannah is great, I love her to bits, but I still missed you.

Elijah: Hannah is absolutely evil sometimes. *I rest my head on your shoulder, closing my eyes. Wrapping my arms around your waist, I hold you close to me. I turn my head towards your neck for a moment, before kissing your neck softly. My eyes close for a moment, as I breath in deeply, taking in your scent.* I hate being away from you for so long, and it wasn't even a day...

Dominic: *I snicker softly and turn my head towards yours, resting my cheek against your temple* Hannah is not evil. *I bring one hand up to the nape of your neck and run my fingers through the hair there, whining softly at you* I know...and it was just a couple hours... Will you be back to work tomorrow, Lighe? I don't want to be away from you.

Elijah: She is evil, you just don't know it yet. She has her good moments, though. *I look up at you, and nod* I'll be back tomorrow. I just wanted to be able to get to the store before it closed, and I figured I wouldn't have to offer any explanation to you as to why I was leaving early, if I just didn't go to work today. *I kiss you softly. Allowing the kiss to linger for a moment, I run my eyes over your face, grinning slightly.*

Dominic: *returning your kiss, I brush my fingers over your cheek, watching your face when you pull back. I move my hands over your shoulders and around to run down your chest, my eyes following the movements of my hands, and when they reach your hips I tilt my head and look back at you* I know...well, now I know...but I still missed you. I don't like being away from you. Not ever.

Elijah: Dominic...*I kiss you softly, my hands moving around to rest on your arse. I pout slightly up at you, as I pull you as close to me as I can get you* I don't see why you can't just stay here. I wouldn't be so pouty when you have to go take a shower and put on clean clothes and such. *I say this somewhat softly. I do want you to stay here, but just saying it outloud makes me unusually shy. I glance up at you, still pouting slightly.*

Dominic: *I take a half-step closer to you when you pull me, and I wrap my arms around your waist, hugging you tightly, and I tilt my head slightly at you to let your words process, my eyes going wide and practically sparkling at you for the second time this evening. I part my lips to say something, but end up just staring at you for moment with my mouth hanging open, my voice soft when I actually find it* mean...Lighe! *I lean in and kiss you quickly, then nuzzle against your neck, mumbling softly against your skin* If you're asking what I think you're asking...

Elijah: *I nod, and return your kiss, whining softly when you pull away sooner than I was expecting. I nod slightly at your last statement, before whispering softly* Yes, I am. Of course, if I'm right about what you're thinking. But will you, please, Dominic? *I kiss your neck softly, as it's the closest piece of exposed skin to my lips, and I wrap my arms around your waist.

Dominic: *I hug my arms around you, bouncing slightly against you, and I lean in to kiss you properly, finally standing still as I trail my tongue over your bottom lip, nibbling at it slightly before moving my tongue past your lips, kissing you entirely more passionately than anything earlier tonight, and only pulling back when I need air.* Yes, Lighe, of course. I mean...if you're sure that's what you really want, if you think you can stand living with me...*I smile softly at you and reach up to run my fingers through your hair*

Elijah: *I lean up and return your kiss, holding you close to me. My lips part slightly when I feel your tongue, my eyes fluttering closed for a moment. When you pull away, my eyes slowly open, and I look up at you, into your eyes.* Of course it's what I really want, Dominic... and I do think I can stand living with you. I would rather live with you, than have to be apart from you.

Dominic: *Still smiling brightly at you, I allow the prospect of moving in with you process, thinking of what will need to be done* We can stay here, right? I mean, I'm practically living with you now and there's enough space for us both, of course, I could stand to be in a lot smaller space if it was with you. Its not like I've got a lot of stuff, I could sell my piano since yours is tons better, and my furniture too because yours is still better, but we could use my lamps since they both match, seeing as the two you've got in your living room don't match...stupid kitten...*I giggle softly at you, realizing I'm rambling, and I look around your home, soon to be /our/ home, and smile down at you* I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into. We're going to be together all the time.

Elijah: *I almost giggle at you, and kiss you softly* Dominic, this wasn't just an idea that randomly popped into my head, and I just blurted it out just now. I know we're going to be together all the time. *I giggle softly again* And we can use whatever furniture you want, my love. *I kiss you once more, grinning up at you, before I yawn softly. I cover my mouth with my hand* I love you.

Dominic: *I tilt my head at you, and arch an eyebrow playfully* Oh? And just how long have you been considering having me move in? *I poke your side lightly and laugh softly at your yawn* Would you like to go to bed, love? We can make arangements for my moving in the morning?

Elijah: I don't want to go to bed... *I kiss your cheek softly, before looking up at you* I want you to stay here. I don't want you to have to go anywhere else to shower and change or anything, I want you to be able to do that all here, and I want to be able to know that you do live here, with me. Instead of just sleeping with me every night. *I wrap my arms around you, nuzzling up to you, yawning slightly* I want you...

Dominic: *my smile grows and I trail my fingers in little circles over your hips, smirking playfully at you* You just want me to shower here so you can see me naked more often. Go on, I know all about your evil little plan. *I wink at you and kiss your cheek, whispering near your ear* You have me, Lighe. And you'll have me here soon enough. Just you and me. ...and Sam.

Elijah: *I narrow my eyes slightly at you* Who told you about my plan? It was the cat, wasn't it? But if you remember, when you leave is when I shower as well. If you stay here, you'll be around to see me naked more often. It'll be better for the both of us. You'll see me all naked AND wet. You can't say no to that, can you? *I pout slightly up at you, before grinning.* I love you, my Dommie. And yes... you, me, and the cat. And you know, the cat takes up a lot of room.

Dominic: *I bite my bottom lip to hold back a whimper when you mention showering, you being naked /and/ wet, and I nod slightly at you, trying to laugh it off* Yes, it was Sam. You see, he might pretend he likes you best, but I got to him first, he and I bonded in thoes few hours...while I slept and he tore up your home. *I smile at you and kiss your cheek* I love you too, Lighe, enough to be able to deal with the kitten as long as I've got you too.

Elijah: *I look at you for a moment, before smiling at you innocently.* I never knew you could bond with someone while sleeping. I'll have to try it some day. I do hope you love me enough to deal with the kitten, you gave him to me. *I trail my hands from their position on your back, to your chest. From there, I trail them down to your stomach, lightly. I pull your shirt out from your pants, untucking it, before slipping my hands underneath your shirt, pressing them against your warm body.*

Dominic: *I arch an eyebrow at your innocent smile and shake my head slightly, snickering softly at you* No, you're not allowed to sleep with anyone that isn't me, and we're fully bonded. *I watch your hands move down my chest, letting my eyelids fall closed as I lean forward and kiss you softly, whimpering at the feeling of your hands on my skin. I run my own hands down your back and pull your shirt from your trousers, running my hands up your back*

Elijah: *I run my hands up to your chest, my fingers flicking over your nipples for a moment. I return your kiss, my tongue slipping into your mouth for a moment, taking in your taste. One of my hands remains on your chest, as my other hand drifts back down to your stomach, my fingers playing in the soft hair below your belly button.*

Dominic: *I moan softly into your mouth when your fingers reach my nipples, and I move my hands down your back and around your waist, pulling the bottom buttons of your shirt out of their holes. Arching toward you slightly, wanting to be as close to you as possible, I massage my tongue against yours, pulling your bottom lip between mine and nibbling on it slightly*

Elijah: *I dip my fingers into the waistband of your trousers for a moment, as I return your kisses. I run my fingers over the same nipple it had been, balling it up underneath my fingertips. I turn the kisses into softer, gentler ones for a moment, before pulling away, my body insisting that I do in fact need air. I look at you, into your eyes, for smirking at you slightly.*

Dominic: *Whining at your fingers on my nipple, I finish the buttons on your shirt and slowly push it off your shoulders, grinning at your smirk and moving my lips to your cheek, trailing a line of kisses across it to your neck and sucking lightly on the spot just under your ear. I move my hands over your chest, rubbing my thumbs in circles around your nipples -- careful to not touch your actual nipples, just rubbing around them*

Elijah: *I move my hands off of you when you push my shirt off my shoulders, allowing the shirt to drop to the floor. I whine softly at your fingers, my eyes slowly closing when I feel your lips on my skin. I move my hands to your shirt, and slowly begin to unbutton your shirt, suddenly wanting it off of you.*

Dominic: *I move my elbows to the side slightly, making it easier for you to unbutton it, but I keep my thumbs on your chest, flicking my tongue over the spot on your neck before biting at it lightly. I lightly brush my thumbs over your nipples, just barely touching you there, and I pull my lips off your neck to find your lips again*

Elijah: *I slip your shirt off of your shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I run my hands over your shoulders, moving them down your chest to your nipples. I close my eyes, whimpering softly at the feeling of your thumbs. A small moan comes from the back of my throat at the small bite on my neck.*

Dominic: *i whimper softly when I have to move my hands off you for you to remove my shirt, but I'm quick to replace them, one on one of your nipples and the other I run down your chest, tracing the faint lines in your muscles there as my fingers make their way down your torso and to the waistband of your trousers. I hook one finger into your pants and tug lightly, pulling you closer to me. I move my lips to your ear and whisper against it* Perhaps we should move this somewhere more comfortable? *I giggle softly as I hear Sam playing with the buttons on your shirt on the floor, watching him pull one off and bat it around the floor*

Elijah: *I giggle softly, and peer down at the floor.* I think you've gotten me a destructive kitten, Dominic... *I grasp your hand, and lead you up toward the bedroom*

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