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This is a Real Person AU RP set in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the 1920s. The entire country seems to be swept away by jazz, and the Lord of the Rings actors seem to be swept away along with it.

This is not technically a slash RPG, yet it is allowed, along with NC-17 postings. The only stipulation is that you have to put a tag on it, stating it is, in fact, NC-17. The minimum post requirement is once a week, and those who do not post at least once a week will be asked to leave.

Please e-mail me, at wood_of_elijah@yahoo.com. I will need a few pieces of information, before I give you the part you wish for. Non cast characters are permitted, as long as they are connected to the Lord of the Rings actors in some way. (I.E. Jason Isaacs, who was in Black Hawk Down with Orlando Bloom.) Please e-mail me with:

1. Some examples of your experience (RPS fic, another character you've played, etc...)

2. The character you’d like to play and a description of how you will be playing him/her. Includes what occupation they will have, sexual preference, etc.

Please give me about 24 hours to respond. I will respond either way, whether you have been accepted or not.

Once you have been accepted, you will need to make an AIM name, and a LJ name for your character. You will be expected to hold chats with other members of the group, and post them within the community.

Taken Characters:
(in alphabetical order)

Sean Astin: currently needing player.
Sean Bean: beanboromir An owner of a small restaurant or cafe.
Cate Blanchett: vanpycate an aspiring performer.
Orlando Bloom: bloomicious a man attempting to hide his wealth.
Billy Boyd: billybard Bartender at the Gypsy Tea Room, and an unsuccessful poet.
Dominic Monaghan: _dom_monaghan pianist at the Gypsy Tea Room.
Viggo Mortensen: vigdapoetpoet A painter and poet, and perhaps a bit of a photographer as well.
Miranda Otto: _mirandaotto_ Dancer at the Gypsy Tea Room.
Craig Parker: craigoflorien An English writer.
Harry Sinclair: sepiasinclair A plantation owner, with a passion for photography.
Karl Urban: night_ire Playboy and model.
Elijah Wood: elijah_baggins Owner of the Gypsy Tea Room, a jazz hall.
Hannah Wood: sisterofelijah Sister of Elijah Wood, an artist and a musician.

Note: We are not, nor have we ever been, these actors, and we do not claim to be. Thank you.